New York, NY – Al Gore: Record-Breaking Snow is Due to Global Warming


    New York, NY – If the never-ending string of snowstorms has you believing global warming is a hoax, Al Gore says think again.

    The former vice president-turned-planet protector insists all that white stuff is just another sign of creeping climate change.

    “Just as it’s important not to miss the forest for the trees, neither should we miss the climate for the snowstorm,” Gore wrote in a wonky Op-Ed for The New York Times.

    “The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth,” he acknowledged.

    “Yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global temperatures have been increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans,” he wrote. And that puts “significantly more moisture into the atmosphere – thus causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow.”

    Even though it feels like we’ve been freezing, too, January was the second-warmest – globally – in the 130 years since records have been kept, records show.

    Gore blames shortsighted politicians and profit-obsessed corporations.

    Nations spew 90 million tons of global-warming pollution into the air every 24 hours, “as if it were an open sewer.”

    The market isn’t going fix this problem, he argues: Politicians have to pass tough new laws, he said. He backed legislation coming up this week in the Senate that would cap carbon emissions.

    “It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization,” he wrote.

    But the evidence says otherwise, he insisted.

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    1. Gore speaks emes…All these unusual natural events including the snowstorms and earthquakes can be traced to global warming so it only reinforces the need for manking to do “environmental tshuvah” and reduce the amounts of carbon gases released into the atmoshphere before its too late. Gore is a visionary and all the jokes will not change the underlying scientific reality of his warnings.

      • According to that (phony) theory, the record cold month of January, worldwide, is due to global warming. To me, when my ears, hands and feet are frozen, it makes no difference whether it’s due to global warming or otherwise. Furthermore, according to this Gibberish, if we cool down the earth, (as if we can control any of this.) we should have record heat. But the perpetrators and perpetuators of this hoax stand to earn big bucks, riding on the backs of naive people who are wiling to follow any trend. Meanwhile, they’re being exposed as the biggest hypocrites, who, themselves ride the largest SUVs and fly private planes while they’d have everyone ride horse-and-buggy or walking.

      • Can you explain to me what exactly in Gore’s words are EMES? I have yet to find one article of his that speaks truth. If you can somehow prove to me the logic behind his whole theory, I will be blown away!

    2. And the cold weather is an arctic breeze Lol
      How about the few warm years was a tropical wind and the world is not warming you hypocrite that has one of the largest carbon footprint

    3. wat a buffoon, they always say global warming. when we didn’t have snow they blamed it on global warming now that we had a lot of snow they still blame it on global warming…. something is very fishy

      But if i get paid 100 grand+ to speak about global warming i’ll defenitely believe it

    4. don’t tell me about late snow storms, my parents always talk about when they had snow on purim and if i recall correctly they even had snow on pesach. so do not tell me about global warming. in addition i was just down in miami and we had to wear winter coats it was so cold.

      • Purim was early this year, its usually in March but now there is no leap year so it was in February. We all know that it snows in February. December, January, and February are the coldest months of the year!

    5. So, #s 2,3,4&5, I guess you’re fine with the fact that more of our children have asthma and we’re getting cancer at younger ages because according to you we have no impact on the world’s environment. Good luck living with your heads stuck in the ground.

      • We are actually living longer and healthier lives. It is just that you hear news quicker from sec to sec. People rather report bad news. I am always collecting great news. Would love to read inspiring news. how about a web site with good news only won’t last long now will it?

        • we are actually having more kids diagnosed with asthma. Since Sept/ 11 the air in NYC is the worst ever. Ask the pharmacists they distribute packs and packs of albertural and steroids due to wheezing. Ask our parents, they had no idea what a wheezing child means.

      • Nebuch … but what makes you think you know why, and what would that have to do with the money-grabbing con-job that fat fraud Al Gore calls “Global Warming”?

      • Huh?
        The average lifespan in the US in 1800 was about 35. In 1900 it was about 47.
        Today it’s roughly 78.
        Technological innovation certainly can be a double-edged sword, being a boon on one hand, and having deleterious effects on the other. But, overall, we are far, far longer lived and more prosperous than ever before, despite what the liberal media would like you to believe.
        Is there a greater statistical incidence of certain cancers and other diseases? Maybe. Or perhaps there are more people living longer, including the millions who typically died in childbirth or before their teens, who are now reaching adulthood. And add to that the idea that many people died “of natural causes” in the old days, without medical science documenting it as cancer altogether.

