Liberty, NY – Martin Grossman To Be Buried in Sullivan County At Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery


    The Levay'a in front of Nikulsburg Shul in Monsey,NYLiberty, NY – A murderer who was executed in Florida Tuesday evening for the 1984 murder of a 26-year-old wildlife officer was to be buried in Liberty Wednesday night.

    Martin Grossman, 45, was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Margaret Park when she found him with a stolen gun in a nature preserve.

    The funeral for Grossman is being held in Monsey Wednesday evening at Niklesburg Bais Medrash . He was later scheduled to be buried at Shel Emes Cemetery in Liberty.

    Rabbi Isaac Lieder of Monsey organized the funeral and burial.

    A number of people and organizations had rallied in support of Grossman. An archbishop had written to Florida Governor Charlie Christ, saying he had repented and was a “changed person.”

    A number of Orthodox Jewish groups also asked the governor for clemency.

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          • “your own torah supports capital punisment so how can it be barbaric??”

            And who are you if we may ask?
            Since it’s our Torah, I suppose it’s not yours.
            Yes, our Torah supports capital punishment, under specific conditions.
            The accused must be at least 20 years old at the time of murder.
            Two kosher witnesses must be present at the time of murder, and warn the person of the consequences of murder.
            The accused must be mentally healthy.
            The victim is a non-Jew.

            None of the above mentioned conditions apply to Martin Grossman.
            He did not deserve capital punishment according to OUR Torah!!

            • i’m sorry but capital punishment by a Jewish earthly court in the times when we still had capital punishment applies at 13 – punishment from heaven is what starts at 20.

              the Torah demands misa for a ben noach even with one witness, so it is dangerous to have a double standard in galus

            • it is not good for his neshamah to call him a “tzaddik” – ask the guys at Aleph why in Chabad they never say a hesped at a Chabad funeral

              (and I am a Satmarer btw, not Chabad)

    1. I also sent emails and signed the petition. But when I hear the car going around Monsey announcing “zecher tzaddik v’kudosh livrucha” I feel like a fool. I doubt they are doing any good for the neshuma by saying that…

          • Did you see all the evidence? did you see him do it? do you know anything about the case ? When did you found out at all about this case ? Now ask yourself. Dumb or smart to keep your mouth and fingers SHUT

        • your a nut! how dare anyone use a term reserved for Kedoishim on a cold blooded murderer. some of the comments here are disgraceful. And don’t anyone say he died alz kiddush hashem. He didn’t die because he was a jew. He died because he took the life of another human being.

      • Can’t remember where, but i’m 100% sure that i’ve read in a important sefer, that ANY time a Yid is killed by a goy for ANY reason he (the yid) has a full kaporoh and is forgiven for ALL aveiros he may have commited. (anyone know which sefer?)

        • Soon, there will be a Yeshivah Martin Grossman somewhere. There will be streets named after him. His name will be part of our vernacular. Someone does tshuvah, or at least says so? He MartinGrosssmaned. In his honor, on the anniversary of his execution, all Jews will eat fried chicken sandwiches, peanut butter banana cookies and fruit punch.

          Oh, and by the way, #69, anybody who has deep regrets about not keeping kashrus wouldn’t buy a treif friend chicken sandwich for his last meal. We all know that, in an emergency, we can find something more acceptable than unkosher meat.

          I sort of feel bad about what I said. I’m MartinGrossmaning a bit.

        • “Why would anyone in Monsey say kaddish for a murderer. Did anyone say kaddish for his victim?”
          What a stupid question.
          A. since when do you say kadish for a goy? (in case you were unaware his victim was a goy)
          B. Can you post the makor that kadish is not said for a murderer? I don’t remember ever learning that…

        • Let me teach you something:

          One doesn’t say kadish on an ayno yehudi however one would say kadish on a yehudi REGARDLESS of his religious leaning when he committed a murder.

        • I think that you are overdoing, by saying that a person that killed does not need that someone should say Kaddish. You have a mistake, because when he took upon himself to become a Bal Tshuva, there’s a different Halacha & Kaddish must be said even though he was muderer than back 25 years ago. Let me ask you this Mr.Smart Alik ! If a jew that does not keep Shabbos & is Machallel Shabbos Bafraizya , Someone has to say Kaddish for him

        • The Nikolsburg Rebbe Shlita is a true Tzaddik with a tremendous love for Jewish people. He felt that a Proper Jewish Funeral was Martin Grossman’ right. This was a chessed shel emes for a Mais Mitzvah

    2. once again stop the fighting!! nobody is denying the fact that at the age of nineteen while he was high, he murdered someone. were saying HE understood his actions were wrong and from everything we heard from his rabbis, he did tremendous and sincere teshuvah for his actions. there’s no reason that were burring him, instead of him being alive in prison being able to learn with his rabbis say shemah ex..

