New York – Mishpacha Magazine Interviews Renowned Rosh Yeshiva Rav Hershel Schachter About The Teachings of Rav Soloveitchik Zt’l


    A Conversation With The Renowned Posek And Rosh Yeshiva RAV HERSHEL SCHACHTER Shlita [Photo Credit menachem kozlovsky]New York – It is difficult if not impossible to draw a fully rounded portrait of Rav Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik, the scion of Brisk known to many simply as “The Rav,” the man who straddled many disparate worlds. Much as bands of light are scattered by a prism, Rav Soloveitchik’s multifaceted persona was refracted and absorbed in different hues and shades by his many students.

    Yet of all those students Rav Hershel Schachter, a noted talmid chacham and prominent posek, is recognized for his exemplary exposition and elucidation of the teachings of Rav Soloveitchik. In a riveting conversation with Misphacha, Rav Schachter shares his personal memories of the Rav Soloveitchik that he knew.

    My journey to today’s meeting began, in a sense, some years ago in an unadorned ground floor apartment on one of Jerusalem’s narrow streets. I had made the trip from New York to this humble home in order to enroll in the Brisker yeshiva led by Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, shlita. While trying to ascertain whether or not I’d be accepted, the Rosh Yeshiva sat gazing at me wordlessly, intently studying my demeanor.

    Suddenly, after a few long minutes of almost claustrophobic silence, he asked, “How old are you?” “Twenty,” was my honest response. “You don’t look twenty,” he said.
    Rav Soloveitchik Ztl
    Though his seat at the head of a small wooden dining room table was quite close to mine, he suddenly seemed remote and distant.

    My integrity having apparently just been challenged, I quickly remembered that I had my American passport on me. “If the Rosh Yeshiva so insists,” I said, as I allowed my hand to hastily search my jacket pocket, “I can prove that I am indeed as old as I have just stated.” “I never said that I don’t believe you,” was his swift and matter-of-fact reply. “I merely pointed out that you don’t look twenty.”

    I realized that with that short rejoinder the Rosh Yeshiva had given me the first lesson in the lomdus and analytical method of study that his famed grandfather, Rav Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk, had pioneered.

    Telling somebody that he doesn’t look as old as he states does not imply that the person in question is misrepresenting his age . A moment later this distinction seemed so simple and elementary. In order to excel in the Brisker derech, I knew in a flash, I would have to learn how to differentiate between seemingly identical assertions.

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    Reprinted from this past weekends Mispacha Magazine, exclusive to VIN News

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    1. i think, its about time we unite with the modern orthodox community. after all, it is the same ideolegy at its core. the only diffrence is, when a problem arises, they deal with it, thru seeking constructive solutions within the torah framework, while our solution is allways more isurim

    2. this is all bolony the fact is that rav soloveitchik z”l was a big kal, in yu the girls have np going with pants, also when they r dating they have no problem to be in fisicel contect wich is by the way not allowed if you are follwing the shulchen oruch and to say that he did evry lettle thing by the shulchen oruch makes me legh rabbi shecter is in fact from the very right wing in yu all others in yu are much more on the left.when you go to a modern orthodox simcha u could see mixed sitting which was unheard of before in orthodox cummunitys

      • Your last statement is incorrect, there are photographs going back a century that clearly show that mixed seating was common at simchas and shul events in the Orthodox world. Rov Soloveitchik was one who permitted.

        Furthermore there are communities were pants for women are permitted l’chatchila, in particular the Religious Zionist kibbutzim.

        This is not the kind of comment that the article was supposed to spawn.

      • Your post is so poorly written that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find your main point. One item I was able to extract from your “word salad” is that you claim that mixed seating at simchas was “unheard of before in orthodox cummunitys” (sic). This is a total fabrication. Unitl he late ’60s, mixed seating was common at orthodox simchas, except at some chassidishe ones. Almost all of the Gedolim of the earlier genrations, including R’ Moshe ZTL, attended such simchas.

          • Many photographs exist that prove that he is telling the truth. We in the MO community are just doing what we’ve been doing for as long as anyone alive can remember.

            My wife and I had mixed seating at our wedding simchah, with the full approval of her rav who did most of his learning at Lakewood.