        And even if it’s true that environmental change has been wrought, at least on a minimal level, by man, isn’t the net result better? More people living longer, happier, more comfortable lives? Or would you prefer the world to revert to what it was before the industrial revolution?

        Just whose head is stuck in the ground, hmmmm?

      • OK, Mr. Anonymous, can you link me to a graph showing growing rates of asthma affliction in children over the last 1000 years? Can you demonstrate that cancer is affecting people at younger ages now than in the year 1400 CE? Also, how do you statistically account for the rampant poor dietary choices and lack of exercise in the US population in determining the cause of any of these alleged effects of global warming?

      • Some think that we have more diseases today, but it’s because we are better at detecting diseases than in generations past. Those diseases often went undetected in the past. People just seemed to die of “natural causes” back then.

        Life expectancy has been rising by about 2.5 years per decade, because of better ability to detect, treat, and (possibly) cure diseases – be it asthma (which I have), cancer, or other sicknesses.

      • No one is saying that there isn’t an impact on the environment. Human beings are definitely corrupting and polluting the air, and it is worthwhile to seek out alternative fuel sources etc. However, to be so naive as to say that Global Warming is the cause of all weather related discrepancies or unusual trends is ridiculous! l Gore, in particular, a man whose hypocrisy knows no bounds, certainly is not the divine prophet to foretell of doom and gloom.
        As believing Jews, we know that H. causes everything to happen. The wacky temperatures, the violent earthquakes, etc. are all simanim for US, the yidden. It is the zman of Moshiach and abnormal fluctuations in the ‘natural’ scheme of things have been predicted. We have to do Teshuva and internalize the mesage of all these tsunami’s, earthquakes, etc. before it reaches us, Chas V’SHolom.

        • Actually, humans are not “corrupting and polluting the air”; the environment has been steadily getting better for decades. See Bjorn Lomborg’s book.

          • We are polluting the air, but we are doing less of it. Two big contributors were:

            (1) The Clean Air Acts enacted in the US in the 1970s.

            (2) The fall of Communism. Capitalist nations have done a much better job at protecting the environment.

      • No, we’re not getting cancer at younger ages than people did before. And nor are cancer rates increasing. Your so-called “facts” are about as good as Gore’s.

        • Part of the reason that this is true is that we’ve been very successful at eliminating other forms of death – it’s still pretty hard to beat cancer. So, people that would have died of infection or automobile crashes a generation ago are living longer, and some of them, R’L, develop cancer.

    6. One word tipesh but to all posters here it happens to be that all scientistes agree on global warming the only disagreement is if it’s man made or not

      • Do you mean the scientists at the CRU that cooked their data and at the IPCC that based their policy decisions on non peer-reviewed articles in Scientific American? Yeah, they all agree on global warming even though their information has been proven to be not credible.

      • So now you are going to tell me that you believe everything scientists say? How about evolution? All scientists agree on that subject as well!

          • Since 1880, sure. Nobody disputes that. In 1880 we were still climbing out of the Little Ice Age. But the bulk of the increase since 1880 happened before 1950, long before the increase in atmospheric CO2. Since 1950 there have been ups and downs, and right now we’re down. There has been no warming since the turn of the century, and in the last year or two there has been significant cooling. The belief that the trend remains up is held purely on faith, and the only reason to cling to it is that it is used to justify massive government intrusion into the economy.

    7. I want to ask the oilem a favor. Pretend this is a serious subject, and pretend you are serious people capable of logic and analysis. Argue with Gore on the basis of facts, not narishkeit.
      He presents a hypothesis, that with more atmospheric heat, there is more percipitation. If you can disprove it , we’re very eager to hear. If you have any source that sheds light on this, we’re very eager to hear too.
      If your strongest argument is that Gore is a shoita, or even a hypocrite, because of his own carbon use, I am not impressed with that reasoning.

      • The biggest refutation is that whenever there’s a drought he says global warming is responsible for that too. So which is it? Does it cause increased precipitation or decreased? What would it take to convince you that global warming is *not* happening? What would it take to convince algore?

