New York – Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski: Yeshivas Must Speak Out, Drunk On Purim is Not a Mitzvah!


    Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski: Please Speak Out, Drunk On Purim is Not a Mitzvah!New York – In the Talmud, there are differing opinions on some halachos, and we must conduct ourselves according to the rulings of the poskim. For example, R’ Yosi Hagelili believe that the issur of meat and milk does not apply to fowl, but the psak halachah is otherwise. Anyone who eats butter-fried chicken is a treifniak.

    After the early poskim there were the later ones, and because they were in the position to weigh all the earlier opinions, we follow their psak, which is essentially in the Shulchan Aruch. There were great poskim after the Shulchan Aruch, and for all intents and purposes, klal Yisrael has accepted the Mishna Berurah by the Chafetz Chaim as our halachah today.

    In regard to the mitzvah to drink on Purim, Ramah says that one need not get drunk, but to drink just a bit more than one usually does, and take a nap. The Mishnah Berurah (695), says “This is the proper thing to do.” This is the halachah we must live by today. Getting drunk is improper. That is the halachah.

    Experience in the past several years has been that particularly young people who drink to excess on Purim get into both shameful and dangerous behavior. Hatzalah cannot keep up with the calls to take these young men to hospital emergency rooms! Can anyone conceive that this is a mitzvah?

    Beis Yosef quotes Orchos Chaim: “The mitzvah to drink on Purim does not mean to get drunk, because being drunk is a total issur, and there is no aveirah greater than this!” I believe that based on this, and the observation of the tragedies resulting from excess drinking on Purim, Hagaon Harav Shmuel Kamentzky made the bold statement that “Getting drunk on Purim is an aveirah, not a mitzvah.”

    Parents! Exercise your authority to prevent your children from harming themselves or others! Make it abundantly clear to them that you will not tolerate excessive drinking, regardless of what their misguided friends may do.

    Baale batim! When bachurim visit your homes on Purim, do not serve them alcohol. Neither wine, beer, nor liquor. They can have the permissible amount (no more than 4 ½ ounces of wine) at home, under their parents’ supervision.

    Remember this! If you serve a young man alcohol, and it has a harmful consequence to him or others, you are responsible for that mishap!

    Rabbanim and Rebeeim! B”H, our children look up to you for guidance. Help them and the community stay healthy and well by speaking out unequivocally against getting drunk on Purim. They will listen to you more than to others.

    May we all enjoy a truly joyous and safe Purim.

    Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, an ordained rabbi is an internationally respected authority on the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependencies, and is the author of more than 60 books.

    The dangers and pitfalls of alcohol from Yehuda Mond Foundation on Vimeo.

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    1. After last week’s psak from rav Yosef that is is assur to become drunk on Purim and this article from such a gadol hatorah and expert on addictions, there should be no further discussion of the issue. Any rav who tries to somehow rationalize that excessive drinking is a mitzvah on purim should be stripped of any responsibilities for chinuch or leadership and put in charem. Such a rav is mamash an accessory to manslaughter if he encourges bochurim to drink till they get drunk l’shem mitzvah.

      • “…there should be no further discussion of the issue.”

        I’m glad to know that only two people decide all of Yiddishkeit for everyone. This is an interesting notion. I am glad that you have shown us all the light. I suppose, then, that we should not learn halacha, and only call Rav Twerski when we have a shailoh.

        “Any rav who tries to somehow rationalize that excessive drinking is a mitzvah on purim should…put in charem. Such a rav is mamash an accessory to manslaughter…”

        Wow, perhaps I should retract my previous statement. Maybe we should just call you if we have a shailoh.

        • You obviously don’t understand the dangers of excessive drinking which
          threatens the health and safety of members of our community. Because of
          fools like you Hatzala has its hand full every Purim.

          • “Because of fools like you Hatzala has its hand full every Purim.”

            I absolutely never said that one should get drunk, and I 100% do not advocate becoming intoxicated to the point of getting sick, and one should never operate heavy machinery when drinking. However, I also do not think that it is at all appropriate to label those following legitimate minhagim and halachos as needing to be placed in cherem. If you think that it is appropriate, then it is you who are the fool, and not I.

        • You speak in purim shpiel language! You are arguing a moot point. It is dangerous and unhealthy. The halacha was never to get drunk that was just a misguided interpretation because it was never expected that people would actually get drunk just make a small lechaim here and there. And when that “minhag” started men were not driving they were walking from neighbor to neighbor or sitting at a tish or in Yeshiva they didn’t pose a threat neither to themselves nor others. In addition, they couldn’t afford to drink the amounts that are consumed today nor were they so used to drinking that the amounts consumed were way way past the legal or medical advisable limit as they are today. I am also quite sure that they ate as well as drank to absorb the alcohol not like bochurim do today.

          You might consider the fact that when someone gave another person a l’chaim it was a very small amount in a tiny cup, where as today glasses are used or kids are drinking right out of bottles. Please don’t compare yesteryear with today!

          Please also remember that if you serve the liquor YOU are responsible for what happens after that person leaves your home, at least that is NY LAW.

    2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      B”H we are bringing this shreklicha Aveira of getting drunk to the forfront and hopefully everyone will follow. VIN editor please do not publish any comments that try to argue this point. Don’t give these people the chance to spew their misguided and wrong opnions. This is Sakonas Nefoshos at the highest level and we need to keep this issue as an anti drunk movement in the strongest possible way.