      • Dear Sam;

        It’s hard to figure out what language you speak, it’s certainly not English! I have a daughter in Stern College, who hasn’t owned a pair of pants since she was toilet trained. Two of my sons attended YU. They both attend minyanim daily, learn as often as hectic schedules allow, the married one’s wife covers her hair, does not wear pants, and doesn’t dress her daughters in pants. The Shulchan Aruch is followed meticulously. My Rav, a Ponevitcher musmach, had no problem with the mixed seating that was available at some tables at our childrens’ simchas. He insisted that he sit with his Rebbitzen. Apparently, not a Halachik problem.

        I would present you with a few suggestions. Take a few ESL classes, visit the Bet Medrash at YU, learn a little Shmirath Halashon, and some Halacha as well. Who knows, you may get lucky and get a YU aidem or Stern college shnier!

        • the fact that someone sits at a mixed affair doesnt justify it regardless where the rabbi learned.the halacha is that 7 brochos should not be in a place of aveira mixed seating was common in Lithuania Secondly,the y.u.pant wearing generation is long passed but the the fact remains that the rov never seemed to have a problem with it [vehamayvin yovin]

      • #4 it might have done you some good to go to YU (instead of bashing them for “mixed sitting”) so that you could have learned to spell and write coherent sentences. I am not sure what you do for a living but I would guess that you probably could have benefited from a proper secular education.

    3. a beautiful article about one of the true gedolim of our generation (as well as about one of the true gedolim of the previous generation).
      big skoyach to mishpacha for this article

    4. My family and I eagerly look forward to reading Mishpacha every Shabbos. While I don’t always agree with all their content, we are happy that a sincerely chareidi weekly exists that strives to remain true. I hope that they do not succomb to any pressure or negative comments and change their editorial procedures. Many Chareidim (my family identifies as Chareidi) appreciate their honesty and we feel that many who might otherwise wonder whether there is any honest and independent thinker in the Jewish world left feel heartened. We especially appreciate this latest article. Rav Soloveitchik Zl was a gadol (although we disagreed with many of his followers). Rabbi Schachter is a gadol and there are many gedolim that teach and learn there. While there are problems with YU (we would not send our kids there for college), there are good things as well. It is well known that the best learners are often from or at YU. Before anyone begins bashing the article or VIN, please rememnber all this — as well as the fact that for some reason fewer Chilulei Hashem occur from those that have learned (not supporters) there than in the chareidi camp! Before we gratuitously criticize, we should

    5. Hey Sam;

      Can you name any other “magidei shiur” at RIETS/YU? You should since you think R’ Schachter is more right wing then they are! There are several Gedolei Torah there whose piskei halacha you may be following!!!!! be careful what you say-because you sound like an am haaretz

      • Sam is a troll, ignore him.

        Kudos to Mishpacha and VIN for this article. With one scandal following another, we have begun to see the results of the Chareidi world’s self -imposed isolation. The Chareidi world can learn a thing or two from the MO. The first step is for each side to stop the denigration of the other. More articles like this would be appreciated to begin to heal the rifts.

        • “. The Chareidi world can learn a thing or two from the MO. ” unfortunately whether you like it or not the chaareidi world is becoming more modern with the uses of videos and the internet ex….. the problem is the rabbeim are going in an opposite direction and don’t really understand this and therefore making kol korehs such as music, internet and this is what is leading to all the scandals

    6. Beautiful article! I’m trying to get klur what Rav Soloveitchik zt”l held, not so easy to know. If Chinuch Atzmai under Rav Ahron zt”l honored the Rov, doesn’t that say conclusively that Rav Ahron respected him (even if he did not agree with all of his shitos)?

      • The Rov published very little during his lifetime; what we know of his halachic positions is known mostly through the testimony of his students. And this presents difficulties because (1) he would pasken differently to different students when the circumstances might be slightly different, and (2) he was willing to change his mind! He also did not demand that his students follow him in every respect. That he has students that range from the far left to the far right of the Torah world is a tribute to his greatness; he was accepting of others’ differences rather than someone who wanted to enforce conformity.

