Newark, NJ – Dwek Breaks Down In Court: I Have No Family, No Friends, No Community


    Newark, NJ – Government informant Solomon Dwek choked up while testifying in the Leona Beldini corruption trial this afternoon and was asked whether he has any friends outside of FBI agents.

    The emotional moments in the Newark courtroom for the man who has admitted swindling his friends, family, Jewish community and banks came after defense attorney Brian Neary played a portion of videotape during a meeting where Beldini, who was Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy’s campaign treasurer as well as the deputy mayor, said Healy’s word is gold.

    “All I can ask for, I have the mayor, I have the deputy mayor, that’s all I can ask for, I’m on top,” Dwek said.

    On the witness stand today, Dwek said: “I don’t know if I was schooled to say those exact words but I was schooled to say something to that effect.

    Beldini watches Healy’s back, Neary says and says she was appointed deputy mayor because she and Healy are friends.

    “You know what a friend is, Mr. Dwek,” Neay says, asking if Dwek has any friends. “How many are not FBI agents?”

    There is a long pause.

    “It is a very difficult question to answer,” Dwek responds.

    “You don’t have a father as a friend.”

    After a pause: “No.”

    “Mother as a friend.”



    Now Dwek is clearly choked up.

    “Don’t have Uncle Joe as a friend.”

    Dwek, emotional, looks down and can’t answer for several seconds. He puts his hand to his face and finally answers: “No.”

    “Don’t have all the members of the community you stole money from.”



    Each answer is given after a longer and longer pause.

    After the line of questioning ends, Dwek takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. He puts his glasses back on and rubs his nose before grimacing.

    Neary quickly returned to the video clip and continued his third day of meticulous cross-examination that has turned into a duel between him and Dwek.

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