Brooklyn, NY – Motzei Shabbos, Jewish Radio Show To Discuss Charedi Internet Addiction


Brooklyn, NY – Internet has become a part of everyday life, but it has its risks and dangers. Should it be banned? Is this realistic, and is it necessary? There are those who have become addicted to internet use. Is this a legitimate addiction, and, if yes, how is to be treated?

Dr. Benzion Twerski of Borough Park wears many hats. Some know him as a mental health professional and askan. Others know him socially, where he is a member of a renowned family and part of the Chassidic community. He will spend time tonight on the Zev Brenner radio show discussing the danger of internet addiction in the Charedi community.

Dr. Twerski is the son of famed Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerksi.

You can tune in at 12 AM to WMCA 570 AM, or online via

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