      • There are a few issues on which The Rov made his position very clear during his lifetime:

        (1) Total opposition to interfaith theological dialogue (although dialogue on public policy issues might be ok. His essay “Confrontation” has yet to face an effective counter.

        (2) Enthusiastic support for teaching talmud to women. My rav has told me that he was even more strident about this in private than he was in public.

        (3) Strong support for the State of Israel. His *Kol Dodi Dofeik” set out his thoughts on this matter and he was the honorary chairman of Mizrachi for decades.

        (4) The Rov held that the kol ishah prohibition only applied to situations that would engender improper hirhurim. Using this logic, he held that all classical music was mutar l’chatchila even when women were singing, even opera. YU still has an annual opera fundraiser.

    7. #4. You are showing your true colors. Look around and see where all the scandals are coming from. Tell me how many YU musmachim and graduates are in the newspaper on a “daily” basis nebach. How many of them have sat at mixed tables at simchas? Your stereotypical comment is so off base and very uncalled for. Stop judging the Chitzonius so much look inside the hearts of every yid.
      I am a frum Brooklyn yid. I find myself intermingeling with Chasidim, Modern, Yeshivish and I find no issue with any of them. As long as you build an honest kesher with HKB”H you are doing the right thing. YU, Satmar, belz, lakewood, JUST follow the Torah in the best way you can. Your attitude can jeopordize the future of Klal Yisroel more than mixed seating will ever do.

      • The frum orthodox community have the same problems that the yiden had since it was klal yisroel… If there are a new type of yiden without these problems. Its a new thing. Remember in the torah we r called “am kshie oraf”

    8. This is why Mishpocha is better than all other frum publications. Where is the Jewish Observer? Mishpocha had an article about Rabbi Krinsky and Chabad.
      This publication is bringing the whole frum world together. Great!

    9. this is wonderful to read. Not to long ago, I was reading in another chareidi publication about the Brisk Legacy and guess who was left out? I’m Lubavitch, not MO but I applaud Mishpacha magazine. We need achdus and reminders of how similar we are as a klal and not how different we are.

    10. harav M..D. Soloveitchik from e.y. is light years away from rav J.B. THERES ABSOLUTLY NO COMPARISON BETWEEN the two rav j.b. was viewed as a gadol in his younger years however the article is misleading . If all Y.U. talmidim looked like rav schechter there would be no problem. the fact is that Y.U.produced many a conservative rabbi who had a heter to practice from rav j.b. A person who produced such a mixed bag of students no matter how great a scholar has no place in a CHAREIDI magazine. [he himself would agree to this] you dont have anybody as interesting but less sensational to write about?this ican read about in Jewish ACTION

    11. Klal Yisroel is one, perhaps like a huge family where individuals have different likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Mishpacha Magazine is a money making magazine and is geared to the Frum Individual who can spend the $$$$ for its weekly paper. That would equal the working families with right wing religious leanings. No big deal to have an article about Reb YB z”tl after they covered Rav Tal (religious zionist), Gush Katif communities in details and other such persons.
      BTW when reading the article there is a sneer towards ‘religious zionists’ which is an opinion of the author not written, said or aluded to by the Rav.

      • Not only did The Rav not sneer at “Religious Zionists” but he identified as one! Indeed one of the few things he published during his lifetime was *Kol Dodi Dofeik*, which was an argument for religious Zionism. And he was the honorary chair of Mizrachi for decades. Rav Schachter is also a Religious Zionist.

    12. This is nice piece but not true, sadly. RYBS was an enemy of Torah and a traitor to Brsik mesorah of chesed.
      I challenge one poster to name a Yid that he helped. Anybody.

      • The Rav probably ordained more rabbis than anyone since Rabbi Akiva. He insisted on strict adherence to halachah and refused to compromise with non-Orthodox movements. And he presented a vision of Torah that was totally consistent with and relevant to the modern world. It is largely because of The Rav that Jews are able to fully participate in the modern world today in the diaspora as fully observant Jews.

        If that isn’t helping Yidden, I don’t know what is. May we have many more such “enemies”!

        • I guess you’ve never heard of Rav Shomshin Rafoel Hirsch who accomplished this without compromising Torah ideals.