      • what teshuva did he do? Explain to us what the correct teshuva is when you kill someone – on purpose? Does the bus driver who Loy Alinee killed a boy this morning does he need to do the same Teshuva? Are they really the same because they each killed another person. You and all the others who are making this guy out to be a Tzadik need your heads examined and a dose of reality. Lets cry for the bus driver but let’s not cry for a murderer who knew what he was doing.

        What Teshuva did he do over the last 25 years? He ate traif for his last meal when he could have had anything he wanted. He recently started to pray. recently because he saw the end not because he felt a connection.

        I sound cold but it bugs the H… out of me how stupid some people are by the comments they write. If Martin Grossman killed – no i should say murdered – a member of your family it would make you sick to see that people are treating him as a hero.

        he is not a hero he is a self admitting murderer

      • Nope….it’s just that peoples’ view on life is so skewed these days. Does anyone wonder why the percentage of boys from good Heimishe homes who grow to be mechallel Shabbos is increasing? Why can’t people just be normal? Yes, he deserves a burial. Yes he deserves kaddish. Yes his din vcheshbon will be taken care of upstairs. Yes his execution was a kapara. Yes the death penalty is an avlah. YET…the man murdered another human being; and even if he wore Chazon Ish tzitzis, and said the whole sefer Tehillim every day, and fasted every Monday and Thursday; the man was a murderer, not a tzadik.

    3. Sometimes I think that we as a people need mass therapy. We find innocence in a vicious murderer (Grossman) find innocence and assign glory to a hired spy who got paid to spy for South Africa & Israel (Pollard). We are motivated to expend time, money, and efforts that as a community can be directed elsewhere, all because suddenly these people allegedly find faith in prison ( as most convicts do) .

      Yet conversely, we find absolute guilt, pray for the death of and condemn an inexperienced confused young man to a life of shame because he found himself in an impossible position, he was between the proverbial rock and a hard place and perhaps made the wrong decision to comply with authorities and expose corruption within political and other circles. This man did not become a fair weather frummie. He actually grew up doing the right thing. He did extraordinary amounts of chessed, he helped an enormous amount of people and because of a mistake no greater than Pollard’s or Grossman’s his family was ostracized and he was left to dry by the community. Maybe next time he should of made his money being an assassin or a spy and then professed a sudden love of yiddishkeit.

      • Sometimes I think that sanctimonious self-riteous morons – gravitate to major issues where they can intentionally be oppositional – Grossman was a lost soul – that is why the Jewish people took up his cause – and that is why the response was so fervent – it is who we are as a people- and we grieve for the potential of his life – which was lost before he turned 19. And throwing Pollard into the mix is vile and evil – the Torah isn’t a blueprint for politically correct activism – it’s a blueprint for being a Jew – and you are seriously confused……I was not sure about calling Florida and asking for a stay of execution – but the law – stated that there were mitigating circumstances – a stay is rarely granted – it would have been a miracle – a Jew died yesterday – it is not for us to judge – it was for us to appeal for mercy – as Jews we’re really good at that – because that’s how the Creator wanted us to be –

        • I’m amazed there is still someone like you that makes sense people like you don’t usually post their comments on VIN. What I learned from this grossman story is a few things, that we are in deep trouble. Look at any chasidus, any litvish sect any sfardik sect all and any have issues in ahavas yisruel, ahavas chaveirim, meaning achdus don’t matter for what reason, it says in the same TORAH not to desicrate the shobbus it also says. LO SISNUH ACHICHU. and LISHMOA BIEN ACHICHEM. The word “ACH” means a Jew it don’t matter. None of us JEWS did see the circumstantial evidence. 1 thing we do know for sure he had an accomplice we found out the story a few weeks ago. so how in the world can someone say he is guilty at all ? Is This what YOU the negative sayers expect we should treat you ch”v when you are found guilty of something. Guess what his last words that came out of his mouth. AHAVAS YISRUEL. Oh! 1 more thing that you don’t know he had a few good zechusim for over 20 years he gave charity to kupas r’ meir baal haanes. And they send him a luach every year And you know what r’ meir did for him ? He gathered all yidden be’achdus together in a short time and we all prayed. We almost brought mushiach. If it wouldn’t be for the little few that judge before they see evidence and facts. At the end I don’t hate you I pray for you. If you want to reply with your name and mothers name and I will daven for you

      • No,No,No. We as Jews have to stick up for our Jewish brothers. A life sentence without parole would serve the same. And Pollard sentence is much to much for the crime. Others are out of prison after 10 to 15 years, but he is in till death. Have a little RACHMONOS on a Jewish NASHOMO.

