Borough Park – Pedestrian Fatally Hit by Truck


Borough Park, NY – A female pedestrian was hit by a truck and later died in the hospital.

The 74-year-old woman was hit by an oil truck while crossing 49th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway.

She was transported by Boro Park Hatzolah to Lutheran Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

NYPD Highway units responded for the investigation, Chesed Shell Emes is also on the scene and working with the medical examiner to have the body released as soon as possible.

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  1. Interesting that she was hit right outside the Maimonidies emergency room but was transported to Lutheran a few miles away? We all know Lutheran has a more reputable trauma center, but immediate care a stone’s throw away should not be tossed aside lightly particularly entering a holiday, when the more prestigious doctors are anyway not available at the higher regarded facility. Blindly running to the “best” care is not always the proper choice.

    I lack many crucial facts pertaining to this particular situation and am not pointing fingers at or blaming anyone in this tragedy. I just wish to raise public awareness regarding this tough decision that people sometimes don’t have the opportunity to properly assess. Boruch Dayan Haemes.

      • Having over 20 years of field Trauma/Rescue/Municipal 911 experience, I fully agree with #2. When a patient meets certain trauma criteria for a Trauma Center, such as mechanism of injury, multiple fractures of long bones or penetrating injuries or even serious burns to name a few, if the patient is not stable enough to go to a trauma center-either by ground or by air- they are to go to the closest facility to be stabalized. Once stabilized, they may then have the chance to be transferred to a Trauma Center or Burn Unit. I do not have any information regarding this call, so I am not in a position to judge-nor would judge-how this call was handled. While these are the National Trauma Proticals, you never know if the patient was originaly stable enough for the trip or not. With patient confidentiality, we probably will never know. These men and women are highly trained in emergencies such as this, and quick thinking until extremely stressfull situations. I am very confident that these EMT’S gave this patient the best chance of survival that any of us in the field could. It’s very easy to sit back and critique an EMS crew- whether it’s Hatzalah or Paid EMS/ FDNY EMS. That’s the reason we are out in all kinds of weather and dangerous conditions saving lives while the guys who aren’t are sitting in their comfortable homes critisizing the very people who may one day need their services. Remember- Those who Can Do-Those who Can’t Critique!

  2. Moishe you are a typical bp resident, critisizing the hatzola before having the facts in front of you! As far as I know, living right next to the scene, contrary to this report the woman was nebech not with us right at the accident. Hashem Yerachem.

    • Facts
      1) Patient was not deceased on the scene pt still had heartbeat when she arrived to the hospital
      2) Hatzolah did not transport this pt. Miamonidies ambulance was on the scene when it happened.and they took the aided to lutheran which is a trauma center.

      3) Hatzola was also on the scene and they went along on the ambulance units 225 and 56 and 228 were there
      The truck driver did not see pt she was crossing in front of truck

      5) Chesed she’ll emes was there but there was nothing to clean. Also since she still was living on scene there was no need to clean

  3. Just for the record it’s only 0.7 miles from scene to Lutheran and regulation requires you to go to the trauma center if airway is safe and vitals are ok. A level 1 trauma center has to have a full team of Drs. and full support staff to operate under state guidelines,even on legal holidays

  4. If the patient was not in traumatic arrest, nyc REMAC protocol states she goes to the closest trauma center. If she was in traumatic arrest then she should have been brought to Maimonides. All level 1 trauma centers have docs on all day all night 365 days a year. Unless we were on the call, we will never know.

  5. Any major trauama needs to be takin to a trauma center a PLAIN hospital is not trained like a trauma center so is cardiac centers for heart attacks and burns centers for burns and stroke centers for strokes she was Mistam intubated so there was NO airway issue so if there’s no AIRWAY issue then U must go to a trauma Center ANYWAY who was she???

  6. Pedestrians have to be a lot more careful. We take for granted a vehicle can not stop on a dime and can not manuever on a split second notice. People have a tendency to run across a street with cellphone in one hand and baby carriage in the other, with total disregard to their immediate surroundings. Running across the middle of the street, or even at an intersection while cars are coming is extremely dangerous. We have not the slightest consideration for others and at times you endanger your own lives or others by your actions. Especially in our heimishe communities Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg. Same goes for the double parkers, you think that in snow and ice a car or van can squeeze by you and don’t realize how slippery the street is and control the car and end up in an accident. Besides of all people behind that have to pass by and being inconvenienced by one selfish individual that can’t drive 5 ft and park so that others aren’t effected. Its time we start behaving like civil human being. Real chilul hashem and dangerous.


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