Berkeley, CA – Study: Kissing Up To The Boss Actually Works


    Berkeley, CA – A new study about to be released by the University of Berkeley School of Business finds that job-seekers using ingratiating behavior are 20-percent more likely to land a job.

    This is why Stephen Viscusi, author of “Bulletproof Your Job,” said brown-nosing may be vital to job security. “It’s very hard to fire an employee that they have a good relationship with, than it is for someone who’s doing a good job,” said Viscusi.

    Most don’t want to admit they kiss up. When asked if he ever brownnosed the boss, one man asked, “Do I look like someone who’d brownnose the boss?”

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    “You look the other way and make believe it doesn’t happen, but it does happen,” one woman said. “I’m in finance. We’re losing our jobs, so a lot of people kiss up to our bosses,” another man said. “If you don’t brownnose the boss, you’re not going to get nowhere.”

    When one brave man was asked if kissing up works, he said, in front of his boss, “I hope so because I’ve been doing it all year long.”

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