      • Shea,
        You are very comfused and try to be confusing as well..How can you compare Pollard to Grossman? Pollard has not killed anybody and nobody says that he is innocent he was found guilty and has done time NOT 1 other spy for our enemy countries has served as much time as Pollard is nobody is asking to reverse his guilt. The other one you are referring to i assume is the gentleman in NJ as I understand will go to jail for his crimes and deal with his maker after 120 with his crimes towards people and of course there is a way to do teshuva for that as well but that would take effort on the Moiser’s end as aking mechila from so many people…Grossman has paid for his crime with 26 years in prison and subsequently death he did teshuva publicaly when he died with Shema on his lips so don’t compare one to the other…Our communities have so much fixing to do as is we don’t need to find new reasons and issue. We need to accept the good (as much as there is).

    4. It says that when a person does true teshuva, their soul is extinguished, so that it wont stumble to sin again. When you daven that the apikorsim should be exterpated immediately in shmone esreh, we should have the kvano that they should do tshuva. A true baal tshuva dies at the moment of tshuva. And they are higher than the tzadikim who never sinned, as everyone knows.

      It must be that Grossman was a true baal tshuva, that he died with ahavas yisroel and the shma on his lips in a fervent tshuva, that his neshuma immediately returned to heaven. No matter how dirty a persons life is, Hashem will welcome him and personally clean the filth (Sefer Tomer Dvorah).

    5. Just came back from the levayeh. The Nikolsburger Rebbe as allways, brought out the right point at the right time. Mainly, the achdus that we saw of all sectors of klal yisroel togethor trying to do good.
      He knew exactly what to say, and more importantly, what NOT to say.
      Thanks Issac Lieder.

      • thats true. however, i take issue with all the crying that he wept at his eulogy. common give me a break. he could of said the same exact hesped but in a more normal tone.

    6. Why not buried at the Lubavitcher cemetery in Queens, near the Rebbe? After all, his main Jewish contact for years was via the Lubavitcher run Aleph institute.

    7. isaac, keep up the good work. regardless of mr grossman’s past misdeeds, he acknowledged his guilt, expressed remorse, asked for forgiveness, and resolved to be a better person. he had an impeccable prison record,notwithstanding the fact that his last 25 yrs were in death row, an evironment surrounded by some of the worst sinners. also noteworthy, that if victim wasnt a cop, martin grossman would’ve been walking the streets after a 5 yr jail term.
      he did teshuva. r’ nachman says: if you belive you can damage, then believe you can repair. he died courageously w/ shem yisroel on his lips. no bitterness. pure emunah. based on the reports i’ve been reading (i obviously have no 1st hand knowledge) he was a true eved hashem, considering his cirumstances.
      Hakol holech achar hasof.

    8. Why could you write “murder” you are a Jew and you don’t have any evidence that he killed it was only his friend who was with him that time and its very possible that he was the murder and blamed him..

      • If that was true then he really was a korban. Death penalty sure does have its flaws if people were mistakenly killed. I thought it had to be beyond the shadow of a doubt. I really hope that the light of G-d will truly guide us . What a flawed system without G-d in the picture. Heaven help this polluted world. May we know of no more tragedies.

    9. Every time I’ve convinced myself that these ehrlech yidden in Monsey cannot find some new way of showing their lack of midos and respect fo Klal yisroel they come up with somthing like this. He should have been buried quietly without making this into a three-ring circus but why behave in a rational and respectful way when you can make all yidden look like they care more about the murderer than his victim.

      • What is wrong with making a levaya and giving him a proper jewish burial? He is already dead, remember? The victims family has gotten closure to their loss of a daughter, now it is none of their (or anyones) business what happens to him.

    10. Grossman may or may not qualify as a “tzadik,” he may or may not have become a changed man while in prison, and you may or may not sympathize with him, and you may or may not have supported his execution.