          Looking at the talmidim tells much about the hashkafa of the rebbe, Even Greatz Y”S the apikores gave grudging respect to Rav Hirsch due to his unwillingness to bend halacho to the “needs of modern man”. again unlike the above mentioned Rav.

      • The Rav would give 60% of his monies to tzedaka. When we asked him why he gave so much , more than the SA required or allowed he said…… when they accuse me of transgressing ths SA by giving too much Tzedaka he said he would reply…. guilty as charged.. Your comment is sad and hateful and so out of touch about whom you speak. You should go to his kever to ask mechilah for such rishus.

      • Interestingly, your esteemed opinion seems to differ from that of R’ Moshe Feinstein, zt”l, whom I dare say was a greater talmid chacham than anyone on this blog, let alone you, who commits hotza’as shem ra in public, about a talmid chacham and gadol of a previous generation, who is no longer alive no less. What Reb Moshe zt”l said was:

        “I am writing now (‘Basi B’Zeh‘) to send my blessing to the editors of the Jubilee volume that the students of the great consummate Torah-scholar, our teacher, Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, may he live a long and good life (‘HaGaon HaGadol Moreinu HaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik Shlita‘), arranged in his honor, to mark his 80th birthday. And [I also write] to express my prayer that G-d lengthen the days and years of my great friend, with a good ‘old age, vigorous and fresh they shall be,’ and that he should continue to disseminate Torah publicly and to occupy himself with the needs of the community, for the sake of the honor of G-d and His Torah, and for the splendor (‘Tif’eres’) of our families. With friendship and esteem (’Hukra‘), Moshe Feinstein.” – Reb Moshe Feinstein zt”l

        I doubt Reb Moshe would say something like that about an “enemy of Torah.”

    13. I happen to enjoy the fact that Mishpacha (just like VIN) loves jumping into contriversial issues, such as the rabbi known by many names ranging from “the rav” to the more popular J.B. It should though be brought out that although he left his fathers and familys ways to become a modern rabbi and built his own modern home in Boston, as brought out in the article, it was all because he like many others thought that in America it just won’t work the real orthodox way and half is better than nothing, but today we have enough rabbi’s in our own communities that we hardly need the YU.

    14. I hope all of you who are being mevaze a talmid chochom like the rav are ready to give your din vecheshbon after 120 and you feel confident you can have a valid affirmative defense for the kategor in the beis din shel maalah…

    15. some of these comments are patently ridiculous! i was zoche to learn under the rov, zt’l and i recalled, as i sat there, my 11th grade (chareidi) rebbe, think he was insulting me by saying that i would “end up in j.b.’s shiur”. that rebbe did not reach the ‘avak reglaim of the avak reglaim” of the Rov. there is simply a knee jerk visceral reaction to anyone not in lockstep with chareidi hashkafa. maybe thats why we are so lacking in gedolim these days

    16. I attend Harav Schechter’s shier with regularity every monday evening in Midwood. I am a middle aged man who has had substantial contact with various chassidishe and yeshivisha personalities. I can honostly attest that i have never experienced an individual as Rav Schechter who encompasses such vast Torah knowledge sincerity and TRUE humility. He is a walking Kiddush hasem.

    17. This article gave mixed messages, quite confusing, JB. was a true religious
      Zionist , as is attested in some of the comments, why did the writer of this
      article, mention that he was “more anti Zionist than Satmar”? That is a real
      joke, even if it was his true Shita, he certainly never voiced it nor did he want
      to be labeled as “anti Zionist”.
      During his lifetime, he would not have endorsed anything that was connected to “Anti Zionism”. I’m sure in Olam Haemes, he does, however appreciate
      this comment, and it may even merit him, an Aliya to his Neshama.
      The bottom line, business before pleasure, Mishpacha, you know how to run
      a business, and your goal is to attract as many readers as possible, and that
      means “pleasing everybody”. Which is quite impossible since “you can never
      please EVERYBODY”.
      To fellow readers: It is your obligation to censor the magazine, before your children get to read it, it is your Achreiyus that your children get the pure Hashkofos you are aiming for.
      This magazine like all other Jewish Publications is not endorsed by any
      Rabonnim, and I know of a very famous Rosh Yeshiva, who said that if
      he were Bkoach he would put an issur on the Mishpacha

    18. As a scion of noted Chassidish families, married to a heimishe Boro-Parker (Satmar), & having been educated at YU (Rav Schechter was my Rebbe) – I firmly believe Mishpacha took a laudable, courageous, & Temimos-dik step in the right direction (i.e. promoting Ahavas Yisroel).