    3. I never asked his opinion?How come no one is asking others opinions? Who is bankrolling these people.I went to the Mirrer yeshiva, and people were blasted out of their minds.But it was a very holy thing.PEOPLe would dance and enemies would embrace.I was in eretz yisroel,The rosh hayeshiva was a real talmid chochom. He never said one word of protest as people also lost their seichel.I was by the ribnitzer rebbes house who looked like a malach elokim, same story there.Maybe this purim rabbi twersky and rabbi kaminetsky could get together and sniff some wine and take a little shluf. Also getting drunk is not so easy ,sometimes you throw up, and the next day you feel like garbage.But i remember my rabbi telling me in yeshiva about one person who got a headache from purim till pesach becase of drinking and did so anyway to be mikuyim the words of chazal.

    4. dont you get it, it does not matter what new decrees rabonin make, they are not taking seriously. a yeshivah bochur would never consider turning a light on shabbos, but smoking, which is a direct violation of the torah, thats for some reason is easy for him to do

      • The previous lubavitcher Rebbe smoked, the first belzer Rebbe smoked, the chida writes that he smoked, and till this present day there’s plenty of gedolim who smoke

        • Be careful with what you say. when the previous lubavitcher Rebbe heard from his doctor that smoking was not healthy he decided to quit on the spot. the story goes that after seeing his doctor , the doctor offered the Rebbe a cigarrete, the rebbe answered that he doesn’t smoke, the doctor asked what do you mean (like saying i know that you smoke) The Rebbe answered that from the second I heard that is wasn’t healthy I stopped to follow the Halacha.

        • For Gedolim of the past we can explain that they did not know the risks involved as we do now. In addition, those that went through the war used cigarettes to stave off hunger and got addicted. There is no excuse for current Rebbeim to smoke, plainly put it is terrible role modeling for their students and children.

    5. I am sure there will be postings that we should not change a minhag shiker vi a goy. After all he is gadol b’torah but also a psychiatrist and that does not jive with some chushive yungeleit

    6. I think that people dont know how to draw lines. We either go to one extreme or another. To say its wrong to get drunk once a yr when it pretty much is a mitzvah although you could twist that you dont have to is wrong. Plus once a yr our teenagers need it . everyone needs to let out a little bit. If we put too much restrictions everyone knows they run the other way chas vsholom. However they should only get drink by their purim seuda with thier parents watching to make sure that yes they can get drunk but not sick that hatzolah has to come and pump it out of thier stomach, not the whole day from the min they start collecting which is totally not a mitzva only the seuda is and not without supervision. Of course after the seuda if they are drunk its a sakana to go out. However to say dont drink at all just be yotzai by taking a nap is a bit too much the other way.

        • I am m’chanech my children from age 6 and older to get drunk on purim.

          There are shitos that hold even women (and girls) need to be m’kayem ad d’lo yada – just as they are obligated in all other mitzvos of purim. (and just as they must drink the 4 cups on pessach). Therefore my daughters from age 5 get drunk on pruim, as does my wife – all in tzniusdik manner.

          • There are shitos that hold even women (and girls) need to be m’kayem ad d’lo yada – just as they are obligated in all other mitzvos of purim. (and just as they must drink the 4 cups on pessach). Therefore my daughters from age 5 get drunk on pruim, as does my wife –

            I cannot believe that any rational yid would post something so stupid or that the VIN moderator would allow this to be published. I’m really hoping that someone in authority will find a way to trace your identity and file charges for endangering a minor. As to your wife, well I’ll leave that to the other readers to decide.

          • what children these days need is not a “day off” to drink. What they need is focus in life. Give them some education, purpose and something to live for. If you don’t want them to go to university then teach them a skill. But to place them in a situation where they have no focus and no sense of self worth and then tell them that they can drink makes no sense.

          • I never thought about it –

            1. Do woman really need to get drunk on purim (like they need to do all the other mitzvos of purim)?

            2. Is there a mitzva of chinuch, to teach children that on purim they should become ad d’lo yoda?

            Anyone know the answers??

            • In Yiddish there is a proverb “Tatte di lachst a klug zi dein gelachter” which applies perfectly to this posting. Of course Tatty and Mommy should be shiker which certainly will give good memories to the children and a hoche madreiga vi men farbrengt Purim. These children will have great memories

      • Are YOU serious????? Our teenagers NEED this, to get drunk once a year? ARE YOU CRAZY????? That’s the last thing our teenagers need. They might need a baseball game or a swim in the ocean or maybe even some rides in an amusement park, but they certainly don’t need to get drunk with or without their fathers. Maybe a one on one basketball game with a father at least once a year or a jam session is a lot more of what they need than to get drunk!

    7. I would wish for an additional takanah. If bochurim come collecting and any of them are drunk, no tzedokoh should be given to them at all. This will encourage the yeshivos and other worthy organizations sending out bochurim to collect to mandate sobriety. I believe that rewarding the drunk bochurim is irresponsible, as is putting money into the hands of someone inebriated and irresponsible. This might sound mean spirited, but it is worthwhile. I would rather see a charitable organization out a few dollars and a life saved.