      But he was a Jew, and as such, is entitled to a proper and kosher levaya and burial.

      My thanks to Rabbi Lieder for making the arrangements. Regardless of whatever right and wrong Grossman did during his lifetime, what Rabbi Lieder did for him was the right thing.

    11. Apparently, even though martin grossman spent 25 in a tiny cell expressed remorse for his crimes and was executed for it, it is not enough for some they still scream in hate at him, yet these same misguided people don’t protest or care that lemrick nelson who stabbed a chosid basically walked free after a few years in jail. It shows one thing, there is a double standard even omongst our own, the message is, Jewish blood is cheap.

      • for your information there is NO death penalty in NY and we did scream but unfortunately limrick nelson’s people screamed louder and again there is no death penalty in NY

      • His last meal before returning his heilegeh neshomo to its Creator was fried chicken sandwich from the canteen. It was probably Nikelsburg shechita!! Especially after his sincere teshuva!!

        • The Nikelsburg rebbe had NO involvment in hashgacha in any prison system so your comment is simply wrong. The Nikeslburg hashgacha is considered to be the gold standard among chassideshe mashgichim, though, so had he provided the mashgischim to the prison, there would not have been any concerns.

    12. Martin, many people have asked me why am i sad or feel bad. They do not know the Martin I know. You showed me how to fish, we rode our bikes together, you watched out for me, helped my dad when needed. May you rest in piece!

    13. I wish they were having the services here in Florida, I really wanted to attend the funeral regardless of what he did I wanted to be able to pay my respects to his family, feel lost and confused.

    14. Reply to 37 & 34: no matter how you try to interpret the ridiculous outpour, nonetheless it seems obvious to me that 1. It was not done with guidance but rather unilaterally by arguably well meaning individuals and 2. The hypocrisy is laughable. You missed my point. If someone from the community affected your pocket etc. Then no punishment is good enough. Dwek is akin to Voldemort in some misguided peoples minds. Yet we not only forgive, but we mobilize and use our meager resources to defent the murderers and sorry, traitors when we allow our feelings to control. I wonder if people felt that saving grossman was their ez pass to gan eden, because the zeal to help was suspiciously hysteric.

      • When Dwek will finally do teshuva, many of us will accept him with open arms. That’s the kind of people we are. Our hearts have the capacity to be the toughest of all and at the same time the softest of all.

    15. so silly to fight and argue over this issue..!!! who are we to judge with our human minds on what level the niftar presently presides!! shame on you all for making these heartless, calculating judgements, rather go and say a mishnah or do some good deed l’toivasoi!!!

    16. as we go on in life we are supposed to grow and learn from our experiences. if everyone would just step back and attempt to recall an instance where they erred and wished they could turn the clock back by seconds –
      after doing this then please allow yourelf a moment to reflect and then (if you must) pass judgement.
      I am certain it will be differnt from your initial response or reaction.
      With Ahavas Yisroel
      Martin’s famous last words.

    17. I know when I erred. When I went on these frum websites and saw the level of sickness of this community. People calling a cop-killer a tzaddik and a kadosh and a melitz yosher. And you are right #57- I do wish I could turn back the clock and never see how this primitive tribal mindset has turned frum people into freaks.

    18. stopt crying he deserve more he deserve that you should all take off from what ynu are all doing an d go down to florida and stop his killing its enough america stood by while the nazi killed 6 million

    19. Its very simple an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth a foot for foot and death for a killer, what is the reason that I get exactly the same punishment , to be mechaper on the sin one has done,in this particular case we have a killing ,and so we take away his life too, to be mechaper so if they took his life then he is a forgiven man by hashems standards and becomes clean and holy as if he was before the murder. So if hashem says he is moichel him,who are we to say differently, is you dear readers life so kosher that you never made a shmai drai, and when you did , didn’t you feel better after some type of tzara befell you, putting your Concience to rest that you had you’re kapara and hashem was moichel you, what is this case different then another one , is it because he got a bigger yetzer hora then you , there is a story of a yid that was oiver on all sins , once he had a hirhur tshuva ,and he started crying and asking hashem to forgive him he cried so much that hashem took pity on him and took his tshuva and forgave him’but hashem didn’t want him to sun anymore cause here he was a tzaddik already ,so he sent the angel of death to take him back. A little humor now that alls forgiven its chodosh adar let’s do tshuva with happiness

