Irvine, CA – Muslim Group Wants Investigation Into Arrests During Oren Lecture


    protestor, center, is escorted out by UCI police after he disrupted the speech by Michael Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the United States.Irvine, CA – A prominent Muslim group is calling on investigate the arrests of 11 California students during a raucous lecture where Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren spoke about US-Israel relations earlier this week.

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council sent a letter Wednesday to University of California-Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake saying it is unclear what laws the students broke.

    The group says schools should not discourage students from expressing their constitutional rights.

    Oren’s speech was interrupted by shouting and protests multiple times Monday night.

    Eleven students were cited for disturbing a public event and released.

    Earlier, the UCI Muslim Student Union issued an email condemning Oren’s appearance. It was not clear if the arrested students were members of the group.

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    1. Once again we have a group that believes their constitutional rights are the only ones that count. Trying to silence Michael Oren is not acceptable. Shame on any group, including Muslims, who try to silence any opposition.

    2. I don’t get these people. As it is, most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of them. Are they trying to cement themselves as the most reviled group of people in this country? It appears as if being born in the US doesn’t automatically make one civilized; these Arabs seem to be genetically programmed for incivility.

    3. Oren does not have constitutional rights because there is no legal decision in relation to the first amendment giving a right to be heard in silence response. There is freedom of speech but no requirement that a person be heard or not non-violently interfered with. Study law.

      • Wrong. The university has rules barring disruption of campus events, and I’m sure the group that organized Oren’s lecture had a policy agianst it. The Muslims may protest, but must do so outside the room, in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the rights of those who came to hear the lecture and the one who came to give it.

    4. Since when does the constitution apply to inhuman, uncivil throw backs from the middle ages, who they themselves do not adhere or agree with American laws, which allow rights to women. We must not forget that Americans have no rights in their home countries, and are prosecuted, or even worse, denied legal rights, such as the case with the three hikers in Iran, and if we were to yell at them we would be put to death such as the Khomeini regime, bathist regime, and the Saudi Kingdom.

      If these throw backs dont like our governments relationship with the State of Israel, let them return to their throwback countries……

      They might even get the death sentence for just being in the same room with an Israeli.

      Also according to these people, Israel doesn’t exist. So what were they all screaming about ?

    5. This hostility is unacceptable. There is a place and time for expressing one’s opionions; this behavior is rude, aggressive, and does not support free speech.
      I hope these students will be repremanded for their actions, if not, I would be greatly disappointed in UCI. I would not want my daughter to study in an environment that permits hostility. I am deeply offended by this rudeness. Please expell these students so they will understand the the severity of their actions.


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