New York City – NYC Auction Offers NY Gangster Meyer Lansky Item


    New York City – A canceled check signed by notorious Mafioso Meyer Lansky and a Bible awarded to the vice president of Universal Pictures Corporation in 1956 are being auctioned in New York City.

    The check for $38.69 was written by Lansky to the New England Telephone Company in 1939. It’s estimated to sell for $1,800 to $2,200 at J. Greenstein & Co.’s sale of Judaica on Monday evening.

    A Sterling silver-covered book of scripture is inscribed to Adolf Schimel. He received it for his leadership as vice president and general counsel of Universal for three years. Its presale estimate is $900 to $1,200.

    Both items are being sold by a Judaica collector from New York City who did not wish to be identified.

    Lansky died of lung cancer in 1983.

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    1. There were some very tough and scary Jews back then. Bugsy Siegel’s driver spent his later years (1980’s) sitting and davening next to the Potoker Rav. The gates of teshuva are always open.

      • Do you even know who this gangster is? Any research at all? He was a monster who SINGLE-HANDEDLY took over the garnment industry….He was the protected, he was calling the shots……he was NO ONE’s security.

        • Really, you did research????? did you read about Lansky raising money for Israel, or the arms he sent to the Jews in Israel for the war of independence in 1947-1948, and the ships he sabotaged carrying weapons to Arab nations, or did you miss that part????

          • Did you know that the Gotti family and Al Capone also spent money on charities for poor people and many “good deed” causes?? It is not uncommon for brutal criminals to buy the image of Robin Hood from poor people to gain sympathy.

            Lansky ain’t no hero no matter how much he helped Israel. Look into the history of blood caused by Lansky.

          • Because he helped jews, your claiming he wasnt a murderous criminal?? What?? Keep reading about him, the beatings and murders he carried out over money……I stand corrected, you should be very proud.

    2. Lansky was one of the few gangsters (especially at his level) not to die of lead poisoning. anybody who has an interest check out a book called “Tough Jews” not exactly the our pride and joy but an interesting read.


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