      • Learn a little just a little and you will find out what ayen tachas ayen means its meant what its worth. If. You broke some 1 a hand or etc. Then you look how much this particular persons hand or etc. Is worth for example was he a jeweler its worthed more then a singer. I hope you understand what I’m saying. So learn more you will know more

    20. what a shame for the victim’s family and memory to see that thousands of jews are holding a funeral like this in the memory of a killer, even if he “repetented” he still stole a woman’s life and he should be buried like an animal he doesn’t deserve a kaddish

    21. I have stood by quietly and watched and read for the last couple of days how yidden of every stripe and color comment on this tragic event. I am extremely saddened that many of you dont have it in your heart to feel for a fellow yid!! Halalcha dictates that if a jews life is in danger you are obligated to try everything to help save him. Even if the jew is a murderer. Even if halacha supports execution or stoning it needs to be with 2 witnesses in a proper beis din. And even more so it definitely doesnt support it in a case of a non-jew. Each of you where obligated by the torah to expend every effort to try to save this jew. Yes there may have been a chillul hashem by the few somebodys who tried to contact the victims family but that was not at the directives of Aleph Institute or anybody else directly involved. This is entirely wrong and I feel very strongly with the victims family fully understanding why they wanted to see this through. But fact remains that death row is reserved for pre-meditated murders and although this was a gruesome crime it certianly was pre-meditated. So the death penalty was not warranted or even legal. Lets pull together so moshiach can come!!

    22. Thank you VIN for posting the pixs of the funeral of Martin Grossman, z’l. I am very impressed by the many yidden, especially the chassidim, who escorted him to his resting place. I was even more impressed by the caring and ahavas yisroel they showed towards Mr. Grossman’s relative. May she be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

    23. I attended the levaya and there was an outpouring of thousands, not hundreds, of men, women, bochrim, etc; from all walks of life. Had he died obscurely in prison or elsewhere, no one would have even known there ever existed a Martin Grossman. I do admit that the car announcing the upcoming levaya made it appear as tho an great gadol was being put to rest, but nonetheless, he must have had a tremendous zchus avos or zchus atzmo, perhaps with a Nikolsburg connection, for him to deserve such a send-off. Yes, he suffered greatly for years, but putting what he did aside, just remember no good deed goes unrewarded and may that be a lesson for us all.

      In regards to #46 wanting to pay respects to his family, first of all, I haven’t heard of any family and second you can always send a note. It does not appear as tho anyone is sitting shiva for him.

      • Martin’s Mother and Father are deceased as is his grandparents. The only surviving members are his and and myself, his first cousin. I also was at the levaya and can not express to everyone there how much the outpouring of compassion and honor meant to me and my family and most of all Martin.

        • What about Martin’s aunt, Rosa Melton, who visited him on the day of his execution? She was mentioned by name in several news stories, but there was no mention of a cousin.

    24. This is INSANE!! Prior to 2 weeks ago, how many people knew his name? At that time, if someone said there was a man who killed an officer 25 years ago and was sentenced to death and now wants clemency because he found religion, ALL of you would have said no, let him die! But since he is Jewish then we should say yes. A Tzadik?? I dont think so. This is how they treat a murderer, but they disparage MO rabbonim all the time.
      His execution should be a kapparah b/c no soul (Jewish or not) should suffer, but to call him a tzadik, and have a huge funeral is ridiculous.
      I expect to see all of you protesting when the 9/11 masterminds are put to death b/c they too have found religion

        • None of this is against him. Its against the people who make him a martyr. The man did teshuva, thats wonderful. However, by living in this country, there are laws and if you break them you face punishment. The State of Florida believes in the death penalty (personally I dont, in order to prevent an innocent person from being put to death).
          What I have a HUGE problem with is the calling him a “tzadik”, cars through the neighberhood calling out his funeral. He should have had a small, proper Jewish funeral. Stop making him out to be a role model. He is not

    25. If someone (could be YOUR son or daughter) causes a car accident where there are casualties, and the driver is also r”l killed, does he not deserve a levaya and proper burial? He was an achzor. His reckless driving led to people being killed.
      Compare it to the Grossman incident. What he did caused a lot of heartache to the Post family. He was in your view an achzor. Why does he not deserve the same levaye and burial as the car driver?

      And to all of you who are ashamed to be jewish, I wonder if your kids will even want to remain jewish. Here comes the next generation of jew haters, sadly they are from inzer machne.