    8. Purim aside, when you say that drinking is assur, what you are saying flies in the face of various mamarei chazal, e.g. ain simcha ela be’yayin and the gemara in Beitza that Rav did not pasken on Yom Tov because of shikrus. There are valid shitos who minimize the inyan of drinking on Purim, but to invalidate the practice (with much on which to be someich) of thousands of jews for at least hundreds of years is a very dangerous game. Tomorrow, when a group of ‘rabbis’ declares driving a minivan to be assur, will they be very different than you?

      • very simply economics, years ago in Europe some of the liquors which now have chechsheirim did not exist. Nobody had the money but also would have been ashamed to be seen drinking from a bottle. These are new minhagim of the New World. I was brought up among very erliche chashidishe Yidden but the only drunks I ever saw as a child were goyim. Different strokes for different folks and mamerim chazal

      • Any “chazal” whose words are interpreted as encouraging excessive drinking which could lead to tragic outcomes MUST be ignored. Either their words are being distorted, or they could never have contemplated the consequences of drinking and driving. Sometimes we should simply use common sense rather than literally following a minhag which has outlived its usefulness (assuming it ever did have any usefulness).

      • To compare us to Rav in the Gemara or for that matter previous generations who nwere kadosh vetahor , I believe, is a mistake. It is the reality that today people that drink are not careful, as the Mishna Berura states.

      • This is how I inerpret maamar chazal “Ein simcha ela beyayin” means that when we make a simcha we always make a bracha with Yayin such as at a bris, at a wedding, at sheva brochos benching and so on. It does not mean we get drunk or that everyone must drink wine. We are even allowed to substitute grape juice for Yayin.

      • For many reasons, one of which is that it is harmful to our bodies which is on loan to us, and we may do dangerous things to ourselves and others. It also causes us to do unusual and embarrassing things. Things we would not normally do and could be hurtful or humiliating to others. Here is just a small example.

        My last Sheva Brochos was on Taanis Esther and so the Bochurim made our last Sheva Brochos for us in the Yeshiva (Mir). Needless to say some of the boys were drinking at the dinner. One of my husbands best friends got shiker and he actually sat down on my father-in-law’s z”tl lap and pulled his beard. He thought it was hysterical. The rest of us were appalled. My f.i.l. was a chashuv Rav who wrote a sefer. It was totally inappropriate. Let’s just say he wasn’t laughing.

    9. From my sons I learned that many Rebbeim of the past thirty plus years believe and teach that it is a mitzvah to get drunk on Purim and anyone who says otherwise is an am haaretz or apikorus or worse, thinking like a baalebos!
      They are dismissive of any calls not to drink.
      It also takes only a few wise guy baalebatim (some of whom drink too much themselves) to serve enough to keep the drinking going.

    10. In Baval, Europe and in America till the 60s and 70s average young adults did not have cars. So they would roll around drunk outside. Great. Nobody cared. But today they are taking a weapon when drunk, its called a car. Thats why its an avairah of Shefichas Domim.

    11. as a former bochur: someone that sits and learns with the full schedule they have should have one day a year where they could get drunk lsheim shomayim . its very healthy for them ,unites the bochrim and brings out the simcha in them I was in the mir and I never heard any of the gedolim rav elyashiv rav chaim reb shlomo zalman aser this. have we become pc just to satisfy the leftwingers of the newsmedia? when the gedolim of eretz yisroel come out with a ban then ill listen til then lchaim! (in moderation )

      • You quote gedolim but remember my father in Vienna and our neighbors, chashide Yidden who enjoyed Purim without being drunk. My father’s mesora and of course my mother’s A.H. too brought me through 4 years of concentration camp. I davened in the Ghetto, 2 concentrantion camps and raised a family and my grandchildren daven too. You the typical ignorant response, the news media and of course the leftists. The fact is you sit on your derrier and only think about yourself and allegedly hashem when it is convienient for you. In Czenstochau the camp also had women and the Ukrainian SS in drunken stupor went into Women barracks raped and killed Jewish women.
        However the the yesod and iker is the chashidishe background I never saw a kopyczinitzer chosid shiker , being drunk is a midah eysev

        • Are you implying that you or yours would be choshud to do what the ukrainian ss did in a drunken stupor?That is why you kappishnitzer chassidim don’t drink?
          Kol Hakavod……..

          • You represent the low element of Yidden and basically are baal tavaniks. No, Kopyczinitzer Chasidim were refined and had manners. I follow my father who was beseimaach on Purim without getting drunk. Your problem is you hide behind torah to shiker and the goyim are called alcolics what are you? The tzire of man changes through alcohol and he descend to a chaye. I guess that is your goal and yidishkeit, sad and I pity you

            • I”m not sure whom to pity more, the kapishnitzer chassid or the other fellow. Post 72 was just trying to point out that your anology between the ukraininan goy who did such atrocities in a drunken stupor and the yidden who become shiker on purim is incorrect. You seem like a tortured soul ranting and raving.

      • Mr. Moderation, I would like to ask you who is standing next to the bottle to make sure it is only consumed in moderation? I can’t believe you are so foolish to even think so. What was was, what we know now and what has developed over the years has taught us not to allow the minhagim of the past to rule.

