Ashdod – Rabbi: I Wont Carry Out Courts Decision to Grant Kosher Certificate for Messianic Jew


    Restaurant owned by the Messianic Jew Photo credit VIN News JJAshdod, Israel – The Chief Rabbi of Ashdod, Yosef Sheinin, says he is committed to maintaining Jewish law and therefore he does not intend to comply with a court ruling to grant a kashrut certificate to a bakery owned by a woman who became a part of the “Jews for Jesus” sect.

    In a hearing held Monday morning, the court ordered the Chief Rabbinate to authorize within a month kosher certification for the bakery.

    The High Court ordered the Chief Rabbinate to ordain another rabbi in its name who will grant the kosher certificate to the restaurant owned by the Messianic Jew. This rabbi will act in place of Rabbi Yosef Sheinin, who refused to grant a kosher certificate to the establishment.

    In doing so, the judges rejected the petitioners’ claim that Sheinin was in contempt of court for not yet issuing a kosher certificate despite being ordered to do so six months ago.

    A manifesto signed by eighty leading rabbis in support of Rabbi Sheinin was recently distributed.

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    1. This decison should be a no brainer, how can a min be trusted with Kashrut if they can’t even hold up even one the 13 Principles of Faith…ONE- G-D. Another fine example of the High Court getting involved where it doesn’t belong. These so called “messianic” Jews are a cancer in the body of Klal Yisrael. They should be held in complete cherem, as they are commiting avodah zara. The rabbinate is making the right decison in not granting the Kashrut certificate, they should not succumb to the pressure of the secular court.

    2. > a nelson wrote: “why dont Torah Jews just boycott the bakery”
      They probably will. However, I think the issue goes beyond the kosher status of this bakery or advice for prospective patrons.

      To me, the issue is a gradual encroachment of the secular court system in Israel into religious matters. It’s old news that the courts there have gotten involved in issues of conversion under the guise of immigration law (referred to as “Who is a Jew?”), but now the court sees fit to demand kosher certification under the guise of non-discrimination law.

      Left unchallenged, the erosion of the authority of Orthodox batei din (courts) in matters of Halacha (Jewish law) in Israel is pretty scary.

    3. One of my mothers nurses was a so called messianic jew. B”H we got rid of her. They are a cult of people who don’t belong among normal people. When she would preach it would be like witchcraft. But this is what happens when someone who is nebach born a Jew wants to shed his being Jewish! There should be buses with Shabbos protestors at this court!!

    4. Yad L’Achim has brought up this matter to the courts, media, press. We must thank them for their valiant work. Its unfortunate the Israeli state prevents them from helping Hashems law

    5. if it is kosher food with an orthodox rabbi overseeing everything, what is the problem?

      Maybe Vosiznaiz should try detailing their articles a little better so we know what the heck is going on. Some background here maybe???? geez

      • The court stated that the rabinate has no right to put a steady mashgiach there for all the time the store is open claiming they can’t treat this store different then other jewish owners

      • the issue with this particular store has come up on VIN time and again

        the problem here is that the rabbinate said they will only give a Hechsher with a Masgiach Timidi something the store owner says is to expensive

        when it went to court the rabbonim said this is a religious issue and the court has no jurisdiction the court said that its a civil issue and that the rabbinate has to give a hechsher WITHOUT a mashgiach timidi s/t the rov refuses to do as he cant trust the owner

    6. The courts view Halacha as government law that is twisted and nothing means nothing you do what you want as long as your colleges are glued to the knesset chair they don’t care you may destroy 10,000 jews or may destroy 300,000 jews
      It’s on the wall written and sealed the war starts against the chareidim – the settlers and civil war will continue, that wiil satisfy the arabs to make pease with the BERYONIM who destroyed the BEIS HAMIKDOSH and resurfaced

    7. Once again lets point out. Israel is not a religious state run by halacha. it is a democracy that votes for its leaders who make the laws. it hires people to give out hashkacha’s. Those people must follow the laws of the country. those laws are defined by the courts. If an employee does not want to follow the rules of his boss then he should quit. If one does not think that this makes for a good hashkacha then don’t eat there. In the united states we have many different organizations who provide kosher certification, some are even run by conservative rabbis. It is your obligation to check on the certifying agency and see if it lives up to your standards. The same is also true in Israel where many people do not trust the certification of the rabanite. Also true is that if the non tax paying, non army going, non productive money taking (from the government it does not support) haredi community does not like what is going on they can leave. If they stay they should abide by the laws of the country they are in as they would be expected to any where in the world.

    8. Psalm 5 “… the boasters shall not stand in Thy sight; Thou hatest…wickedness… destroyest them that speak falsehood … abhorreth the man of blood and of deceit … their inward part is a yawning gulf, their throat is an open sepulchre; they make smooth their tongue … hold them guilty … let them fall by their own counsels; cast them down in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against Thee.”


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