Brooklyn, NY – New York Congresswoman Yvette Clarke In Open Letter To The Jewish Community


    On Dec 14 2009 At a Flatbush, Brooklyn, meeting with New York Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Malcolm Hoenlein and Jewish officials got explanations for her anti-Israel vote, than a few weeks later she signed on to a Letter to put more pressure on Israel [Photo Credit:]Brooklyn, NY – Open Letter to Constituents:

    For three millennia the land of Israel has been at the heart of the Jewish people; the Homeland from where the ancient traditions, culture and values emanated.

    The state of Israel has served as a refuge for Jews the world over, a country rebuilt following the horrors of the Holocaust on the principles of freedom and democracy.

    The United States and the State of Israel share a special relationship and, as a Member of Congress, I am committed to working to strengthen this relationship.

    Brooklyn’s 11th Congressional District, which I have the honor to represent, has one of the largest Jewish communities outside of the State of Israel.

    I understand how important the safety and security of Israel is to my constituents and the close ties that many share with the great Jewish State.

    Please know that I never have nor will ever aim to undermine Israel’s security or her standing within the international community.

    Recently my signature [reported by VIN News] was added to two sign-on letters that, I regret, do not reflect my record with regards to Israel.

    These letters have a provocative and reactionary impact, as they do not provide a complete, and therefore accurate, picture of the situation.

    They also do not offer a constructive and two-sided balanced solution to the issues facing the region.

    While I do have genuine concerns about the situation within the Gaza Strip, I have also not forgotten how it developed.

    Hamas, after having won democratic elections in 2006, turned Gaza into a launching pad from which to terrorize Southern Israel by firing thousands of rockets onto civilian targets.

    Following the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in a cross-border raid and in response to continued unprovoked shelling by Hamas, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead to defend its civilian population from further attacks.

    Given this framework the onus to alleviate the situation rests not only with the State of Israel or continued U.S.

    involvement in the peace process, but largely with the Palestinian people, their elected leadership and Israel’s Arab neighbors, as well as Egypt.

    Israel’s Arab neighbors must also use their influence and pressure Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist, urge it to renounce terrorism, honor all previously accepted agreements, and become a good-faith partner that strives for peace.

    Israel has engaged in unilateral moves toward peace before, notably the complete evacuation and dismantling of settlements from the Gaza Strip, and was rewarded with a Hamas-dominated adjacent territory that rained rockets upon its civilian population.

    No state should, or would, tolerate continued attacks and the deliberate targeting of civilians.

    An improved situation within the Gaza Strip would work to reduce the likelihood that its young population will grow up in a radicalized environment that could, in turn, pose a threat to Israel, our Arab allies and the United States.

    A Gaza Strip where education can thrive and an economically vibrant society can take root, providing the citizens of Gaza with an alternative to the hateful rhetoric of radicals, is in the best interest of all involved.

    However to achieve this end, multiple parties must commit and work to bring about our shared goal of a lasting peace.

    Currently, Israel finds itself confronted with a belligerent Iran that is not only rapidly pursuing nuclear weapons, but also rearming Hezbollah and Hamas which sit on Israel’s northern and southern borders respectively.

    Given the multi-faceted security threats that Israel faces, I added my name to a letter to President Obama encouraging him to adhere to the 2007 Memorandum of Understanding signed between then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pledging $30 billion in security assistance over the next 10 years.

    I have always believed, and continue to believe that the best way to bring about peace is through coalition building and negotiations in which all sides are brought to the table.

    Unfortunately, these letters are uneven in their application of pressure and do not sufficiently present a balanced approach/path to peace.

    Please know that I will continue to be the strong and unwavering supporter of the State of Israel as I have been throughout my entire public life while working with the Administration and my colleagues in Congress to ameliorate human suffering wherever it may exist.

    I encourage any of my constituents to reach out to my office to share their thoughts and concerns with me throughout my tenure in the House of Representatives and look forward to continue to work with you in the future.