      • What are you saying? They sit all day long so they need a break to drink?? How about a game of ball? How about a bike ride around the park? How about some hoops? How about reading Rabbi Horowitz’s column to better educate yourself? Sheesh!

    12. Aren’t there more important things to discuss? This is a silly non issue. Not everything is a crisis. What is far more disturbing than drinking, and I think nothing is wrong with that on Purim, are the Yeshiva boys parading around loudly on the street late into the night and disturbing non-Jewish or non-religious people. If you want to get drunk in your shul or home – fine with me. But why are Yeshiva boys encouraged to go out and make a chilul Hashem? This really the only time of year they are seen by the outside world and – frankly – what is seen shameful behavior. If you need an outlet – do it inside – not in public!

      • Well this is a good thing . let people not follow a rabbi just because his father was a real godol.Just because someones name is feinstein or kaminetsky,doesnt mean to follow him blindly.Because if you do then this could only be the start of a torah that is politically correct.With all due respect to rabbi Shmuel shlita and rabbi twersky shlita , they are not of the spiritual caliber of a rabbi moshe feinstein zatzal or a rabbi shach zatzal. Also lbclc I woul accept this coming from rabbi chaim kanievsky shlita. he has less going on politically and can thusly arrive at a true daas torah.

        • Seriously, political? These are Rabbonim that are involved daily with bochurim and their problems. These Rabbonim deal with the fallout of the mistakes other Rabbonim make with these children. Please use your seichel when you make comments.

    13. a debate or discussion is very healthy
      bur when people belittle the few gedolim that we have left and jump down their throat
      it shows how low weve become we have no emunas chachomim we bark at anything they say or suggest

      • Whats going on with this gedilim whole year. when all does kids need help. I don’t see them comnig up in public .MAybe they do. I don’t hear and see it. They take a mitzveh make it for avira. And don’t forget its nothing know.what happing now with drinkers. And the gedlim before . didn’t came out with such peskim avira avira. There is more important things to teach today then drinking on purim…

        • If they start with this now on Purim, they will have more respect from their talmidim and their talmidim will believe them when they advise them not to do other bad things.

    14. Rabbi Dr. Twerski writes that as a result of “the observation of the tragedies resulting from excess drinking on Purim, Hagaon Harav Shmuel Kamentzky made the bold statement that ‘Getting drunk on Purim is an aveirah, not a mitzvah.'”

      Bizman ha’zeh, the halacha needs to lean in another direction. Today’s social conditions are different. Getting stupid drunk on Purim, and acting like a fool, is an aveira.

      Elliot Pasik

      • A couple of points:
        1. The problem with Dr. Twerski’ position is precisely the fact that he sees the tragedies and focuses on the tragedies only. That’s bad science and Dr. Twerski should know better. He ignores the thousands upon thousands of cases of Yeshiva leute and ba’alei battim who drink and have drunk to inebriation on Purim with no ill effects.

        2. there’s a difference between getting drunk and “getting drunk”. One doesn’t have to get falling down, knee walking, puking drunk to be mekayeim the mitzva of Simchas Purim. Of course, individuals vary in their tolerance of alcohol but, generally speaking, drinking enough to feel relaxed and happy and, yes, a little less inhibited than usual allows one to feel the hidden spritual component of the geula of Purim. Issuing a blanket takanah against drinking alcohol on Purim because a few (very few, actually) bad outcomes is what,s called “Throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

      • AGREED and anyone who disagrees should ride along with a Hatzolah member for the night and pick up the pieces along with them. Maybe they should spend the night in the emergency room with those that suffer alcohol poisoning, drunk driving incidents, heart attacks and comas!!!

    15. The gemora says that one should get so drunk on Purim, that one doesn’t know the difference between cursed be Haman, and blessed be Mordecai. The Bes Yosef brings rishonim that explain one need be really blasted to confuse Mordecai with Haman, and therefore one should only get so drunk that they could confuse Zeresh with Esther. And the proof they bring that the halacha is not to get sooo blasted as to confuse Haman and Mordecai, is that the continuation of the gemora tells of a Purim sueda in which Rabbah got so drunk that he slit Reb Zera’s throat, and then Rabbah had to revive him from the dead the next morning. The Bes Yosef then quotes the O.H. that says it is a sin to get drunk because drunkeness brings one to aldultery, murder, etc. In the Shulchan Oruch, the Bes Yosef finalized the ruling, one is required to attain the level of drunkeness that one can not differenciate between cursed be Haman, and blessed be Mordecai.

      The Rema adds that one can fulfill his obligation by drinking a bit and then sleeping, and whether drinking a lot or a little, the intention should be for the sake of heaven.

      Bottom line, if you can’t revive the dead, don’t drink so much that you kill.

    16. There is another pressing issues related to excessive drinking . It has become very popular over the last 5-7 yrs that bochurim actually get drunk every Friday night!. This happens especially in Eretz Yisroel where they are invited out to meals and the host who is trying desperately to show himself as being “a big bala bos ” as opposed to being the Ben Torah that he is being supported to be will bring out many different types of whiskeys etc .I am not sure what is happening to the current generation of yeshiva bochurim , (I am not generalizing , I admit there are still good boys around) it seems that all the so called torah etc they are learning is not even going in skin deep!. Where are the quality bochurim we used to have 15 yrs ago + , a bochur who would internalize what he had seen in yeshiva from his Rebeim etc . How many bochurim have no problem turning up to shachris at 9am ?? , how many come to shule and talk with their friends ? what are these boys doing on motzei shabbos ? . I think it is about time that something is reviewed in the system as maybe the system is just not working ?!.