      • There may be more atmospheric heat, but man did not cause it. There are natural cycles and periods in history of colder and warmer temps. The warming is said to be due to the activity of sunspots, of which there have been unusually few recently according to scientists. It’s got nothing to do with carbon, which is necessary for plant life. Man does not have the power to change the climate over the entire globe. That’s just absurd, and the whole scam has been exposed as a giant hoax.

    8. You must understand that global warming isn’t about the temperature in Boro Park or Miami, but a yearly average temperature world wide. It apparantly is up a degree or 2 in recent years. The amount of snow has nothing to do with temperature – if it percipitates and it’s below 32 you get snow not rain. I remember some very cold winters in the past and this wan’t one of them.

      It will take hundreds of years for global warming to have any significant effect, but for long term investment I would suggest that you buy stock in companies that produce air conditions and bathing suits rather than snow shovels and thermal underwear.

      • This “yearly average temperature” argument is a load of backpedalling BS recently trotted out to validate the glaring stupidity of those who bought in to the Global Warming farce.

        In fact, all the so-called “warming data” that are the basis of these so-called “averages” comes from strategically placed temperature monitoring equipment, which are relocated from time to time, and hardly for the period of time necessary to draw any definitive conclusions about long term historical climate trends.

        As for investing in companies that manufacture warm weather products in anticipating an event that may or not occur for hundreds of years, allow me to add long-term investment advice to the list of things you seem to know little about.

        Unless of course you recommend investing in cap and trade funds, such as the one owned by Al Gore. If he gets his way (i.e., passing of cap and trade legislations), I can really rake in the dough — just like Al.

    9. Also your parents having snow on Pesach is a very cute story, but somehow can’t be called science. Even “just down in miami and we had to wear winter coats it was so cold” is very fascinating, but falls short.

    10. Al Gore is no buffoon. This supersize cheeseburger oif tzvei feess has an ‘oisgecheshbent’ agenda. It is you fools who fight to the death for his narishkeit like mind-numb robotic parrots (despite the obvious and the logical) who are the clowns.

    11. You people are so oblivious and mindless! There has always been a concept of climate change. One year it is really cold, the next it is really warm. It keeps changing, it is NATURAL! Any of you ever heard of the dust bowl in the 1930’s!?!? But before that it was freezing durring the time of the Great Depression……Read some history, and if Hell freezes over, Al Gore will still say its because of Global Warming!

    12. Remember kids;

      If it is too hot outside it is due to Global Warming.
      If it is too cold outside it is due to Global Warming.
      If it is too wet outside it is due to Global Warming.
      If it is too dry outside it is due to Global Warming.
      If the weather is just right it is only weather and not indicative of a lack of Global Warming.

    13. I kind of wish there was global warming – this winter has been pretty brutal (remember the cold “snap” in December-January, plus all the snowstorms) – but whether there is or isn’t, there is no way that the Ribono Shel Olam put us in an unsustainable world. We have plenty of chiyuvim in this world to make sure that we get to the next one intact. Ani Ma’amin B’emunah Sheleima – even if Gore was right, and a thousand years from now the world would cease to exist, Moshiach will be here long before then. Let’s try to focus on what’s really important to us.

    14. It’s amazing how people are willing to heap scorn on the scientific community when their findings don’t concur with your personal outlook. Yeah, yeah, science knows nothing about global warming, they know nothing about evolution, they know nothing about the age of the universe, etc because it doesn’t agree with what you’ve come to believe. Yet you risk your life on their findings daily. You fly in an airplane and it doesn’t fall out of the sky. You take medicine and get better. etc. Now I am not saying that science is always correct, but the scientific process is proven. It’s extremely arrogant for someone who has never even studied the data to even have an opinion on weather or not global warming exists. It would be akin to Louis Farrakhan disagree with you on pshat on a rashba in Bava Kama. You know nothing about the subject, but you have an opinion. How silly.

        • That would depend how you define “on par”. Obviously it’s a completely different field, but the scientific process remains true in all areas of science. Scientists do not build airplanes. Airplanes are designed based on scientific findings. Those findings came about through the same scientific process.

          • No, they didn’t. The scientific method depends on *repeatable experiments*. Every finding that forms the basis of aircraft design came out of that process. *None* of this so-called “climate science” does.