    New York’s 11th Congressional District representing Brownsville, Ocean Hill, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Borough Park. Park Slope,
    Kensington, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, Lefferts Gardens, Grand Army Plaza, Windsor Terrace, Flatland, Midwood

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    1. Pat on the back with one hand and a slap in the face with another.
      But at least it’s better than the original letter, which was just a slap. She is somewhat receptive to her constituents’ concerns.

    2. She says that the letter which she signed does not represent a balanced approach to the situation. Then why did she sign it? it is obvious that she is being dishonest. I should also point out that she was one of only a very few Members of Congress who voted against a House resolution condemning the Goldstone Report. We should let he know that she can’t get away with being two-faced.

      • i agree with you 100%, 1st the abuse in public! and excuse in the shadow, like the old days with carter, condemn Israel on the 1st page of the NY times & apologies for not being fair on page 86, lets remember her and the likes of her on election day, we will find a new mr. brown to honestly represent us in govt.

    3. Clarke constantly votes against Israel and then comes up with phony letters like this. It’s time we looked for a candidate to oppose her in the Democratic primary.

    4. so why oh why did you sign the letter instead of telling them to go to purgatory?? the answer is simple …. YOU REALLY BELIEVE WHAT THE LETTER SAYS.

      I hope the voters of her district wake up and vote her O U T!!

    5. Dear Yvette Clarke,
      action speaks louder then words. you signed two letters which were extremely unfair to the state of israel. your words today are trying to sugar coat and appease what you have done. israel, has been at a state of war since the day it became a state! no other country in the world tolerates what Israel has to endure on a daily basis. if there were drug dealers at your corner selling drugs on a daily basis, how many days would you tolerate that behavior? how many times will you call 911 and have the situation resolved so the bad elements on your corner was removed? would you consider telling your neighbors “we must give them half our block to sell their drugs”, or “oh neighbors, lets not be so harsh with these guys with their guns and drugs. we must learn to live with this”. now please replace the guns with rockets, and replace the drugs with suicide bombers!
      Israel on its own has given away the saini dessert, chevron, gaza and so on for the name of peace, and all of these places have become further hot beds to destroy israel and its people. not one scenerio where israel gave away land has it turned into a peaceful outcome! rescind your signatures! thank u

    6. Ms. Clarke, you cannot sit on the fence regarding Israel. You may have received a lot of emails and phone calls from your constituents regarding this topic. You have to make up your mind. You cannot play both sides against the middle!! Your constituents will not believe what you say if you fence sit!!! I do not believe a word that comes out of your mouth !! I hope VIN posts this.

    7. She is a two facer anti semite. I dont care what your Jewish consultants write for you, if you vote against our interests, we will vote you out. I don’t care who runs against you Yvette, and I dont live in your district. But I’m pledging $1,000 to your opponent and many in our community will do the same. We will vote you out of office. We don’t need two facers.

    8. She dose not even try to explain why she signd the letters in the first place she dosent claim it was a mistake dosent deny what thouse letters say all she is dooing is penning another letter that’s the opesite of the first two so which one is her real opinion can she please explain if this Is what she thinks or dose she take us for stupid maybe I am but stupid pepole vote as well so I’ll remeber what a typical poletican talking out of both sides and one guy even says how good she was at it wow is tipesh not strong enogh perhaps but it will have to do TIPESH

    9. is she is advocating in this letter to negotiate with hamas???
      “the best way to bring about peace is through coalition building and negotiations in which all sides are brought to the table. “

      also she always does the same tricks, vots againset israel, then sends a letter to explain!

      votes for the goldston report:
      then explained it:

      now she is doing the same thing!
      foll me once sham on you, fool me twice shame on me!

    10. Let the congress member take her name OFF of the letter. I don’t need explanations like the dog ate my homework. Let her take her name OFF. That might begin to correct her “unbalanced” record of support of Israel. I will accept your apology, excuses, explanations, etc., etc., as soon as you take your name OFF. Until then, I hope you’re looking for a new job because I ain’t voting for you ever again.