      YU, the Rov, & Rav Schechter all have had (& continue to have) overwhelmingly-positive (by any measure – even after deducting any unintended consequences) contributions to Yiddeshkeit – as have Lakewood & the Yeshivish/Chassidishe Velts etc.

      To deny it & claim superiority is ignorant, infantile, & shameful.

      While YU is not perfect – neither is the Yeshivish/Chassidish Velts. Both camps’ Shittos have yielded dreadful unintended consequences – yet they are both genuine/respectable Mehalechs, at their roots.

      Moreover, just as Rav Moishe & Rav Ahron Kotler publicly accorded Kavod to the Rav, in spite of their Hashkafik differences, we should show an equal measure of Ahavas Yisroel.

      We would all be better off not bashing each other, & rather introspect, be more tolerant (not less resolute, Chas Vesholom, in our Shemiras Hamitzvos) of all true Torah Velts (only those within the pale, of course).

      • The achdus theme is a nice one, and one that I agree with, but I’m not sure what you mean by “yet they are both genuine/respectable Mehalechs, at their roots”.

        To see how the dogma of Modern Orthodoxy is based on an historically false assumption (given the benefit of 20/20 hindsight), one need only read Rabbi J.B. Soloveichik’s Five Addresses. Other sites have the full-length piece, but to very broadly summarize, he felt that traditional Orthodoxy would not make it in America and would become a mere tourist attraction; he felt the only way to preserve Torah Jewry was by Modernizing. That has, of course, been proven to be not the case, if one merely looks around and sees the mega-growth of traditional Orthodoxy since the 1960s.

        Interestingly, Rav JB Soloveichik wrote, “This secular culture entails…many negative and perverse aspects… and thus AS LONG AS ONE CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT SO MUCH THE BETTER FOR THE SPIRIT – [but] finally we will have to relate to it.

        So “Modernity”, according to the father of MO, is a shaas hadichak AND for specific circumstances. Since the circumstances are different, MO is, therefore, NOT, “a genuine mehalech” despite the sincerity of our MO brethren

        • Again, I would implore you to introspect, rather than splitting hairs & making ignorant, out-of-context, Diyukim. Like most, you lack a well-informed first-hand understanding of the genuine/respectable Mehalech of YU, and its many Gedolim.

          While the diluted MO you refer to IS an unfortunate & unintended consequence of YU’s Torah U’Madah (which is the respectable/genuine Mehalech I refer to and is more similar to Rav Hirsch’s Torah Im Derech Eretz than the author realizes), it was clearly NOT the ideal or B’Dieved of the Rov (in spite of all the revisionist claims within extreme MO and the Yeshivish Velts) – according to his closest Talmidim (R’ Schechter, R’ Willig, R’ Lichtenstein, R’ Rakkefet, R’ Twersky, etc.).

          Blaming YU/the Rov for the ills of MO, is like blaming Rav Aaron Kotler, Rav Shach, the Chassidishe Rebbes, etc. & their Hashkafos for all the horrible failures/results within the Yeshivish Velts. I am sure Daas Toyrah & the Moetzes cringe every time an Askan makes a prolific Chillul Hashem, & when their non-Kollel-learners turn into uneducated, tax cheating, & morally bankrupt Oys Vorfs.

          Please – spend less time with the MO/Rov Tzu Shtells, & more time on the Achdus.

          • Please go and read The Nineteen Letters before you try to compare Rav Hirsch’s Torah im Derech Eretz to the “Rav’s” Torah U’Maddah.

            I guess you have accepted the YU spin that they have been trying to sell of late that there really is no difference between the two shitos.

            I also suggest you read the book The Lonely Man of Faith to see how influenced the “Rav” was by the philosophies of kofrim.

          • You very deftly side-stepped the entire post. Well done.

