Washington – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is Not Fit For Position, Recent Events Prove


    Washington – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is living proof you can not only take the girl out of New York, but take New York out of the girl as well.

    Napolitano was born in New York and yet takes so little interest in us that as recently as last April she seemed unaware of some basic facts regarding the attack on the World Trade Center.

    That became apparent in an interview with Canadian television. Napolitano suggested that the Canadian and Mexican borders warranted equal attention.

    “Yes, Canada is not Mexico. It doesn’t have a drug war going on,” Napolitano said. “Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country …it’s been across the Canadian border.”

    The interviewer inquired if the terrorists included those who had staged the 9/11 attacks.

    “Not just those, but others as well,” Napolitano said.

    The Canadian ambassador to the U.S., Michael Wilson, subsequently lamented that “misconceptions arise on something as fundamental as where the 9/11 terrorists came from.”

    “As the 9/11 commission reported in 2004, all of the 9/11 terrorists arrived in the United States from outside North America,” Wilson noted. “They flew to major U.S. airports. They entered the U.S. with documents issued by the United States government. No 9/11 terrorists came from Canada.”

    Napolitano announced through an aide she had “misunderstood” the interviewer and had actually been speaking about the lone would-be bomber who had been caught crossing from Canada into Washington State in 1999.

    Napolitano then made a declaration no homeland security chief should ever have had to make, most particularly one born in New York.

    “I know that the Sept. 11 hijackers did not come through Canada to the United States,” she said.

    No doubt some Canadians saw a certain irony on Christmas Day, when the undies bomber aboard a flight from Amsterdam attempted to destroy an airliner descending into Detroit, just across a river from Canada.

    An Islamic extremist who never should have been allowed on an airliner in the first place had passed through security with a high explosive. He likely would have killed all 289 aboard were it not for his bungling and the heroism of a Dutch passenger.

    “The system worked,” Napolitano had the nerve to say.

    No doubt some Canadians discerned a pattern when Napolitano responded to the ensuing uproar over her remark by saying she had been “taken out of context.”

    “Our system did not work in this instance,” Napolitano now said.

    In both instances, Napolitano flip-flopped after saying something ludicrous while playing politics. That is particularly reprehensible in time of war, but it is not surprising, for she is a politician by profession.

    By all accounts, she was a pretty good governor in her adopted state of Arizona, certainly much better than the one we have in her native New York.

    She is a disgrace as the secretary of homeland security. That job should be held by somebody who has some working expertise and no agenda other than to keep the innocent as safe as possible.

    I hate to admit it, but President George W. Bush was right to appoint a cop to head homeland security. He just picked the wrong one when he chose Bernard Kerik, who is also a crook.

    In making that mistake, Bush was no doubt looking for some of the magic that has transformed New York into America’s safest big city, a phenomenon in which Kerik played no significant role.

    Our new President could get some of that magic from those who really did make it happen.

    Our present police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, is one.

    Former NYPD Commissioner and LAPD chief William Bratton is another.

    There is also John Timoney, who went from the NYPD to become top cop in Philadelphia and then Miami.

    Put one of those truly talented souls in charge and the system might actually work, eh?

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    1. She is just one of many in the Hussein Obama administration who are totally unfit to hold the offices that they hold, starting with Obama himself and then proceeding to all the tax cheats that he has surrounded himself with. Don’t forget that she said that terrorists are not allowed to be called terorists and other such insane remarks.

    2. At least she said something,our great leader for a while said nothing.When he finnaly he did,it’s clear his heart wasn’t into what he was saying,if you listen to it.Compare his remarks to his passionate remarks about healtcare and globalwarming.

    3. When you look at the source of this misinformation, its not surprising he reaches this conclusion. Ms Nepolatono inherited a dysfunctional agency from the prior administration and has been working to make it more cost-effective. Rather than building multi billion dollar walls along the border which a ten year old and a HomeDepot ladder can breach, she has quietly focused on making greater use of technology. She is no Micahel Brown and the others that preceded her.

      • Maskim. IT was Bush who ruined his own secret service by removing it from treasury and handing it to a new mess he invented called dhs which was now incharge of its begeting and they jad to make cut after cut to the point that we now had 2 people who crashed a white house party. thats not the administration fault its BUSH fault.

    4. Face it people, this administration does not care!!! Label me all day, but the facts keep on showing that the Obama Administration is apathetic to the security of Americans if it gets in the way of political correctness. These idiots are bringing the terrorists to Manhattan, for G-d’s sake!

    5. Yet another “opinion” piece that is uninformed. In fact, Bush appointed a former Governor, Tom Ridge, as first Secretary of Homeland Security. He was succeeded by Michael Chertoff, a judge.

    6. This is what you get when you vote for someone unqualified for public office. When I came in the house the other day, I was amazed to find my Telly glowing and a halo hovering over it. I ran to the next room, and lo and behold that Telly was aglow and another halo hovering over irt. Then I realize3d the messiah was on tv, giving his asinine speech on an attempt to blow up an airplane, and how he is going to save us again. The count now stands at 11 TERRORIST attack attempts, and some deadly. How’s that for your voting?

    7. Her statement that “the system worked” is right up there with the George Bush statement during Katrina that “Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job.”The inept, incompoetant appointees at critical Cabinet posts and at the White House will bring this administration down.

      A high level NSA official who overheard a conversation about no new terrorists attacks after 9/11 in the USA responsed that “it is not because they have not been trying.”

      Now we have two terrorists attacks during Obama- Fort Hood and NW airline. Wake up America. Wake up Obama. There really are very bad people out there who wantt to harm us and all your pretty speeches to them will only be laughed at.

    8. what what were the qualifications of Tom Ridge? nothing . zero. just some eastern governor that bush owed a favor to. give us a break. she is more qulified to be head of DHS than arah palin is to be head of anything

    9. It’s amazing how the media can take something out of context and everyone just runs with it. Here’s what she *actually* said:

      Once this incident occurred, everything went according to clockwork, not only sharing throughout the air industry, but also sharing with state and local law enforcement. Products were going out on Christmas Day, they went out yesterday, and also to the [airline] industry to make sure that the traveling public remains safe. I would leave you with that message. The traveling public is safe. We have instituted some additional screening and security measures, in light of this incident, but, again, everyone reacted as they should. The system, once the incident occurred, the system worked.


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