Manhattan, NY – Jewelry Store Worker Killed in Upper East Side Robbery


    Chesed Shel Emes on the sceneManhattan, NY – A worker at a jewelry store on the Upper East Side was shot and killed in a brazen daytime robbery on Wednesday, the police said.

    Detectives and a phalanx of uniformed officers were searching the neighborhood for an armed man — who may have been working with others — who escaped after the robbery and shooting, which occurred at 12:25 p.m..

    The details were still unfolding, but the police said that someone entered R.S. Durant Jewelry store at 962 Madison Avenue, between East 75th and 76th Streets, and that somehow in the ensuing moments, the worker was shot. It was not immediately known if the worker was the owner or an employee.

    Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said the victim was shot in the chest and died soon after. He could not immediately say what, if anything, was taken from the store. He could not identify the make of the gun involved in the shooting.
    Chesed Shel Emes on the scene
    A high-level mobilization began immediately. Officers were scouring the area searching for whoever was responsible, Mr. Browne said.

    He said the episode did not fit any ongoing pattern of jewelry store robberies in the area. The shooter is described as a black man in his 30s, 5-foot-10, and wearing a blue overcoat.

    VIN News has learned the victim, has been identified as 72 year old Henry Menahem who lives Long Branch NJ

    Chesed Shell Emes are at the scene and Misaskim units are at the Medical Examiners office.

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      • I am extremely sad for what has hapend, Hank was an incredible friend and human being, He will be miss by all of us that knew him. My deepest condolence for the family.
        God be with you

    1. How sad. BDE. May HKBH comfort his mishpucha. HYD.
      The shame is that the system will give the killer 20 years like the liquer store owner. The Judges need to be changed along with Obama and Schumer.

    2. The man wore a mask and sunglasses when he entered the store, and removed them both when he fled.

      He is 5 ft 10 inches, weighs 150 pounds, wearing a blue overcoat, a scarf and grey pants.

      • Some stations say the man was white and some say the man was black. One station says he had blue pants and another says grey pants.

        Do the cops even know what the heck they are looking for ?

    3. Hank Menahan Z”L and his wife were my wife’s parents best friends. The pity of it all is that after beating cancer, his life had to be taken this way. Unfortunately his children are out of the country on winter break. Yenachamu min hashamayim.

      • Murderers have no regard for laws. Murderers also have no regard for human life.
        However, you seem to think that making laws which will bar law-abiding citizens from owning guns will somehow prevent murderers from acquiring guns in their own shady illegal manner.
        I’m sure what you meant to say was that there has to be harsher punishments for illegal gun possession.

      • In attempting to make your point, you contradicted yourself, and ultimately disproved it. It is axiomatic that the stricter the “gun control”, the harder it is for a law abider to protect oneself, and conversely, easier for the criminal, who doesn’t obey the law in the first place. The true solution? Right to carry laws. The crook then has to think twice before pulling out his gun, because it is more likely that the law abiding citizen is packing heat, and has the ability to defend themselves.

    4. I thank you for all your complements in these hard times I am always there for the community and give the respect to the family and any work that’s needed I would like to say that the real thanks is to CSE good work and professionalism that CSE does, as well as my good friend jack and I could not forget Simka who is their when needed

      Hope to be able to help out in better times

      Sgt White


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