            Again, I’m all for the achdus, but one must still understand what is a valid Torah derech and what is not; chas vishalom should one degrade one who earnestly studies Torah in the manner he is brought up to understand is correct. But that doesn’t make their derech correct.

            But you have not brought any source to explain why “Torah Umaddah” is a “genuine” mehalech, despite the many sincere baalei batim and the eminent Talmidei Chachamim it has produced and continues to produce.

        • Think of it. Your hindsight should include that our doctors, lawyers, and many other proffesionals used by our community are Mo. Without them I can assure you the sheeple in Williamsburg would have made nothing more then a tourist attraction.

          • There are many people who attended mainstream traditional orthodox Yeshivos who also attended other universities and became accountants, doctors, lawyers and any other decent profession you can think of.

            It’s probably a dirty word in your vocabulary (the “T-word”?), but aside for secular colleges, many traditional orthodox attended and still attend Touro College and earn their credentials there.

            Having said that, there are many orthodox Jews of note who are YU-educated. But don’t deny there were and are alternatives.

    19. I’m neither MO nor Charedi. I’m a frum Jew. Period. I love Mishpacha for trying to unite all frum Jews. Mishpacha: Klal Yisroel is sick and tired of all labels and machlokes. Thanks loads for your services that only Hashem can reward you for. Every Rosh Yeshiva and Rov admires you for your courage.

    20. there is a famous vort.. the Medresh says “come see the difference between the talmidim of our patriach Avrohom, and that of the talmidim of Bilam harausha”.. the obvious question arises.. do we need to look at the talmidim? by merely looking at the person himself, one can easily discern the difference between them
      The simplest, and truest answer is, that, contrary to what one may think, both Avraham, and Billam look the same. they both wear the same hat, or is is a streimel. they both shokel by Shemonie Esra etc etc
      Often times, the ONLY way you can tell the difference between the two, is not by analyzing the person, but by analyzing their talmidim, the fruits of their labor.
      Enough said

    21. Reply to #19: Charlie, there yougo again. “Furthermore there are communities were pants for women are permitted l’chatchila, in particular the Religious Zionist kibbutzim.” and if some kehila is matir kol isha or pre-marital copulation that makes it mutar!!!! Qoute a teshuva from a posek that is matir pants for women “lechatchila”.

    22. Reply to #45: How silly, all of Am Yisroel was charedi since matan torah “vayecherad kol ha’am” up until recent modern fabrications. I shouldn’t say all, there have been many movements throughout our history who deviated/modernized from the haredi/perushi hashkafa, and what became of them???
      I rest my case!

      • This is absolutely not true in one very important are: secular education. Observant Jews have been attending university since the time of the rishonim (among them, Rambam and Sforno). I have not seen a rabbinic objection prior to the 19th century.

        Another charedi chiddush is kollel for the masses. The last time that existed was the dor hamidbar.

        In both these areas modern orthodoxy is much more consistent with our mesorah than is the charedi hashkafah and practice.

    23. Response to #45 – The designation “charedi” is, of course, from tanach. What I have seen is the constant widening of what constitutes “charedi” – growing up in NY in the 60s, we generally referred to Satmar and allied groups, the yishuv hayoshon of Yerushalayim (ie. Eida Hachareidis), etc. as Chareidi. No one affiliated with the Aguda or any other Zionist organization was considered “chareidi”. Today, groups, behaviours, and hashkofos are considered “charedi” which would previously not have been so considered.

    24. In 1935 The Munkaczer zt”l referred to people comming out of YU as RA-Banim in his two letters to Reb Schraga Feivel on whether they should learn limudei choil in Torah Vadaas. The letters are published in Igros Shapirin which is available on (It’s a very poor copy, the yud’s and the leg of the Hay usually do not show up.)

      • And his attacks on “hatsionistim oh domaihen haagudistin” are legendary. What’s your point? I don’t mish in these fights but I would still feel comfortable relying on R’ Shimon Shkop.

    25. There are some people claiming to be in the “MO” camp, who attend Shabbat morning services, and then spend the afternoon playing ball. They eat milchigs in restaurants that are open on Shabbat. Taharat Hamishpacha is only partially observed. In these cases, Modern Orthodoxy, is neither modern, nor Orthodox.