      • She got elected by her constituents… not just chabad, as you can see she represents the DemocRATS from Boro park and Flatbush too…
        New York’s 11th Congressional District representing Brownsville, Ocean Hill, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Borough Park. Park Slope,
        Kensington, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, Lefferts Gardens, Grand Army Plaza, Windsor Terrace, Flatland, Midwood***

    11. Next election I will vote against her and then send an apology letter that the voting machines did not give a accurate report about her and the other candidate and I’m so sorry she lost……

    12. Dear fellow vin posters,
      The congresswoman has done something remarkable for a politician she has actually admitted a mistake. I happen to know that almost immediatly after the letter was released a group of Askonim from across the spectrum demanded and received a meeting with her to explain what seems obvious to us but wasnt to her. Israel to the leftist establishment is a cause. To our community it is life and death. After meeting with her for the third time in the past month she actually expressed real regret at vbeing played by some on the left. To get a politician to publicly admit her regret in a press release is not something to just throw waway. We need her as a friend and the posters here are missing that. important point. What does she owe us. ? We dont control the district and we dont flock to the polls. That she has publicly stated and written her position is a real first step. Mark my words, the other 53 Congreeman will not issue such a letter. We are in Golus your words are being read. Appreciate her sentiments and watch her for her future actions. Time will tell.

      Chaim Weiss

      • Reb chaim, her constituency isn’t jewish leaders it’s the entire district. She insulted a million jews living in her district then palacated a dozen so called ‘leaders’. What about the other 499,988 mad as heck Jews? She didn’t even rescind her signature or apologize. She wrote a long letter that validates hamas and validates that israel is suffering. It’s not even a pro Israel letter! She merely acknowledges Jewish suffering, but she says that hamas is democratically elected and it would be nice of them to recognize israel.

        I’m sorry mam. Even if you rescind your signature and give a REAL apology, it’s too late. Of course you want to make nice now. That’s for political reasons (jewish votes and jewish campaign donation dollars). I don’t sense an iota of GENUINE remorse coming from her. We need a REAL leader that will solicit a formidable challenger to unseat this lady. She would make a better rep. in Dearborn Michigan. She doesn’t have any business being a Brooklyn representative.

      • What are you getting so excited about? the she “expressed regret”?
        Big deal.

        Did she apologize? No.
        Did she rescind her signature? No mention of that.
        Did she actually write that she disagrees with the content of the letter? No.

        What did she express regret for anyways?
        Lets look at what she wrote “Recently my signature was added to two sign-on letters that, I regret, do not reflect my record with regards to Israel.”

        OK, so her signature “was added” to these letters. What is that supposed to mean? Did she sign them or not?
        Letters which “I regret, do not reflect my record with regards to Israel.”
        What exactly does she regret? That she signed (-I mean that her “signature was added to”) these letters? Or that the letters don’t reflect her record?
        Maybe she regrets that she has to vote pro-Israel to placate us when in truth she agrees with the sentiments of these letters?

    13. I think that Yvette Clarke was mistaken and has since corrected her ways – she has spoken out for the Jewish people and done so in a forceful way – to call her an anti semite is just wrong – as Jews we must learn, as the chosen people, not to alienate those that we need to persuade to support us. Yvette Clarke has done so.

      • Jewish lapdogs hard at work at VIN.

        It sickens me to see the apologist attitude by so many ‘askanim’, who care more about their own rear ends than our brothers in Israel.

        I say, get rid of Clarke and all her Jewish lapdogs who try to cover up her harmful actions.

    14. Strike #1 She Voted for the Goldstone Report

      Strike # 2 She signed a letter which seems to suggest that Hamaztan (Gaza) needs the USA’s sympathy.

      Strike # 3 She releases a press release to her “local”community that she was wrong on those issues and does absolutely “nothing” to correct them. She didn’t even post this press release on her website.

      This is pure chutzpah, let her send a retraction letter to Obama.

      Vote this woman out!

      Contact her at the following page.

