Israel – Palestinian Media: Israelis Work to Build The Third Temple To Fulfill Vilna Goan’s Promise


    Israelis Work to Build The Third Temple To Fulfill Vilna Goan's PromiseIsrael – Palestinian Supreme Judge Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi warned on Monday that Israeli institutions, settler groups and the current Israeli government are working to fulfill the 18th century Rabbi Vilna Goan’s prophecy declaring that the Third Temple would be re-built by 16 March 2010.

    Tamimi said that Israeli archeological excavations have caused structural damage to the Al-Marwani Mosque, under the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s northern walls and to Palestinian homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    The Sheikh further alleged that a plan had been implemented in 1993 to intensify efforts to Judaize Jerusalem, which consisted of establishing two major settlements around Jerusalem and a military brigade dedicated to closing off the city and separating it from its surrounding neighborhoods with military checkpoints.

    Tamimi added that the plan included the shutting down of Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, the expulsion of dignitaries and the revoking of Israeli ID cards of Jerusalem residents in Beit Hanina, Shu’fat, El-Essawiya, At-Tour and Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem.

    Additionally, a network of underground tunnels would be constructed to connect Jewish settlers to the Old City of Jerusalem, Tamimi claimed.

    By the end of this process, some 36,000 Palestinians living in the Old City will be displaced as a result, Tamimi said.

    Tamimi called on conveners of the Arab League Summit in Libya next month to create a plan to save Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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    1. Nu, halevai it was true.

      The hypocrisy is funny:

      “Israeli archeological excavations have caused structural damage to the Al-Marwani Mosque”

      Actually, non-stop digging on the Har HaBayit by the Muslims is the problem.

      “a plan had been implemented in 1993 to intensify efforts to Judaize Jerusalem”

      As opposed to their efforts to de-Judaize Jerusalem?

      “the revoking of Israeli ID cards”

      If anything, that makes the city less Jewish, not more.

      But, again, halevai it was all true.

    2. …March 16, 2010!!
      If only we Jews ALL OF US Had as much Emunas Tzadikim as this Sheik has…
      There would be no doubt my mind that we wouls all be Paesach in Yerusaliem Habnuyah!

    3. The is no such “prophecy” of binyan bayis shlishi in time for Purim next month but even if the Vilna Gaon did make such a statement, no one would have taken it seriously today except for this paranoid Palestinian judge.

    4. “Tamimi called on conveners of the Arab League Summit in Libya next month to create a plan to save Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “

      Next month will be too late. By then, Moshiach will here and the arabs will be history.

      Freilach purim to all

    5. Yeh Yeh, only Moshiach! The Israeli gov’t bends over backwards for them, and this is how they see it…It is a really great plan.

      Is this a Rosh Chodesh Adar news item??

    6. ” March 16, 2010..” {Rosh Chodesh Nissan}
      If only we Jews – and I mean all of the various ” ……..ishes”, would believe, half as much as this Sheik … he Words of the Villna Goan….(and before you say it I know that he doesn’t really believe)….But if we did with Emunah Shleimoh…We all would be in Yerushaliem Habnuyoh for this Pesach”…

      PS: I wonder if Meisner’s will cater ….;)

      • It would appear that this buba meisa began when a certain Israeli daily newspaper published a story claiming that the Vilna Ganon, or by his acronym, the Gra, who lived over 200 years ago purportedly declared that the beginning of the redemptive process or the geulah would commence upon the completion of the rebuilding of the Churva synagogue in Israel. The current internet buzz has to do with the fact that the Churva synagogue is being rebuilt at this moment and March 10th is scheduled to be the day of its rededication. Those who take this stuff seriously, obviously get excited about such dates but it all stems from the fact that the Gra encouraged his followers to move to EY and encourage the coming of moishiach. One of his biggest talmidim started building the Churva shul over 150 years ago and never got it done. Thier mesorah is that it won’t be completed until moisiach comes. Now that their building fund has shown sucesss and they’ve actually gotten most of the construction done, some of these well meaning but clueless followers of the Gra are waiting around for mosishiach. Lots of luck. Its another one of these yiddeshe urban legends with NO TRUTH behind it.

        • I hope you are wrong and that Moshiach should come before rosh chodesh Nissan, and proving them wrong too. Benaapoch hu, change your attitude to a happier one and say “alevay”

    7. The Lubavitcher Rebbe prophesized about the 6 day war, about the Russian Jews being able to leave Russia, about the scuds during the war in 1990 that were not going to kill anybody, and that the gas masks were not going to be necessary, as well as that there was not a need of buying food and drinks just in case in those days, and that Eretz Yisroel was the safest place in the world and encouraged Yidn to go to EY during the war, that the war was going to be finished by Purim and prophesized about the capturing and killing of Sadam Hussein in the future etc, and all this things happened exactly as He said. He also said that Moshiach is coming. Of course that we await everyday for Moshiach coming but before He said that it was probably a 50/50 chance, but now it is the time for it to happen. Anovim igiah zman geulaschem, the time of your redemption had arrived.
      It should already be the “benaapoch hu” with the true and final redemption through Moshiach Tzidkeinu amen, and it should be now. Lechaim Yidn lets be happy and get ready for the inminent Geulah.

      • I think that the only perfect one is hashem Himself, therefore if anybody wants to find fault on anything it will find. We have to strive on seeing the good that others have not just the faults, that according to Chazal are a reflection of the way we see ourselves (kol haposel bemumo posel) so let us be positive, think about all the good that klal yisroel is doing and has done for so many generations, and you will see that we acomplished to bring so much kdusha all over the world, thus preparing this world for being a place where Hashem could dwell , like it says in our parsha veosu li mikdash veshochanty vesochom. and like our Chazal pasken about Purim being in the second Adar (when there are 2) because of Mismach geula ligeula, to put one redemption (Purim) next to another (pesach) so should be today that the geulah should arrive now during the month of Ador and Hashem will fulfill the Halacha of Mismach geula ligeula, to put one redemption (The redemption through Moshiach) next to another (Purim)

    8. The Churva is the makom where Chazal teach a Bas Kol cries out each day “Woe to my Bes HaMikdash” and where Eliahu HaNavi learns Torah. This is a big segulah. Something is happening. May it be for good. Chodesh Adar Tov Yidden !!!

      • #27 the churvah didn’t exist when Tana’im wrote that “Every day a bas kol cries out…..”
        The Churvah as we know it, was originally started by Reb Yehuda Chosid (not to be confused with Rabbainu Yehuda Hachosid, ba’al sefer chasidim) about 300 years ago although the location was possibly a place of prayer dating back to the second temple. Due to a lack of funding the construction was halted and the building lay damaged/uncompleted for close to 100 years, hence the name Churva- ruins. The building was finally completed around 1810 and became the main ashkanazi shul. After the building was completed and in use it was still referred to by the name it had for 100 years the “churva synagogue”. It was one of 56 shuls in the old city that the Jordanians blew up in 1948 after capturing the city.

        It Should be noted the Ba’al Hatanya’s followers went to EY about 50 years before the followers of the GR”A, during the lifetime of the Ba’al Hatanya, as opposed to the GR”A’s talmidim who went posthumously.

    9. Wow , you think the whole Bais Hamidosh can be built in a month without Moshiach being here and appointing a Kohain Gadol who will process a Parah Aduma to purify us so that we can work on it?
      I wonder what kind of whacky tobbacky Tamimi has been smoking in his Nargillah.
      In any case I donate a roll of toilet paper for Tamimi to wipe himself with


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