Middletown, NY – FBI Impersonator Picks Wrong House for Home Invasion, The Chief Of Police


    FILE PHOTOMiddletown, NY – Police say a man impersonating an FBI agent with a search warrant tried to con his way into a home in the First Ward on Monday — but he picked the police chief’s house.

    Middletown and state police say Santiago Contreras, 20, knocked on Chief Ramon Bethencourt’s door at 9:18 a.m., said he was with the FBI, flashed ID – actually a resident alien ID card – and held up a sheet of paper he claimed was a search warrant allowing him to search the home.

    Bethencourt immediately asked to see the ID again, police said, and Contreras left. Police found him shortly afterward on Irwin Avenue – with plastic gloves and a homemade plastic shank tucked up the sleeve of his jacket.

    Read more at Times Herald Record

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        • How do you know it was his first house and not the 10th house where he got unlucky… Funny how the internet gives those who have no brains to voice a reasonable response scream at the top of their lungs…read before you speak

      • An FBI agent must always present a badge with an ID card that is very hard to reproduce. There are water marks and finger print on the ID. You will not find an authentic current issue FBI badges on ebay so easily. Almost all are cheap miniature sized knock offs.

    1. And the other day there was the stoty of a guy who pulled over a motorist impersonating a police officer only to realize that he tried pulling a police officer. My question is are so many of these guys getting it right that we don’t hear about, and we only hear about the ones that screw up, or is it these guys are such shlomazels that they can never get it right.

      • hey BP MOM maybe you should go watch your kids and get a job instead of worying about others and living life on the internet cus wen ur kids end up on here we’ll be having a HYSTERICAL laugh about it =]]]

    2. A dissapointing story………like a joke with a fouled up punch-line- I would have liked to have read that the Chief shot him dead. All cops I know, as well as sensible citizens answer the door ( other than for friends/relatives) with a gun at the ready. This can be done discretely (such as behind a newspaper).


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