South Fallsburg, NY – Child Fatally Struck In Front Of Yeshiva


    South Fallsburg, NY – A motor vehicle accident at 34 Estate Drive and Laural Park Road in front of Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe, with a 4 year old child that was struck by a van as he stood in the road, and is in serious condition.

    Fallsburg Hatzolah on the scene requesting paramedics to respond in a rush for the 4-year-old child that is in traumatic arrest CPR in progress. Requesting a chopper to be on stand by.

    Child has been transported by Hatzolah and ‘Mobile Medic’ to Harris Hospital in serious condition and has just passed away r”l.

    Fallsburg police Chief Simmie Williams said it’s unclear why the boy was in the roadway. The accident is under investigation.

    Chesed Shell Emes on the scene transporting the body to Monsey, NY.

    The levaya of Avrohom Gershon Tress O”H will be tonight at 8 pm in monsey cemetary on rt. 306.

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    1. Let’s be realistic. Everyone will comment how ‘enough is enough’, ‘Moshiach has to come’, & ‘how come the person was negligent & hit the kid’. The bottom line is everyone will go right back to behaving as they always do! Instead of posting those aforementioned comments, please take a minute to reflect on what you can correct in your lives. Our Bein Odom Lchaveiro is non-existent, our Loshon Hora out of control! Start by working on something small – it will then lead to bigger things. May we hear only Simchos from now on.

      A fellow Jew who loves ‘all’ Jews!

      • It’s a horrifying tragedy regardless of the name. This is so very sad, The child Avrohom Gershon Tress was the son of Elimelch (named after HIS famous grandfater, Mike Elimelech Tress, who died as a fairly young man) who is the son of Avrohom Gershon who died tragically of a fatal illness a few decades ago and left an almanah with a large family.
        The chain of tragedies is that Avrohom Gershon ben Elimelch ben Avrohom Gershon ben Elimelech…….Zechusam Yagen Aleinu.
        I wish the family as much nechamah as they can possibly accept at this nightmarish time.

    2. Following the terrible tragedies of the 2 recent kinderlucht run over by a school bus and car. Maybe just maybe is it possible young children at these ages need more supervision?

      • or maybe just maybe they’re nebech being the korban of us adults who need to mend our ways!?!?!?! EVERYONE should please try to take upon themselves something small now!!

    3. I agree 100% If we have proper Bein Odom Lchaveiro then Klal Yisroel is one. Hashem as we all know loves this and once we are one, the world is ours to enjoy in both ruchnious and gashmious . Bad things leave us alone when we treat each other the right way. Remember the words of Hillil Hatzadik.

      Happy Purim to all !

    4. 22

      When tragedy strikes people tend to wonder perhaps we could’ve done more to help?

      I have a relative who was R’L niftar because help did not arrive on time.
      In both recent tragedies Hatzolah was there withing minutes. At least the families don’t have to grive with the thought that maybe they coulda been saved.

    5. Who is the mother of the child? BDE. Adar is supposed to be a month of simcha! So many tragedies already. How about Reb Liebish Lieser’s daughter in Belgieum. Any update on her condition?

    6. To #22-
      What nerve you have-
      The member responded very quickly and started CPR on a child in traumatic arrest- Gd knows what else was wrong with this boy after not being hit by a car, but for a child who was run over by a car-
      He continued CPR until other help arrived-
      As we all know Gd has his plan etc-
      I sincerely hope you mend your ways or at least keep your ugly comments to yourself next time-
      And by the way, what did you do for Klal Yisroel recently?

    7. BDE. hashem yirachim admosei how much can we suffer, enough is enough mei sheumar liolumo dei yomar L’tzurosane dei so many tragedies this month nebach
      Martin Grossman
      Last week nebich the 5 year old kid from BP hit by a bus on thay way going to yisheva to learn the torah Nebich
      A 25 year old man passed away from New square leaving over a family of young yisomem this terrible tragedy Hashem HELP this month of chodish Ader is suppose 2 be MARBIN B’SIMCHA, so its a wake up call my friends every1 know what they have to work on there owen avares let’s do tshuva all together from now on we should only hear Good News B’seras Toves may we be zocher to mosheach B’kuriv

    8. In the year 2002 a young boy age 14 was molested in this school be very careful sending your children to this institution. The predator’s name is Dovid Goldberg and he has not been reprimanded. For other related inquiries you may contact 646-801-0142.


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