      Many others in the MO camp, are modern, in that they are professional, white collar workers, Rabbis, etc., to whom secular learning is not “treif”. They may wear colored shirts (over tzitzit)), shave, and wear “sroogie yarmulkas”. The cover is different, but their devotion to lives of Halacha, Torah and Derech Erets, is very sincere. When a parent can send his child to a City college for “bupkas”, but send him/her to YU for 40G a year, it indicates that there is a strong mesirat nefesh present. YU has provided my kids with a very strong reinforcement to the foundations we built at home. Every time you find a Shomer Shabbat doctor, attorney, dentist, architect, etc., you can thank places like YU

      • >They may wear colored shirts (over tzitzit)< Can someone help me out here? Is it really written somewhere that non-white shirts are forbidden?? (This is something I've long wondered about!)

    26. The Mishpacha article is rhetorically dishonest. Example 1: the article states that the ‘Rav’ represents the ‘Brisker Derech’. Obviously, this means more than the derech of limud. My daughter attended a Seminary in Jerusalem. Her classmates included several Brisker girls. These girls were excused from English class, for learing a foreign language in a classroom setting is outside the ‘Brisker Derech’. This is how the real ‘Derech’ is expressed, ad hayom hazeh.

      Adaraba to the derech the ‘Rav’ promulgated. Several years ago, at Yeshiva University, an English Professor took a Sabbatical. He came back a she after a sex change operation. The Professor was tenured, thus the school was in a bind. Rabbi Moshe Tendler was forced to speak out in disgust.

      Example 2: the author states that he first came across the Rav’s writings at the Lakewood Yeshiva. This is quite misleading. The implication is that the writings of the Rav are ‘at home’ at Lakewood. The article closes with a similar twist, by showing a picture of Rav Belsky at a OU forum. Rav Belsky runs the Kashrus part of the OU only. To imply anything more is sheker. The article implies much more.

    27. “These girls were excused from English class, for learing a foreign language in a classroom setting is outside the ‘Brisker Derech’.”

      Despite the historical fact that there were Russian lessons taught in Volozhiner Yeshiva?

      More revisionist nonsense.

    28. To all those who wrote or are considering writing negative things about the Rav: Are you really that confident of your opinions and information that you’re willing to risk the possibility of being ovair Loshon Horah about one who just might be a Talmud Chacham, a tzaddik, and a gadol hador? While you’re considering this, please bear in mind the kavod afforded to the Rav by Rav Ahron Kotler z”tl and Rav Moshe z”tl, among other “mainstream” gedolai torah.
      You must enjoy living dangerously.

      • and your not worried about this when YOU hock on REAL ehrliche tzddikum.when that ‘formall’ s’ry referred to a REAL kedosh elon, poal yeshuous, geon hgeonim the ‘DIVREI YOEL’ where was your voice where was your concern huh?

        • I’m sorry favish, I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to. If you’re referring to a comment made on another thread on this site, than I would not have seen it because I haven’t been a regular viewer of this site. If there was someone on this thread who said anything derogatory about the holy Satmar Rav then I must have missed it.
          In any event, my comment above would equally apply to those who would be motzei Laz on the Satmar Rav or any other tzaddikim/gedolim.
          I would never have so much azzus panim as to “hock” on the Satmar Rav, despite the fact that I don’t personally hold from some of his shitos, and I don’t appreciate you’re unjustified assumption that I would do such a thing.
          If the gedolim (yes, I include R’ Soloveitchik in that category along with R’ Yoel, R Moshe, R Yaakov,etc.) can disagree without dragging each other in the mud, I don’t see why we, their humble followers, can’t follow suit.
          kol tuv.

    29. A lot of good comments here, and a couple of ignorant ones. I know as former talmud of R’ Schachter i heard him say that anyone who would like to rely or RYBS kulos should first adhere to his chumros, and that most of us could not get out of bed in the morning if we were as machmir as he was. True, numerous talmidim have mangled his words, but so much torah was spread because of him he cannot be overlooked. Just his warm relationships with R’ Moshe and all the Kotler rabbonim should be enough for most of you.


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