United Arab Emirates – Assassins of Hamas Official In Dubai Caught on Tape [video footage]


    Footage from the CCTVUnited Arab Emirates – A police video, combining CCTV footage from the Dubai airport, a number of hotels and shopping malls, showed the arrival of the suspects and Al Mabhouh into Dubai, their checking into various city hotels and the hours before the Palestinian commander was killed in room 230 in the Bustan Rotana Hotel, near the airport.

    A surveillance team had followed the victim around the city. Some of the suspected killers disguised their appearance at various times.

    “This is a highly sophisticated operation conducted by people who knew when Al Mabhouh would arrive in the country,” Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police said.

    The suspects used “highly sophisticated communication instruments” and during their conversations they used encrypted messages, Dahi said. “The communication tools they used are not available in the UAE.”

    They came from several European countries and left to European destinations and one to Hong Kong. “We know where they are right now and even their residences,” Dahi said.

    Watch the footage below

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    1. I hope this assasination is not linked to the Mosad or EY or there will be severe recriminations and yidden will be targeted throughout the world in retaliation

      • we shouldnt fight our enemies that want to kill our babies in nurseries bc it might get them to kill us
        shame of a brain! why did got invest a soul into mindings like these

      • I hope this assasination is directly linked to Mossad or EY.

        Terrorists beware. You are not safe anywhere in the world. We will find you.

        As for you wimpy VIN poster,
        go hide under mommy’s bed if you are scared. It is not a chillul Hashem to erase amalek.

    2. Seems like a PR job to me. The UAE is embarrassed and figures that this is the only way they can respond. fact is that they have no idea who did this and will therefore revert to form and blame or attempt to blame Israel. Whether Mossad did or didn’t kill this terrorist (and let’s hope that institution still does stuff like this), it’s good riddance nonetheless.

    3. If only the Arabs would put half as much effort into catching the terrorists living in their midst the world would be a much better place and we wouldn’t have to come to such situations in the first place.

    4. wow!!! it was like watching a James bond flic!

      once again our boys have proven that when the Israeli govmt gives the GREEN light to take someone out, they do so with precession!

      i only hope the world sees that Israel will stop at nothing to avenge the blood of a JEW!!!

      am yi’srael chai!!!

    5. To me , it seems there’s more to it than meets the eye. These are supposed to be highly trained agents. So how come they parade and walk around in front of video cameras in the hotels ? Didn’t they see these cameras? Didn’t the agency who sent them know that this is an almost certain feature in the lobbies? Could all this be a red herring to draw attention away from the real murderer? If yes, then why so many agents to do this? Very intriguing indeed.

      • Because they were disguised from the first minute. Those pasports are forged. The named foreign nationals either don’t exist, or were victims of identity theft.

    6. We only have the Dubai security services word that these video recordings and passport information are genuine. What makes me suspicious is that they claim false passports were used which bore the names of genuine people living in Israel. If Israel was to use false passports then why not use names of non-Israelis? Secondly why not use genuine stolen or lost passports of non-Israelis which are less likely to be discoverable as false. Using passports unnecessarily drawing attention to Israelis is plainly incomprehensible and Dubai’s claim this was done is suspicious..

      • thats exactly what i was thinking too!!!! how on earth could they lock the chain AND latch FROM THE INSIDE!!??? I also think that all this was a diversion of what was really happening, these people where just set to walk across the camera’s and to throw the investigators off track, which still leaves the question of HOW???? but we’ll leave that up to the Mosad.



        A Child can do it with a hanger 🙂

        Of course the child would first have to practice a lot and be a bit acrobatic with his fingers but a hanger fits in very easily and it can be done in 3 seconds flat if you are talented and practice makes perfect.

        All in all, it’s obvious that this was a very organized and very highly professional, well trained group and for professionals picking a lock or closing the latch from the inside is kid stuff easy.

      • They could have locked the door and gone out through the balcony and climbed into the next room (break in).
        It’s an old tactic and can also be used to gain entry to rooms, by climbing in through the balcony from an adjoining room or through a window.

    7. The Video compilation is very easy to do. They have cameras watching the elevator of every floor including the floor of room number 230 and it’s known exactly what time the murder took place.

      Reviewing the footage of this floor alone the rest of the facts are easy to built in reverse order. You see everyone leaving precisely after the murder in rapid succession and you see all their faces and dress. Once you know who they are and what they look like, reviewing all other footage of this hotel and all other hotels and all airports, the same people are all to easy to spot as to where they came from when they came and when they left and to which country etc.

      You don’t need to be James bond to fugue this out. Every child can review the recordings of the time of the murder and see all people who left shortly thereafter and build the story in reverse order by reviewing all other recordings of the same characters in prior times.

      As the saying goes hindsight is 20/20. After the execution of the Arab murderer, it’s easy to fugue out who did it and how it was done and all people involved, the more agents the better assurance of success, but the agents don’t fear the recordings. They’r gone!

    8. it seems as if these are mercenaries who will kill anyone for the right price.
      the hit could have been the israelis, americans or even hamas themselves(internal problems)kill two birds with one stone.
      but we will never know, and thats the way these things are supposed to end.

      it does not look like the israelis, there were way to many people involved, not mossad style

    9. everytime this police chief opens his mouth he just makes a bigger fool of himself! How does he know exactly were non existent people live? Just forget about it and move on!

    10. Just watched all three videos dont see how they conclude that these people were involved just because they rented and used the same room. Furthermore where is isreal coming in to the picture, if they are all british and german people, if they think for one minute that these passports were their real identity, then dubai has a serious problem, if they did such a good job, rest assured they know how to protect themselves.

    11. There are 2 ‘suspects’ named Jonathan Louis Graham….. Sounds like they were too easy on him. They should still be on their knees scraping his kishkis off what was left of the walls.

    12. RE: how did they lock the door?
      Answer: THEY didn’t! The dead guy did. News said he was poisoned. When the hotel staff (assassins) left the room, the arab guy was still alive. He said good bye, locked the door, and- sianara! Cool stuff.

      • Yeah… They seem to have cameras all over the place except for the hallway in question and the doors. They never showed footage of the supposedly execution team entering the guy’s hotel room. Yup, looks like a setup and suspicious to me also…

    13. After all wasn’t Bugsy seigel the first jewish mobster??? he said they just locked the door and jumped balconies, its so simple, thats the way he did it back in the day

    14. hi guys,
      dubai certainly has more footage,,, they are not disclosing the whole info.
      anyway and i don’t know who is involved, but they did a ‘good job’.
      and the israelis ‘linked’ by names/surnames don’t have to worry. during the
      ‘operation’, they were in israel, not in dubai, and therefore, they are not accountable for the action….

    15. i dont see how the videos above could have been truly taken. how could mounted hotel cameras follow rotate and point in a certain direction. i dont think it is israels fault either, they would not use forged passports with israeli citizens names.


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