            • While repeatable experiments are important, we have learned much from observational science. We never had an “experiment” to see if cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. But it does.

            • It does, and the evidence for it is overwhelming. But if it were not overwhelming we would be right to be skeptical of it, precisely because it hasn’t been formally proven. In the case of “second-hand smoking” the evidence is much much thinner, and therefore it should not be regarded as a fact. But even that case is much stronger than that for this so-called warming.

        • I hit post comment before I finished my thought.

          Your question is beside the point. After all is said and done, it doesn’t matter in the slightest bit if the science is on par or not. The point is, people pick and choose what to accept based on their beliefs. Nobody sits and studies the advanced dynamics of flight to decide if they agree or disagree with the science before boarding a jetliner. The same way, nobody (or very few) sat down and thoroughly studied the scientific data before arriving at the conclusion that it’s junk science. It’s a knee-jerk reaction based on a predisposition.

      • I don’t know about you, but I don’t fly in an airplane based on my trust in scientific studies, for that there is a G-d to believe in. And while medicine has proven effective and should be taken based on the prescription of a physician the Gemara clearly states prescribes specific prayers that should be said along with the medicine because it is G-d who heals not medicine.

      • Laz please answer the following two questions.
        1) I put a roast beef in a sealed flask and irradiate it to kill bacteria. I then put in the atmosphere of your choice, keep the flask at the temperature of your choice, subject to the Light/radiation of your choice, How long do I have to wait before the first bacteria will appear in my sealed flask?
        Correct Answer: Science says never. A guy named Louie Pastuer debunked abiogenesis about 140 years ago.
        2) If my sealed flask that contains all the building blocks of life and was in fact walking and breathing a week ago will never support life, then tell me: A hundred billion gazillion years ago (limisporum) when there was no RNA, DNA, Amino acids, proteins, or lipoids, and science says abiogenesis doesn’t happen, where did the first living cell come from? Assuming the fallacious stance that given enough time anything can happen, I will grant one miracle and “POOF” you have a living cell, with a 5 second life expectency in the relatively hostile environment of the prebiotic soup with no means of reproduction. So where did the second cell come from? If you can’t answer that question, evolution is moot.

    15. Thhis FERD thinks the whole world listens to his garbage little does he know about climatgate that they discovered this whole hoax – im freezing my TUCHES off from Global Cooling & THIS NEVEILA still gives out his sewer from his mouth / so stop flying w ur Jets Mr. Hypocrit (AL-Arebia) Gore

    16. The emails that the hackers released showed the whole global warming is a conspiracy. I agree that people shouldn’t ruin the world, but not because i believe in global warming but because hashem created a beautiful world and we shouldn’t destroy it. Our focus should be to go green. which means we use hashems world to the best of our ability with out ruining it. Let bush sell his airplanes his houses and go live in a forest!

    17. I am wondering if global warming might be causing an increase in earthquakes. I would think you can’t add the weight of even a few inches more sea water in uneven depth all over the globe without changing the stress balances that push on fault lines.

      • Nu!! Shoiteh!! It’s just the opposite. It’s all these earthquakes that are causing global warming. Because earthquakes cause a lot of buildings and trees to fall down, which means there’s a lot less shade. With less shade, of course it’s getting hotter!!!

      • What “weight of a few inches more sea water”? How does an increase in the volume of sea water change its mass? Or are you talking about new water that didn’t use to be in the sea? If so, where is this extra sea water coming from? And how is “global warming” supposed to be creating it?

    18. Al Gore did not invent the theory of global warming, as the huxters on the reactionary right would have us believe. It was Svante Arrhenius, noted Swedish scientist, who discovered the phenomenon in 1896. He went on to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903. Arrhenius actually thought that global warming was a desirable outcome inasmuch as it would create more arable land with which people could plant crops. The huxters would have us believe that all scientific analysis should have the same outcome, namely, the Democrats are wrong and the Republicans are right. Unfortunately, the world’s problems cannot be defined by such a simple construct. We should be the caretakers of our planet, as we are proscribed to do in the Chumash, and forget about Democrats and Republicans. Let us not look for excuses to escape our responsibilities. Our greatest responsibility is to keep our eyes and ears open and to allow the scientists to entertain and to test their scientific theories. The politicians will never fail to entertain us on page 1 of all the tabloids with all their sordid exploits and the huxters will spread around enough loshon hora to keep our worst appetites.satiated.