      • When adults make mashkeh so important that it is flowing freely at a kiddush, Bar Mitzvah, Shalom Zachor, Wedding, Dinner, etc. and each simcha has to out shine the other in top notch quality and cost, what are we teaching our children about booze?????? When one bottle of scotch doesn’t last one weekend let alone one month what does that tell our children? When parents always have beer in the fridge and a couple of bottles in the cabinet what does that teach our children?

        Our parents kept one bottle from one Succos to another. It is only in recent years that people gave liquor for Shelach Manos, and when I was a kid, who spent money and expensive bottles of wine for shelach manos? NEVER!!!! When one thought of giving a bottle of mashkeh it was always considered a gift to a goy.

        When we have an event for a Yeshiva that is Liquor and Wine tasting, what message does that send to our children? When we imbibe that freely in front of our children what kind of examples are we?

        The proof is right here such as those that are saying that bochurim NEED at least one night to get drunk. PLEASE!!!! Let’s get real and admit our mistakes. Bochurim and all children need good role models.

    17. Very interesting things r happening this days, something what chazal say “chayav” which Talmidei baal shem said that whenever chazal say “chayav” it means u need to have mesiras nefesh but in 2010 it became the biggest aveirah ever!
      I could understand when u try to discourage young ppl who don’t know how to control themselves from drinking but to say its the ‘biggest aveirah’?? Give me a brake!!!

      • “to say it’s the biggest aveirah…” Have you ever seen victims killed by drunk
        drivers? Rehtzeekha is a pretty big aveirah in my book. Not big enough for
        you? Nar!

        • We have to separate between being drunk, and killing. There are many sober people that have killed via driving, or via other methods, and there are many people who get plastered every Purim without causing any harm to anyone.

          Some people become reckless when drunk, and others become happy and sociable.

          For someone who knows that via drinking he is likely to cause harm, then he must avoid drinking, even on Purim.

          But for someone whom drinking makes him happy and sociable, then it is possible for him to drink on Purim for the sake of heaven, and he can be merited with a mitzoh just like fasting on Yom Kippur.

          From the gemora we see that Tzadikim got plastered on Purim, and Tzadikim in our generation have been seen drinking heavily on Purim too.

          • “we have to separate being drunk and killing…” You definitely have to make that
            separation. Unfortunately, many people cannot. That’s the point. While drunk,
            those intoxicated cause irreparable harm—especially when driving. Drunk
            driving kills. Drunk drivers are killers. That’s why Dr. Twersky and Rabbi
            Kaminetsky condemn this dangerous misconduct.

        • it really depends on your ability to control yourself. some people are more responsible & can drink wothout losing their dignity. tosafos in sanhedrin 38a brings a gemara in eiruvin that such an attribute is a virtue. but if you cant, then you should definitely stay away. its like saying its ossur to buy raffle tickets because some people have gambling addictions.

      • Stress today is a very common issue among kids as well as adults. When you show them or give them alcohol and meds that teach them the numbing powers that will reduce that stress we are not helping them at all. You are opening a door to them and for them that they will understand they can open on their own when they feel the need.

    18. With all due respect, I want to point out that the article states the following legal acrobatics:

      “In regard to the mitzvah to drink on Purim, Ramah says that one need not get drunk, but to drink just a bit more than one usually does, and take a nap. The Mishnah Berurah (695), says “This is the proper thing to do.” This is the halachah we must live by today. Getting drunk is improper. That is the halachah. “

      Let’s read this slowly:

      (1) Ramah says that one need not get drunk – there is no REQUIREMENT that one MUST get drunk, since one can do it in another manner, as follows.

      (2) Ramah continues that one has the OPTION to drink just a bit more than one usually does, and take a nap.

      (3) Mishnah Berurah (695), says, This is the proper thing to do. Namely, that it is proper to rely on this option, and one does not NEED to get drunk.

      It is quite a stretch to say that this halacha indicates that “getting drunk is improper”! The halacha is that getting drunk is not required, needed, obligated – but where do you get that getting drunk is “improper”? That is purely legal acrobatics!

      • Getting “drunk” is always improper, because a Jew must always act as if s/he is standing before the eibishter Melech Malchei Hamelachim because they are. It is a busha to be drunk in front of Hashem. Get it?

      • Did you ever see Rav Pam z”tl, Rav Moshe z”tl or anyone else at their caliber get drunk on Purim? I highly doubt that, they had too much respect for their wives to lose control.

        • They are not the only one who klal yisreal had. Here In usa and the old home had gedolim bigger from them and they did mekyim real ed the la yoda And even Hrev pam And Hrav moshe tzl .They didn’t get Drunk. never said its asser….

        • Did you ever see Rav Pam z”tl, Rav Moshe z”tl or anyone else at their caliber get drunk on Purim? I highly doubt that, they had too much respect for their wives to lose control.”

          Rav Pam and Rav Moshe must have been wrong since poster no. 49 says it is torah moshe m’senai not only that a yid must get drunk, but also that he must get his wife and young daughters drunk as well since the chiyuv applies to women and children.

