Albany – N.Y. Toughens Penalties For Employer Retaliation


    Albany – New York workers who want to report they’ve been underpaid or mistreated on the job are getting stronger protection against retaliation by their employers under a new law that goes into effect this week.

    The law toughens penalties for employers that go after employees who report violations to the state Labor Department.

    The minimum civil penalty against employers has increased from $200 to $2,000. The maximum increases from $1,000 to $10,000.

    State labor law has long prohibited retaliation, but the new law strengthens the protections.

    In some cases, employers have reacted to employee claims by cutting pay, or by firing, demoting or reassigning the worker.

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    1. Here ya go!
      Breaking news!! The state just “saved or created” 1,000,000 more jobs.
      Don’t let the headline fool you it’s all about the fines and not the workers. The main thing left out of the article was how much revenue the state projects to make from the new law because that’s the only thing they’re interested in money money money tax and penilze the rich and small busines owners that’s definitly going to get us out of the recession!

    2. Awesome way to deal with the unemployment crisis by our brilliant politicians.

      Hey maybe if we make this state just a little less friendly for employers we might get ahead of Michigan in the Unemployment competition! Go New York!!

    3. I understand the macho employers,but we all have to remember that if not for unions ,labor laws etc. Employers would be able to have a leash around their employees neck and pull’em around like dogs. The problem with jobs lost to other countrys is because of NAFTA nothing else!


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