Koh Phangan, Thailand – Israeli Electrocuted to Death


     Ariel SorianoKoh Phangan, Thailand – An Israeli, Ariel Soriano, 22, from Netanya died last night while swimming with friends during a party at a resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The Foreign Ministry reported that an electric cable fell in the water and killed the young man instantly.

    The Israeli embassy in Bangkok is handling the case and the Foreign Ministry is in contact with the man’s family in Israel.

    Billy, the Israeli who pulled the young man out of the water, told Ynet on Monday, “All of a sudden, a cable fell into the water and the guy was electrocuted in front of everyone.”

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    He recounted the nighttime party at the resort. “At four in the morning, we were swimming in the pool all happy and drunk. Then I got out of the water for a minute to have a cigarette. All of a sudden a cable fell into the water and the guy got electrocuted. I heard screams. I turned around and saw him drowning. I quickly dove into the pool and pulled him out.”

    “Everyone was crying. His friends were in hysterics. There was absolute mayhem. To see a kid like this whom you were swimming and laughing with a second ago is not so nice,” said Billy.

    Billy said there was a sign by the pool forbidding swimming at night: “Everyone goes in even though it’s written that violators will be fined 2,000 baht (about $60). No one cares. We were all swimming there.”

    Bangkok Chabad house director Rabbi Wilhelm Nehemiah added that the Israeli consulate contacted him regarding the preparation of the body for burial in Israel. The body will be flown to Israel in the coming days.

    In July, an Israeli woman fell to her death during a trip to Peru. Local rescue teams located the body of 23-year-old Galit Sasson from Ness Ziona near the ancient Inca city of Cusco.

    The woman is believed to have fallen from a height of dozens of meters. Her friend, who was with her, informed the authorities and rescue teams were immediately deployed to the scene in search of the body.

    About a month later, 26-year-old Idan Nahum of Dimona died in Italy during a rave. Nahum fell ill during a party in central Italy and was taken to hospital by his friends, but was pronounced dead upon his arrival.

    In April, 33-year-old Ariel Siksik of Mevaseret Zion died in a skydiving accident in Australia. Rescue teams arriving at the scene of the crash said Siksik’s parachute opened, but he was unable to land properly. He was critically wounded in the fall and evacuated to hospital, where he died of his wounds.

    In the summer of 2008, two Israeli brothers were killed during a family vacation in Antalya, Turkey. The two, aged 14 and 18, attended a party in a luxury hotel in the city, when a foam machine short circuited and caused a fire. “We saw several people lying on the ground, we danced next to them because we thought they were just chilling out on the ground,” a youth who was at the party told Ynet after the incident.

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