          • Rav Pam and Reb Moshe and other Gedolim are public servants, like a “doctor on call” or like a soldiar the middle of active duty, who are always on call and can’t get drunk ONLY because they must be available 24/7 to answer critical questions on Halacha oftentimes questions of life and death.

            Rav Pam and Reb Moshe could never get drunk just like the President of the USA and Hatzalah members and the like can’t get drunk because the lives of others depend on their decisions 24/7.

    19. I sincerely wish that those who uphold the minhag of drinking to excess on Purim are victims of their own misguided ideas about Halacha. 2000 years ago it was not possible for a drunk Yeshivah Bochur to drive a 2-5 ton vehicle into a crowd of people.

    20. If your seeing double, that is, you see two cars for every one on the road, if you can differenciate between the actual car, and the imagined car, then you need to drink more to fulfill the obligation of reaching the state where you confuse Haman with Mordecai.

      Purim Someach everybody!!

    21. In my opinion drinking “ad lo yadah” only applies to a buchar who learned the Meggilah with meforshim and truly is drinking to mekayim the mitzvah. Drinking to get drunk is a goyishe maaseh and is an aveirah.
      Drinking arbah koses on Pesach is mutar only because it is done betoch a seder where we are reading the sippor yetzias mitzrayim ad chatzos and we have daas to mekayim the mitzvah and the focus is not on the drinking, but being mekayim achilas matzah, marror, carpas, korech, and afikomen bizmano.

      • with food, in one’s home where one is most likely to fall asleep either at the table, couch or in their own bed; and it is Yom Tov where they can’t drive and be reckless. They also have to drink “rov kos” and not the full cup. It is also mehudar to have wine, but if necessary they can mix with grape juice or have the last cup grape juice.

    22. what is with the haluche that if you mazik somebody in Purim ur putir ” Rabeh shchat es r’ Zyre” u can see that Purim u aloud to get drunk of cause not over the mus

    23. We live in a crazy world what happen yeasterday does not go for today.Drinking is a problem and drinking on purim is a bigger problem.This is one reason why out town yeshivah’s send the boys home because the yeshivah’s don’t know how to deal with it.The other problem some organzation’s and yeshivah’s will send boys all over to collect for them and then the boy’s get drunk ,there parent’s try to track their children down to make sure they are ok. SO WHO HAVING SIMCHAS? I don’t think this is what purim is about.So all you people who want to say it’s ok why not or it’s not problem.Think about it. if it is your son collectng getting drunk in a strange city would you like that?If one person says they don’t mind or don’t care. You need Help.Why this mitzvah people have to be makpit you can’t find another mitzvah to be makpit.How about ben adam lchaveraw? work on that.We compare purim to Yom kippur think what you would do on yom kippur and would you do it on purim.

          • what are you talking . open a gemoreh and the rambam and shilcin erich .. chyav adam. one in the world could come out and say . its asser simple . you could explain the gemoerh .like all the rashinim achrinim are explaing the gemorah.. And go back what the old tzdkim gedilim stam yidin did years ago…some drenk mamch ad dala yoda some not. To say plain simple iits asser. .its not they way a godel is lerning .very simple. And Btw let them stop the byn hazmanim if they have rocmnis of yidsha kinder. not a haloche

            • you seem to know how to learn give me the places it says in shas ,shuchan arech,rishonin and achronin that you have to get drunk on purim.Did Rabbi Tweriski bring down the Mishnahah beruia from chofetz chaim and other places or you are not gorus it.

    24. 51 is right . Someone needed to say the obvious there is always a underlying reason why someone would do drugs, often it is sexual abuse it’s definatly NOT because of the mitzva to drink on purim

    25. So basically, this boils down to two sides. The normal people (yes, normal), agree with this and want this stupidity stopped. And the other side is all the drunken bums who cant control themselves. I’ll bet half of these guys get drunk alot more than just purim. I’ve seen teenage boys copy their fathers and get so plastered, it’s really a disgrace.

    26. i dont know why a rabbi who knows so much torah would say this
      i never heard this from my always drunk rabbi and from my crazy hebrew teacher i know that when your 13 your aloud to drink on purim when i went to my rabbis house he let me have some wine if a rabbi says some thing like that i dont think hes a rabbi un less hes trying to tell under age of 13 kids not to drink

    27. For those who are absolutely convinced of the halachic necessity to drink on purim, need not do so as the point is to attain a state of “Ad de’lo yoda” and this he has already achieved!

      • And whats going on summer time when they dont drink . How about all the gedlim to come out .and stop the bitel toreh byn hazmanim. here and isreal. read all the story from last year la elini. lets hope far a git gzint yor for all. Not take a gemoreh and say its avireh.