    15. She is buckling know. When push comes to shove, she knows she needs the Jewish vote if she wants to win the next election. This is all semantics. She claims to be condemning the letters she signed on to. In that case, why did she do it in the first place? Could she be so stupid that she signed a letter without reading it? I am inclined to believe that she is an anti-semite who flaunted her true colors and who is know worrying about how she can save herself. This is a cheap, insincere ploy. Yiiden, vote a nice Republican into office, so we can save this country and this world from the clutches of Socialism and unprovoked condemnation of the Eretz Ha Kodesh.

    16. Interesting to note that since VIN has posted their first article she has adjusted her website to ask people who wish to email her for their zip code as to deny others from other districts from complaining.

    17. The damage has been done and done too often I might add. As the saying goes ‘once bitten twice shy’ or ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’. Yvette Clark, you’re outta here.

    18. Sorry Yvette, you lost me. A few weeks ago, after you had that meeting by GW, I had spoke to an attendee and he explained to me all that you said there. I was a supporter then, but after this letter, never again. If the letter doesn’t represent you beliefs, why did you sign it?

    19. Reply to 41 can u name one such instens where a rav wrote a haskamah on a book he dident read with out saying I haven’t read it I’m just saying this guy or this type of work is a good thing no couse u probely don’t read the haskomos which I do and they always tell u if they dident read the book

    20. Yvette Clarke is a typical politician, full of lies !! Echud b’peh v’echud b’lev; b’lev u’b’ Kisav, Arab terrorist lover.
      Q: How do you know when a politician is lying ??
      A: When his or her lips are moving.

    21. Who the dickens ie Yvette Clarke? And what possible influence can she have on either US or Israeli foreign policy. A local elected politician is judged not by their views on foreign policy or major issues any more than by which football team they support but on how well he/she serves the constituents i.e. the local residents. Most people care more about the garbage being collected on time than foreign policy.
      The bottom line is; Is she doing a good job for the people who elected her (overwhelmingly NOT jewish)?

      • She is a member of congress – last time I checked congress decides foreign policy, the president just pushes for it
        So believe it or not Yvette Clarke is pretty powerful

        • No. She has to toe the party line. On her own she is nothing and certainly cannot influence foreign policy. It is extremely rare for congress as a whole to pass a policy which seriously adveresly affects Israel.
          Even Mr. Obama has had no success in trying impose his ham-fisted anti Israel policies.

          • That’s right B’H congress is pro Israel, and it is congress the controls foreign policy. The point is that the congress women representing one of the largest Jewish populations should not be on anti Israel side of congress (keep in mind even though she is one vote congress still decides foreign policy)

            Furthermore its a big misconception people have on the President – Obama can only push a foreign policy but at the end its congress that dictates it (Thank g-d)

            • Are more than 50% of her electors jewish? Is there a muslim presence in her constituency? And other questions. You are obviously intelligent so you can see what I am driving at.

              Just one example. Mr Jack Straw who is now British justice secretary and was formerly foreign secretary has a large muslim electorate (he can’t get in without their votes) and this is reflected in every one of his utterances and every so often he makes a meaningless placetory comment about jews/Israel for the sake of “balance”.

    22. When will we as a coomunity put a stop to all the self serving frum wanna be politicians who have their personal interests in mind only and are infatuated with these soay yisroelim who laugh at us every step of the way and use us for our money and for rebbes who tell their chasisdim to vote for them…. Time to see the light

    23. Politics is politics. Just prepare a speech, and you can get away with anything. This is two faced. As commented earlier, actions speak louder than words. Fewer press conferences, abstentions from the anti-Israel votes, and some real actions. No more political drivel.

    24. Note to the ignorant and racist commenters on this site:

      Not all Jews are Zionists. That is, not all Jews support settler-colonialism, ethnic cleansing, expansionist militarism, and institutionalized apartheid. Hopefully, most Jews in Ms. Clarke’s district will be appalled by her reversal on these letters and will urge her to resume thinking and acting like a human being, one who respects all people – not just the aggressive Zionist constituency of her district – and refuses to bow down to the threats of powerful lobbying groups.

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Judaism is not the same thing as Zionism, to think so is blind zealotry and will do nothing to advance peace, justice, or a successful and secure resolution of the current problems in Israel and Palestine.


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