      • Great analogy. Someone who accidentally causes deaths and a guy who beats someone severely and then shoots her point-blank in the head.

        What’s next, comparing Grossman to a heroic and innovative heart surgeon who accidentally causes the death of a patient? How much can we elevate this guy?

    26. There is a jail in Israel that has a bal teshuva program. Inmates that are intrested can biuld there connection with the ribono shel olam. This program has a 80% success rate in no repeat crime.
      It may be true that the only reason he did teshuva is because he was in prison, but who cares teshuva is teshuva some people do teshuva because they loose there money, some because they loose a family member RL and some because they’re in prison and realize that they have no one to turn to but the ribono shel olam.
      May his teshuva be accepted, may he rest in peace and be a melits yosher for klal yisrael.
      Don’t forget Hashem gives everyone they need in order to bring them closer to him. He gave Martin Grossman this.

    27. Al pi din a) a Noachide (secular) court does not have jurisdiction over a yehudi, b) a Noachide (secular) court does not have authority to impose misa on a yehudi, c) without 2 witnesses who provided warning beforehand there is no death penalty d) And in any event there no death penalty by any human court – even Beis Din – when a yehudi kills a nochri (see Meshech Chochmah where it says it is only applicable Bidei Shamayim.)

      And therefore, as a result of the above, every yehudi has a legal obligation of pikuach nefesh in saving this yehudi.

      See Chazon Ish Bava Kama 10:15, Meiri, Bava Metzia 83b and can be implied from Rambam, Hilchos Rotzeach 2:4 and Tosafos, Sanhedren 20b; R. Moshe Sofer, Chasam Sofer Likkutim responsa no. 14.

    28. I hope many of you cry babies will name your children after this righteous “tzaddik”. Maybe you can have a special commemoration every year on his behalf. And maybe the real morons can say he died because he was a Jew and you can visit his grave every year and treat him as you would any other great Rebbi.Your tears are so heartfelt but so misdirected because it is the biggest chilul Hashem to date.

    29. This man’s last words were:

      Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echod.

      This man did a full teshuva on his deathbed. The biggest murderer can do a full teshuva on his deathbed, and leave this world as the biggest Tzadik.

    30. Just imagine your mother was working in a grocery store, and some goy came in with a gun. When your mother threatened to report him, he attacked her, overpowered her, and shot her in the head and left her to die. He them got caught and convicted. While in prison, he found God and became a very religious Christian, preaching love and forgiveness. The state then decides to execute him. Where would your sympathy lie? I’ll bet less than 3 people on this blog would side with the murderer. Everyone would say his conversion was a joke.
      Why do people have this sympathy for Grossman? Just because he happened to be born Jewish, and supposedly did teshuva?
      Now suppose they execute this Christian murderer, and the Christians give him a tremendous funeral with honor. What would you all think? The cries of Anti-Semitism would be defeaning. What do you think the Parks family is feeling now?

      • You obviously don’t know much about this.His doing tshuvah wasn’t the major or only claim.p.s.when a nonjew murdered a jew in staten island far less posters here complained about his very light sentence,compared to the amount of posters on this topic calling for the jew’s excution.

      • To #103

        1. He did not get a tremendous funural. just a classic jewish levaya and burial.
        2. The family got what they want. The rest is up to those who care about him.
        3. Usually, all people want is justice. In this case , depending on what you believe, justice was done. Case closed.
        4. The Parks family had the revenge they wanted by witnessing the execution.
        5. Deep down, even the victims family knows that it was not a premeditated murder. All they want is closure, They got that.

        Too many VIN posters would have been happy if they would have hung him in the Village square.

        • The revenge they wanted? I believe they wanted to see him punished to the full extent of the law. That’s what every victim’s family wanted. And, from what I read online, that’s what plenty of people who had no relationship with the Parks wanted. Kill a cop? You’re in big trouble. That’s one of the ways we protect our brave officers of the law.

          They know it was premeditated because it was. Maybe Grossman could have stopped himself after clobbering her once. Maybe after the 10th time. Maybe the 20th? 30th? Or maybe he could have kept himself from shooting her in the head like a thug. How would you like to have been the person who had to come upon that car after he fled the scene? Being shot in the head is not pretty.

          Nobody wanted to see him hung in the village square. But it’s true that some people thought the punishment was just, and it’s bizarre that he’s been given the adulation we might expect for a dead rebbe, not a dead murderer.