    28. I am afraid, that the problem is bigger than Purim. Rabbanim today are loosing sight of a big picture, that halacha is to HELP Yidden live a life of Torah and Mitzvot and to ENABLE them to be members of our society. Today the new and new gezeiras and takanahs are flying everywhere. Soon breathing loud is going to be forbidden as well.
      The bochurim need to have a sense of real life. They need to be able to drink a little bit THROUGHOUT the whole year to learn the feeling of alcohol, the dangers of it and how to enjoy it without endangering themselves. All this ALL FORBIDDEN attitude that comes out IS what makes them VICTIMS. They are expected to live a completely sheltered life, than they become teenagers, and they see that the adults are not what they preach they are; some Rebbi’s in the Yeshivot are sexual predators and we cover up for them, some Rebbe’s are just fundraisers,and Gadolim are busy building their image.
      We should teach them that MRA’H is emet, vetorato emet. And people are just people. Alcohol is alcohol,you can enjoy it and it can make you sameach,and yes it can kill,be careful.
      Why are we trying to teach them LIES?! Drinking is not assur, or dangerous. Ignorance is

      • Let’s not forget that Rabbonim need to teach not only Torah law but the fact that one needs to follow the Law of the land. The Law in NY for instance is that you need to be 21 to drink!!! Let’s not forget that. So that is an important issue here and that needs to be addressed and needs to be taught in the Yeshivos by Rebbeim as well as at home. Kids do not need to get used to alcohol. They need to stay dry until they become of legal age and then they can learn to drink responsibly (if there is such a thing).

      • “Help Yidden live a life of Torah…” Well, if you’re interested, that’s what
        Rabbi Twersky and Rabbi Kaminetsky are teaching. But do you really
        need a rabbi to teach you the dangers of getting drunk? Getting drunk is a
        sin. A drunkard is not capable of leading a living a normal life.

    29. its a mitzva to get drunk on purim. i and all my underage friends will be getting drunk the first night also for the mitzva of be mismeach on purim. by the seuda its a mitzva to drink but the rest of purim is not an aveira. i drink only 3 times a year. purim, shabbos and chasunas. so evryone should just stop saying its an aveira to drink on purim when it says clearly in the mishna berura otherwise. and even if u say theres no mitzva, there is certainly no aveira

      • AND THIS IS WHY IT IS ASSUR!! You drink only three times a year? Once on Purim; Once on Shabbos? That’s 52 times a year, if you drink at every meal multiply that by 3. Now how many chasunas do you go to each year????? Well you have given yourself an excuse to drink ALL YEAR ROUND. Consider yourself a drunk.

    30. I am appalled at the stupidity of some of the commenters. No one suggested a takanah to not drink on Purim. All that was said is that the poskim that are our guides in all Torah matters have spoken clearly and loudly, and their words are black on white (אש שחורה על גבי אש לבנה). Shikrus is NOT the mitzvah on Purim. It said nothing about drinking, only the way in which the alcohol is used. What is so hard to understand. The subject is CONTROL. If you can stop at the right time and experience the spiritual stuff, that is wonderful. And if you can’t, there is danger lurking. חמירא סכנתא מאיסורא. No one is forbidding anything that was ever permissible until now. It was never מותר. And drinking throughout Purim is an aveiro, just like our gedolim say. Stop being a smart aleck. Learn a little, and be mekabel the words of the gedolim who know more than you ever will.

      • Its not avira no way . byn hazmynim is avira let then stop it right now .They are not gedolim if the say its avira simple If chazel say you have to .Don’t say its avira. This godil will never ever be like chazel

        • “This godol will never ever be like chazel”

          On this issue, and I repeat only this issue, the Chazel are clearly WRONG and Rav Twerski, Shlita is 100 percent right. We need to have the maturity and confidence to say that there are rare circumstances where chazal may be wrong and thier holdings should be ignored.

      • You are a nut… This is not to insult you… It’s because you make statements that are contradictory to reality to put it mildly, they are foolish.

        Besides, if you have reading diffulties don’t come and accuse others with being ignorant. Work on it. Yes, this idea by R Twersky is to publicize that drinking on Purim is assur????? is of course not a takanah, it’s a recommendation? And ALL the Rabbonim before him, well, they couldn’t understand what the Sh’a or the M’Br said.

        Hmmm, why is that so hard to accept?

        Also, don’t tell me, that it is productive to constantly asser everything that is a temptation. Kids are growing up without any feel and touch to real life, came out of yeshiva and leave the frum life faster than you typed your post.

        We are real people, we need real leadership. We need to be able to deal with problems, in our life.

        You are simplifying the issue. We are taking the leadership position saying: we need real life experience! real leaders! real, complete understanding of a life of a bochur, yungerleit, young baley batim. It’s a world with a lot in it, we have to keep being frum. If you assur the world, nobody is going to accept Moshiach, R’L.

        • #89 is right.

          If you keep on making “new isurim” every day you will loose the youth and even older people too.

          It IS possible to continue to live with all the temptations of this world and still behave responsibly. It is possible to drink and still NOT drink’n-drive chas vesholom.

          To make a blanket issur to “not-drink” or to “not get drunk” is not unlike the days of the prohibition in the USA which never worked as we all know.

          People are sick and tired or new isurim popping up every other day.

          It is possible to drink and even get “quite high” on alcohol and never step foot near a vehicle and still never do anything foolish that you will regret later.

          Don’t just “B A N” getting drunk, rather be proactive to arrange for anyone who will drink, to do so in a responsible setting and supervised and enforced with loving kindness to our youth and not by strong armed “issurim” against drinking and against concerts and against the Internet and against news-blogs and against everything else under the sun.

