Sacramento, CA – Gov. Schwarzenegger Enjoys Chasidic Dance at Capitol Lighting


    The governor participates in a Chasidic dance during the Chanukah celebration.Sacramento, CA – California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his Chasidic dance moves during a Chanukah menorah lighting ceremony sponsored by Chabad-Lubavitch of Sacramento and attended by local Jewish community leaders.

    “As we light this menorah today, I encourage all Californians to reflect on its message of light, hope and freedom, and to share that message to others,” Schwarzenegger said at the 16th annual Capitol Menorah Lighting. “Especially in these difficult times, it is important that this season be one of thankfulness for what we do have, and marked by generosity for those who are less fortunate.”

    This year, guests at the Sacramento celebration participated in a “reverse toy drive” sponsored by Disney. The governor passed gifts out during the ceremony, and Chabad of California asked that attendees give the toys to children in need.

    Schwarzenegger also took the opportunity to dance with several of the guests as Chasidic music filled the Capitol hall.

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      • He was an Austrian bodybuilder and I know the area from where he comes [Steiermark] not particularly philosemitic and he is an astutue., moderate politician and friendly to Jews quite an accomplishment considering his background


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