West Bank – Chief Rabbi: Palestinian Mosque Burning Harkens to Kristallnacht; Arabs Hurled Stones


    Arabs Hurled Stones at Rabbi Metzger Photo: YnetWest Bank – Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger on Monday visited the West Bank village of Yasuf, where days earlier a mosque was torched allegedly at the hand of settlers angry over the 10-month construction freeze.

    “I came here to expression my revulsion at this wretched act of burning a place holy to the Muslim people,” Metzger told the residents after he was escorted into the village under the protection of the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian police. “This is how the Holocaust began, the tragedy of the Jewish people of Europe.”

    On their way out of the village, the rabbi and his escorts were pelted by rocks from protesters. The troops fired two shots in the air and a tear gas grenade.

    Security officials, meanwhile, say they fear that the torching of the mosque near Nablus on Friday could lead to reprisal attacks by Palestinians on Jews. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered Israel’s security services to find the people behind the arson, which Jewish extremists are suspected of perpetrating.

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    1. i am currently in the Chevron area for chanukah based on what I see and know its less then a 20% chance that this was done by settlers so can this anti settler B.S stop some of the comments I have seen here look like they belong on Haaretz or al jezzera i mean as Jews lets not jump and decide who did his

    2. While I’m inclined to think that the Holocaust analogy was excessive, I do believe that this was a very classy thing for Rabbi Metzger to do. Sadly, the stone-throwing protesters (who, I’m guessing, were Palestinians) couldn’t show the same civilized conduct that the rabbi demonstrated. In the end, it’s a great illustration of why the “cycle of violence” continues– one side has standards of decency and wants to live in peace; the other side can’t stop screaming and throwing rocks. I regret the situation, but I’m glad that the Jews are on the side of civilization.

        • 100% correct. I am so tired of apologist rabbis. I wouldn’t be surprised if the arson was a set up by the Arabs to make the settlers look bad. Believe me it is not so far-fetched. If the Arabs have no respectful for themselves why should they show any respect for their own houses of worship.

      • you yourself are saying that the violent people are violent while decent people are decent. My friend wake up, the only way the only language these savages understand is violence. KILL them before they kill us. Don’t let the illness of liberalism get to your head.

    3. As long as both sides think violence is an answer, no other solution will be considered, much less accepted.

      It has long since stopped being a matter of who is right and who is wrong. It is a fact that many of the Arabs in the West Bank were forcibly removed from their homes over 60 years ago. It is fact that Israel is a recognized State with a recognized Government. It is a fact that Israel will consider a Palestinian State. It is a fact that the Palestinian leadership will not. But as long as violence is the only answer, nothing will ever change.

      • . But as long as violence is the only answer, nothing will ever change.”

        so thats why – we need to eliminate the violent people who have no peace in their heart. That is the only solution

    4. Security officials meanwhile say they fear that tourching the mousque near nablus on friday could lead to reprisal attacks by palastinians on jews! Are you kidding me? Why do you think this was done? This is payback (that’s if it was done by jews)

    5. I wonder how many of the comments about what “we” have to do, come from people who live in Israel. Not many, I suspect. Even fewer are the comments from people who serve in the army who have to deal with the ramifications of the actions you are suggesting. Why anyone thinks this is appropriate when done to them, but wrong when done to us, I can not understand. Add in, the fact, that as a place where G-d is worshipped, it is assur to destroy it and I wonder about many of the comments.

      • Jews in America will fight to the last Israeli. And they make comments anonymously on the internet that increases the likelihood of there being more dead Israeli Jews.

        Kudos to Rabbi Metzger for doing the right thing.

      • “Why anyone thinks this is appropriate when done to them, but wrong when done to us, I can not understand.”

        What’s hard to understand? It’s very simple: our religion is true and theirs is false. The Torah tells us to treat the two differently. The Torah tells us explicitly to destroy temples of avoda zara but not to do the same to Hashem’s places.

        “Add in, the fact, that as a place where G-d is worshipped, it is assur to destroy it “

        Really? Where is this written?

    6. When will Klall Yisroel learn, that the only way to appease the Goyim is by
      appeasing the Imas Haolom? Masei Avos Siman Labonim. When Yakos went
      to meet Eisav, he went with his head bowed. We are in Galus and until Hashem
      redeems us we are to be subservient to the Nations of the world.
      We have seen in all of history, that whenever, some HOTHEADED people took
      matters into their hands, Klall Yisroel suffered severely.
      Hashem tells us, in such times, “if you want to take care of yourselves? Be my
      guest”. We need Seyate Dishmaye every minute of the day in this severe Galus.
      We cannot affort to have Hashem Yisborach take his “eyes” off us for even one
      Rabbi Yona Metzger, behaved like a true Tora Jew, and we should stand behind
      him. Our goal in Galus is, to appease the Goyim, and not to incite them.
      We have suffered and lost too many. Ad Mosai?? PLEASE don’t cause
      more harm to your fellow brethern, every Jew has an Achrayes
      We should pray to hashem and place our complete faith in him, in order to
      merit a speedy redemption via Moshiach Tzidkeinu, and not via these Hot heads
      or EVEN the Tzahal.

    7. Rabbi Metzger is a big mench. He has a very good record so far as a chief rabbi. I am sure he had a reason for doing what he did.

      But as far as tourching a mosque goes it cannot be compared to destroying a shul, since many times a mosque is a place of incitement for violence and therefore loses it’s protected “plae of worship” status.

    8. Rabbi Metzger treads on very dangerous territory when he compares this to the Holocaust. Very PC of course but very dangerous. Rabbi Metzger has done irrevocable damage to the safety of Jewish people the world over. So glib, so easy and so destructive.

      I am all for the good rabbi coming up there, and talking to the village people to say that he condemns the defacing and destruction of a mosque, and to state unequivocally in the name of Torah and Israel that it is against Jewish ethics and the Torah. But to compare it to the Holocaust? To Kristilnacht? How dare he? Shame on him.

      The Arab-Jewish conflict is a two way conflict, not genocide. For every violence perpetuated by Jews against Arabs, there are ten acts of violence against Jews. There is no room for comparison to Kristalnacht or the Holocaust.

      Metzger opened new door, a very dangerous one, linking Israel to Nazism; a breach created by a ‘Chief Rabbi’, no less; a breach that has the potential to bring in its wake terrible consequences for Israel and the Jewish people.

      • Sir or Madam,
        In my opinion, it is the extremist who burned down the Mosque (if this is true) whose behavior opened a dangerous door linking Israel to Nazism. The Rabbi was merely pointing out what others were already thinking. In doing so, he was demonstrating that UNLIKE the Nazis, Jewish leaders, and most other Jews, will not remain silent when someone acts in a manner that violates basic decency. What makes jews special is that we do not resort to animalistic behavior as do some of these Arabs nations. We need to keep the high ground here. If we allow these people to turn us into savages that engage in extreme violence and persecution in a tit for tat revenge sequence, then even if we win the battle we will have lost an even more important war. Thus, we must defend ourselves, refuse concessions that are dangerous for Israel. But at no point should we be randomly attacking families, burning mosques that were not involved in a battle etc… We are in galus and until we have G-ds express permission and guidance, we must assume that he expects us to fight hard but fair with with our dignity and nishama intact. Not attacking and burning at rqandom like savages.


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