          • this is not like banning lipa. some people would like to lump it all together as an excuse to not to have take any of it seriously.hello,this is pekuach nefesh.are you blind to what is happening to us,to our youth? saying it’s good to get drunk because of the stress of yeshiva is like pouring gas on a fire.

        • Contradictory to nothing. Rabbi Twerski did not assur drinking. He assurred shikrus – actually just referring to the numerous others whose direction to halacha and Torah life are our standards. You should drink on Purim. Drunkeness is a different story, and Rabbi T. and Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky and numerous other contemporary gedolim stated clearly that the development of practices that were NEVER part of the Purim mitzvah are dangerous, and are kineged halacha. Actually, the kids that leave yeshiva and frumkeit are doing so because they observe that many of our own, probably including their parents and rebbeim lie in wait all year to “let loose” on Purim, a concept that is not, never was, and never will be Torahdig. And Chazal NEVER said that letting loose is acceptable as anything. On the contrary, they assered it, and many references above are clear about it. If you want to lose your mind to alcohol, it’s a free country. Just don’t be harmful to others, and don’t excuse it with distorted translations of Chazal. All the gedolim of previous generations that drank heavily held their alcohol, and were not “drunk”.

          And just to repeat, “drink” is not assur. “Drunk” is.

    31. It’s too late. Yeshiva bachurim of 20 and 30 years ago who did it are now the fathers of bachurim who are mikayeim the family minhag. If it was fun, cool, and OK to do it then, it is even moreso now.

      Interesting how drinking leads to smoking, smoking leads to other dangerous behaviors, the package evolves to Simchas Torah, Shavuos, and weddings. Mi K’amcha Yisrael.

    32. These postings are the saddest comments I have ever heard. None of you is worried about gemilas chesed or shilach monis for sick , disabled and poor, believe or not there are. All you argue how to fullfil your taave of shikering. Maybe we should have a longitudinal study on present social behavior by religious Jews and the result would be dismal

      • now we talking about helcleh mishteh ishmch. when someone comes out to say its asser . you have to fight it. and i am realy happy the most of the ppl here have emsidiga das torah about this. La alman yisreal

    33. once we’re at it, its also a terrible aveirah the way most people give mishloach manos today, chazal definately didn’t have in mind al the theme packed garbage people give today, most of it is not fit for consumption unless your idea of a seudah is chochlate covered roses & popcorn with some costume to match!

    34. Our generation lacks spirituality. We are in the darkness and don’t have clarity. We are a generation that is confused. Its not about drinking on purim or not, thats not going to stop those kids / adults from drinking or doing drugs. Thats not the problem. We must get honest with ourselves and do a ‘cheshbon nefesh’. The kids reject our Holy Torah because they resent our phoniness. We must represent Torah not Macy’s, we must represent emes not Bloomingdale. We send our kids to rehabs that have no understanding of yiddishkeit and we get them back worse than the goyim in our block. why? For the sake of greed. Let all of us do teshuva with all our hearts.

    35. Wait, I think that a HUGE portion of the Jewish people do not accept the Mishnah Berurah(i.e sephardim, real chasidim etc., although granted, misnagdim with a rebbe might pasken from it).. Once again, It is kodesh minhag yisroel to get shiker, bferush rashi, rambam, shulchan aruch and shulchan aruch harav and arba turim. L’chaim misnagdim stop trying to drain me a cup and keep the torah, I get it, you think you learned alot of torah, you don’t have to overturn shulchan aruch and rashi, it will be alright. If i want to buy a snaggy self help book though maybe I’ll listen to rabbi twersky.

    36. Have you ever thought a little boy telling his friends “you should have seen how my Tatty got drunk, he vomited and he looked messy and did not smell so good amd my Mommy was really upset. Ah that what I call chinuch and memory of your father. Gevaltig

    37. tell rebbe and rav zeira that drinking is assur on purim. I see where this Rabbi is coming from he doesnt want people to go crazy and chas veshalom land up in the hospital, but I think if you could control yourself and not make an idiot out of yourself I think theres no problem. On the other hand if your going to make an idiot out of yourself and start fights like i’ve seen people do when I was in israel than I think you shouldn’t drink. I say get drunk but not too drunk. I’m 21 so i’m legal to drink, but I think parents should observe they’re kids (teens) and give them a limit I dont know thats just my opinion your welcome to disagree no hard feelings.

    38. I think that people should not get completely drunk because then you are getting into chillul hashem issues and a mitzvah haba baveira is not a mitzvah if you say that since it is a mitzvah to get drunk it is the same chillul hashem as wearing tefillin in public that is only true if it is not possible to do the mitzvah without the aveira but here you only need to drink to od dlo yuda which could be done by getting completely drunk (problem mentioned above) or by being asleep the issue with drinking a little and then taking a nap is that then that is not drinking until you don’t it is merely drinking and incidentally soon after not knowing therefore what I do is drink until I am tired because of the drinking and then take a nap please realize I am not paskening I am simply stating my view on this issue and all who would care to discuss it in a rational setting please email me at [email protected]

    39. hi i was frum and have been going to aa for 10 years i just relapsed and dont know what to do on purim the rambam is a greater rabbi than dr twerski “one should get drunk untill they fall asleep mishneh torah” thats what the great jewish philosipher friend wants me to drink wine with him on purim should i say no?


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