    31. So far Shea (#13) makes the most sense. It does seem that we pick and choose causes to take up (and without and guidance from gedolim, I might add). It seems mighty odd that there is such a tremendous outcry to defend Pollard who was PAID to spy for israel AND SOUTH AFRICA. Where was the Jewish outcry when Ethel Rosenberg (and her husband) were executed and her innocence was a real possibility. Is it because Pollard put on a yarlmuke or because he was paid by Israel ? Then untenable defense of Pollard & Grossman and to a lesser degree: Rubashkin is wrong. There is no other way to put it. We are beyond parochial and it’s detrimental in many ways.
      The next issue #13 addresses is the incongruousness occurring when we refuse to forgive and extend understanding to a person like Mr. Dwek. While it is difficult to defend his actions-at least his tzadaka,his painful predicament he found himself in, coupled with his really being part of the community rather than a jailhouse yarlmuke wearer deserves AT LEAST the compassion we have shown to truly heinous individuals.

      • Right, except that are actions are governed by what it says in Shulchan Aruch not the way our emotions or logic would dictate makes more sense. Shulchan Aruch says Dwek is a moser with all that it entails and that Martin Grossman is entitled to compassion and a Leviyah and kever Yisrael, not withstanding what he might have done 26 years ago.

    32. The Nikolsburg Rebbe is a true Ohev Yisrael, loves every Jew and always preaches about Achdus and the mitzvah to be dan Lekaf Zechus. He spoke at the Levaya gainst the use of of drugs which robs a persons soul, body & mind, and that the fact that this has brought some Achdus between Yiden from all walks of life, even when they don’t know each other. I had the honor of meeting the Rebbe when he came to our town and I was truly impressed on his Ahavas Yisrael without judgement.

    33. A respectful funeral — yes. Interceding for clemency while he was alive — legitimate. Kaddish — yes (for 12 months, I would suggest). Feeling bad for his family (and for the Park family) — all very legitimate. The zatzals, the excessive tears, the excessive adulation that seems to be going on — all going overboard. And the ‘meilitz yosher’ comment — absurd.

    34. to comment 87, first understand the concept fo teshuva and than you will sing a different song. if someone does teshuvah and received a harsh punishment, perhaps he may have turned out to be bal teshuvah. learn shmiras haloshon. it is good for the mouth and nerves!!!!!!! mussar never hurts.!!!!!

    35. Mass murderes who dont regret their act and who will do it again dont get the death penalty
      Jew killers, who are a threat and dont repent dont get the death penalty and are out in a few year.
      But this guy who the police had a inmate lie and reduced his sentence and certainly was not a threat was given the dealth penaly
      Of couse the police officer family wanted closure but so do the mass victems killers
      so do the jewish victims family of killers and so does everyone who had his loved one killed. ANd so do familys who protest the release of killers . But capital Punishment is given to very select few. and MARTEN GROSSMAN WAS CHOSEN OF THE SELECT FEW..

    36. I’m not surprised by the tumult this has caused, find me three Jews I’ll find you four different opinions. But there should be a few points that everyone can agree on. Martin was once of us, a true blue yid, and regardless of what he did in his life, he is now dead and we do no honor to his memory by arguing. Like every yid, Martin had his nisyonos. He is 100% square with the house in this world, and it is not our business or concern to judge him about what his oilem habah is. That is between him and the RBSO. If his execution brought closure to the Parks family then that is a good thing – they lost a child brutally. Martin certainly showed a lot of people that teshuva can be done in the most extreme conditions, and he showed us how to be responsible for our actions. Let him rest in peace and let the finger pointing, name calling and bickering cease as a tribute to his memory. Whatever he did in this world, he paid for, like I said, he paid his dues. Let him rest in peace.

    37. I am disgusted and horrified at the communal glorification of a murderer. If you swap out the religion of this man and put in Christianity or Islam or Bhuddism or any other religion, there would be none of this. Having been misguided and on drugs at the time is NOT an excuse. I can understand wanting to give him a proper jewish burial, but the ridiculousness of trying to have his execution stayed and the circus of a funeral that followed are a disgrace.

      For all of you claiming him as a tzaddik and a kadosh, I hope your children don’t come to believe that this is what a tzaddik looks like and try to emulate his behavior. But thanks for reminding me once more why I left frumkeit and am relieved not to be raising my children with this insanity.There is a madness on a communal level here that is just sickening.


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