    19. G-d has no control in the running of the world. He has no control of the world’s temperatures. In fact He should just retire already.

      • The biggest proof that all the “dooms day’ers” are 100% wrong and full of Apikurses is the fact that their “CHESHBONOS” never take in to consideration that the world is only 5770 year old.

        If they don’t know their elbow from their other end, how can we rely on any of their other Klomersht, “scientific cheshbonos” based on shtus of the age of the world.

        Only someone who has a head of a monkey, because he thinks his grandfather was a monkey can think the world is coming to an end.

        Whoever believes in a Bore Olom Umanhigoy, can sleep well at night.

    20. All of the strange things that are happening with the weather are caused by Global Warming. I don’t know why frum Jews seem to get such a charge out of being so ignorant about the environment.

      • You are so right! I’ve asked many frum Jews about their positions on global warming, and practically all of them say that it is all a hoax. But if you ask just one of them if they have read Al Gore’s book “An Inconvenient Truth” or seen the video with the same name, they say”: “I wouldn’t touch that trash, I don’t have to read it or see it, I know what’s in it.” How about his latest book, “Our Choice”, which starts with a preface quoting from Devarim, Chapter 30, verse 10: “I’m giving you the choice of life or death, You can choose either blessings or curses?” Same response: “Hoax, hoax, it’s all a hoax, I would not support that awful person by buying a copy. How about borrowing it from the library? Same answer:”Hoax, hoax, it’s all a hoax.”

        Galileo had a problem similar to that of Gore when, in 1633, he tried to convince Pope Urban VIII that the earth revolved around the sun, and for that the Pope put him under house arrest for “vehement suspicion of heresy”. But that’s another story.

        • would you read the “new” testament? y not? If you believe AlGore’s book then you could believe the NT and you could believe in claus and the bunny too.

          Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, ADMITTED that global warming was a lie and that there was no evidence of warming since 1995!!!!!! Since the papers in the USA wouldn’t dare pick up such a story, I would suggest you check out the British papers such as the Times of London.

          When will you who obviously worships the Avoda Zora of Man Made Global Warming realize that you have been duped????? The whole thing is a complete FARCE!

        • In speaking on the Chile earthquake, Prez Obama went out and made his appearance on a lawn at the White House. He made the statement on Tsunami Saturday afternoon. At the end of his statement, he said, “We can’t control Mother Nature.” He was trying to comfort the people of Chile. “Eh, things happen. We can’t control Mother Nature.”

          We can’t control Mother Nature, but apparently we can stop Mother Nature dead in her tracks if we simply revert our lifestyles back to the Stone Age like all the Hoaxers want us to do.

    21. That the Earth is growing warmer is a fact. It gets warmer and colder in cycles, which is why we have mini ice ages every X number of years, and great cooling every X number of years.

      The melt-offs are as cyclical as the cold. However, the current hysteria is NOT deserved. Yes, the polar caps will melt. There may be some small rise in the levels of the oceans, we may experience less wetland and less fresh water run off. These things have happened before and will happen again. The rise is water levels will come from thermal expansion (when water gets warmer, it takes up more space) however, there won’t be a deluge. Ice is not as dense as water, melt water will take less room than the ice does.

      If you want to know a piece of evidence that discounts our CO2 emissions as the cause (what the global warming experts say is true) then you can say that the true correlation between a hotter planet and CO2 lies with solar winds. You see, it takes ions to form clouds. In periods of greater solar activity, the ions are blown away from the planet and don’t help to generate cloud cover in the atmosphere. Less clouds = more direct light from the sun = more heat.

      Continued in next post

    22. … Continued from Part 1:

      That heat warms the oceans and forests, and on our best day we can’t compete with the exhalations of CO2 from these sources. I won’t even mention geothermal activity.

      Want to see proof for yourself? Go take a close look at the numbers that form the chart Al Gore uses in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. While I admire his passion, the numbers are far more interesting than that first glance allows. You see, the C02 levels follow the warming trends – yes, FOLLOW. The CO2 levels rise AFTER the heat. Then you can take a look at the relationship between solar activity and warming trends on the Earth. The correlation is staggering.

