Manhattan, NY – Yeshiva University Largest Seforim Sale to Draw More Than 20,000 People


    Manhattan, NY – The students of Yeshiva University (YU) will hold their annual SOY Seforim Sale from January 24 through February 15 in Belfer Hall, 2495 Amsterdam Ave. on YU’s Wilf Campus in Manhattan. The sale, North America’s largest Jewish book sale, is organized entirely by YU students who run the entire operation from ordering to setting up the premises, marketing and all the technology the project entails. Proceeds support a myriad of initiatives, including student activities on campus and student-lead outreach programs in the Jewish community.

    Last year the acclaimed Judaica book sale drew over 15,000 people from the tri-state area and raised more than $1 million in sales. The annual event provides discounted prices on the latest of over 10,000 titles in rabbinic and academic literature, cookbooks, children’s books, music and lecture CDs, and educational software.

    “We expect to draw close to 20,000 people this year,” said Eliezer Barany, CEO of the SOY Seforim Sale. “We will be offering a wider array of seforim and have many exciting events planned, including multiple book signings and lectures, musical performances, and for the first time ever, a stand-up comedy routine by one of the authors.”

    The Seforim Sale has become a highlight for the Yeshiva University community, as students and alumni congregate to visit their alma mater, see old friends, and add books to their personal libraries.

    Those who can not attend the sale can still take advantage of the great prices and vast catalog selection by ordering online on the Seforim Sale’s upgraded Web site. For a complete listing of dates and times, to purchase gift certificates or to view the online catalog, visit

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    1. This is a wonderful service to the yiddeshe community and again affirms YU’s role as the single most important institution of torah and learning in the world. You can combine all the other yeshivos and kollels in one hand and YU in the other and YU has clearly done more to preserve true torah and mitzvot observance and learning than all the others. I’ve never seen any comparable effort by BMG in lakewood or any of the other yeshivot in EY>

      • Try the Mir who have many seforim sales as well . But more important why are you comparing things and knocking other yeshivas it looks like you may have a grudge.

        • Wasn’t trying to “knock” other yeshivot….just the opposite. Its YU that is constantly being bashed here by many of the frummes for their inclusive approach to yiddishkeit and this is just one of many examples of how their outreach efforts to promote lamdus is so important. Kudos to Mir and any others who have done the same but none have the scope of significance of the YU effort.

      • How does a seforim sale “affirm YU’s role as the single most important institution of torah and learning in the world”? They do provide a nice service for those that may need a hard to get sefer, but in no way do they outway, equal, or even come close to all other yeshivos and kollelim. Let’s not take it to far.

      • why you getting all defencive of YU, its just an article about a seforim sale? whats so great about a seforim sale, how does it preserve true torah, did you ever hear of a seforim store?! theres plenty of them in Lakewood.

        • “whats so great about a seforim sale, how does it preserve true torah”
          Let me break it down for you:

          1) Go to the sale.
          2) Buy a sefer
          3) Learn it
          4) Repeat steps 1 through 3 indefinitely.

          Sounds like preserving true Torah to me.

    2. the seforim sale will begin in the same room as the gay event, just four weeks later! i wonder if buying from the sale will benefit the organizations that sponsored that event, too?
      stay local, support your neighborhood seforim stores that need the business much more than these kids.

      • You are the best salesperson for the YU book sale. After reading your hateful, viscious posting I will be leaving Brooklyn to make a special trip to Washington Heights and buy several seforim. Thank you for your incentive!

    3. Other than great prices it is a kiddush hashem to see all different types of Jews standing side-by-side buying seferim and other books of Jewish interest.

    4. not everything is such a metzia, some things are the same price or more than other stores…it’s just the convenience of a one-stop shop.
      how could you buy seforim kedoshim in a room that was full of such unimaginable tumah just a few weeks ago?

      • It only took 30 minutes for lunatics like you to show your ignorance by defaming the most important torah institution in the world You hide behind the anonymous label to spread your hateful message. Hashem yarachem.

      • I, too, disagree with YU holding that event two weeks ago. Nevertheless, as a father of two YU “boys” and a Stern “girl”, your referring to the yeshiva as the world’s largest Jewish gay club, is pathetic. Just as in the rest of the Orthodox world, there are a few gays, a few child molesters, a few ganovim, and a few of everything else that stinks, YU has had a few gays, and probably a few of all the other “stinky” stuff.

        It has also put out many Roshei Yeshiva, many pulpit Rabbis, many ehrlicher yidden, many Orthodox professionals, etc. Many other institutions that call themselves Torah institutions aren’t perfect, neither is YU, nor are YOU (motzi la’az). Enough said!

    5. J and R sponsors the bags for the seforim sale. The proceeds go for tzedakah, not to YU. This is a great seforim sale and it brings all types of Jews together under one roof. Its a big Kiddush Hashem and a great sale to have. Whatever you want in seforim, they have. Thank you to SOY and to YU for making the seforim sale a true success every year.


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