      Should we pay attention to our planet and try to reduce our pollutants? Absolutely. But this hysteria means that Global Warming is the ’cause de jour’ and we’re spending a lot of research money in fewer areas. We can’t get better budgets for finding near-earth objects, for instance.

      Human beings are adaptable. We have lived on a warmer earth, we adapted to ice ages, and we will learn to live in warm ones — and this will happen. It is inevitable; we can’t control the Earth’s orbit nor solar activity.

    23. Hashem created the world and He makes it run al pi teva.but, He can also make it seem like nature is running amok If there’s global warming or snow in July it is all due to Hashem. I am not worried, Moshiach is in the air.

    24. I came across an interesting viewpoint in an article, today, which pointed out how we are still in the middle of a warming-period within an Ice-Age and that scientists, during a period of minor cooling in the 50s/60s were worried that we were reentering the Ice-Age.I realise that you are likely a global-warming-advocate but, if one were to reduce manmade contribution to climate to zero, how long would you estimate that we would have left, on average, given previous Ice-Ages/Interglacial periods etc., before we encountered Ice-Age conditions again?

      Secondly, it has also been stated that, without carbon dioxide, the Earth would just be an ice-ridden hell, including the oceans. It was always my understanding that the Earth was situated within a “habitable temperature-zone” where it could neither be completely covered in ice nor filled with Venus-like conditions. If CO2 is indeed a factor helping to heat up the Earth, then how much closer would an airless/CO2-less Earth have to be to the Sun in order to have standard Earth-type temperatures(c.21 degrees Centigrade?)?

    25. I just did a huge research paper and basically what I am coming up with is global warming is not real and not happening. The cooling during the 50’s and 60’s was associated with a cool phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation which switches every 30 years or so. Right now were reaching the end of our warm phase and entering the cool phase again. As you said, CO2 is not what is the problem, it is actually good for us and helps ozone concentration. Methane is the problem not CO2.

    26. Gore is correct. Anyone who passed junior high school physical science knows that warm air can hold more moisture. That means heavier rains and snowfalls. But the snow can melt more rapidly and that is exactly what happened in northern New England this year. In mid February there was no snow on the ground in much of Vermont.

      You can claim that global warming is a hoax, but it is as much a hoax as was the holocaust. The questions are how much is due to human involvement and what should be done about it.

      • Charlie, you must still be shikkir from Purim When there is no snow, its global warming. When there is snow, its global warming. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

        We know that Phil Jones, the head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, ADMITTED that global warming was a lie and that there was no evidence of warming since 1995!!! THE EMAILS WERE A HOAX!!

        I realize it is hard to believe you were duped but the sooner you admit to it, you will be doing yourself a great service.

        Even if you were to say the temps are up by 0.000000001 degrees in the last 5770
        years, there is NOTHING man can do to stop that from changing. Man DOES NOT run the world and we cannot change anything.

        You Hoaxers really need to realize that one volcano erupting puts more into the air than ANYTHING we could do. Will you complain to G-d when that happens? Maybe G-d has no control? Being that one who believes man controls the earth’s temps is an apikores, that means you really need to do a cheshbon ha’nefesh because apikorsim go someplace hotter.

      • Charlie, Its part of the BIG LIE and you are falling for it hook, line, and sinker!!

        They have to put some truth in a lie to make it believable.

        • Charlie, look at this guy’s name and then read his message. Someone who’d excitedly listen to Sarah “I can see Putin rear his head” Palin at a convention.

          I can’t believe how the mighty have fallen. Not too long ago, Jews were known for their intelligence. Scientists should study what happened to our collective IQ.

          • The problem is assimilation. Instead of following the Jewish tradtion of critical thought, we have bought into non-Jewish haskafot like laissez-faire capitalism and dogma superceding observation. Rambam must be turning over in his grave.

    27. I don’t know about that. The Jews who are most intensely espousing absurd theories are the ones who are least assimilated. On the other hand, politics makes strange bedfellows, and they’ve aligned themselves with the extreme Right Christians, historically not the sharpest knives in the drawer. It’s brought out some real ugliness — somebody on one of these sites told me I’m going to burn in Hell recently. Since when do Jews say that to one another?


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