New York – Exclusive: Making The Leap From Music To ??? What Is Next For Lipa Schmeltzer? [video]


    One of the pages of the New Lipa HagadaNew York – There are singers and there are singers. Lipa Schmeltzer is not just another singer.

    Case in point: Lipa’s newest release, which contains no audio whatsoever. Entitled Lipa’s Hagada, this full color, laminted, hard covered Hagada, has stunning photos of Lipa Schmeltzer as he takes you through the Pesach Seder, Lipa style. Instead of complicated commentaries, his varying facial expressions convey the emotions that comprise the Pesach Seder, making the nuances of this pivotal night accessible to anyone of any age.

    With this, Lipa’s latest venture, the Chassidic superstar is marketing himself in a way that no Jewish singer has ever done before. It took time to find a product that would be easily accepted by the mainstream market, yet still retain that Lipa-esque flair that has become the trademark of this beloved singer.

    It was this past January that Lipa decided to do a book. Three nights before the January 10th HASC concert, Lipa returned from a trip to Eretz Yisroel to find that his dining room had been transformed into a mock Pesach Seder. The photo shoot took place that very night and the rest of the Hagada was pulled together the following week. The result? A Pesach hagada that is a visual delight, sure to entertain young and old alike.

    In an exclusive interview with VIN News, Lipa explained his desire to branch out into other venues. “I try to give out my feelings in a lot of ways. I want to enhance people’s lives in any way I can. If I can make the sedarim more interesting for kinderlach, if they can not make noise because they are enjoying my hagada, then I am helping people. This will help a lot of people by the sedarim. Everyone and anyone can use this hagada.”
    Page 27 in the Hagada
    Next up for this talented performer? Aside from a new album, due out May 16th, which he promises will be “absolutely crazy”, Lipa is already thinking ahead to his next book, possibly Megillas Esther. Lipa admitted that he has contemplated other Lipa-branded items as well and has considered the possibility of doing clothing and eyewear lines. Will swirling multi-colored bekeshes appear in heimishe menswear stores? Will distinctive rainbow hued eyeglasses be featured at our local opticians? Lipa declined to offer any more details when pressed for details on future product lines, but promised to continue to keep on delighting his fans in new and varied ways.

    Watch below exclusive full interview with Lipa about his new Hagada conducted for VIN News by Yossi Zweig of

    Interview was filmed in Plaza Dining, Brooklyn NY.
    Filmed By: Video Maven-Yossi Tepper
    Produced and Directed By: IntelligentNoise –

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    1. Very nice interview, a person with a lot of live energy and krizmah lets wish him a lots of HATZLUCHA for his new adventure, you live and learn to be always BSIMCHA…

      • what an idiotic problem u came up with, first define a rock star and then explain the problem of being one, people like you are the reason why so many of our kids leave the community, cant you see the good in people and leave it at that? why are you so negative minded? lipa goes through shive medire gehenum everyday from this so called askanim that whoever knows them personalities will tell you how good and frum they are…
        Lipa i love your work i would even go for a kvitel to you(without a pidyon 😉 ) you are as holy as most of our rabanim.
        remember pnei hador k’pnei hakelev…

    2. While this is a first on the Jewish celebrity scene, in the regular world of entertainment this happens every day. People who become popular for some reason or another become a brand name. They then try to attach that name to anything and everything to try make some money. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn’t. Every actor tries to sing. Every singer tries to act. Every athlete tries to sing and act. They all try to sell clothing.
      Lipa missed a crucial stepping stone though. They all start with perfume/cologne. All of them. I believe Lipa can be very successful in this market. Here are some ideas he can use. Free of charge. My contribution to jewish stardom.
      First on the block, Mikva scented cologne of course. Chicken soup scented perfume for the misses. Gefilta fish and herring for him, yerushalmi kugel her. Pastrami for him, gala for her. And of course, last but not least, the matching set for the couple that has everything, b/o for him, b/o for her.
      Take that to the bank Lipa.

    3. Jews in general are missing a very important concept. That hashem wants us to be a rainbow coalition nation, comprised of many segments. Hashem wanted 12 shevotim, each essentially with varying traditions. Krias yam suf was accomplished with 12 different lanes, one for each sheivet. Lipa provides a certain exuberance for yiddishkeit that his music brings out. Now he’s giving us this beautiful Hagodoh. Is it for everybody in klal yisroel? Of course not. If Eichler’s and Hecht’s and Berman’s can sell dozens of different Hagodohs, each with various traditions, then Lipa can make an illustrated Hagodoh that will teach through entertainment. This is great for kids and isn’t that what the Pesach seder is all about? Teaching the kids.

      • Very well said, except for your endorsement of us being a “rainbow coalition nation”…that has connotations which are most certainly NOT what Hashem wants from ANY of us. But you’re right on target.

    4. This is Lipa at his best –

      Think of the children being entertaint for hours during the seder with “Yetzias Mitzraim” photos bringing it to live, great idea, which he put to the task right away.

      Chazak Ubaruch!

    5. Fargin is the word missing in too many peoples life.
      Lipa is there for anyone who approaches him.
      He has changed the life of many who may not be so a typical, such as the Ptach boys who use to be hooked on rap music. Today, not only are they fans of Lipa’s music but he has formed a connection with these boys who he hosts willingly.
      Lipa is a person who would have helped me up, when i slipped on a well known grocery in Boro Park. Everyone just stared and walked on, even amigo learned not to help!
      Lipa keep it up!
      Der Zchus zol dir tumid beyshteyn!!
      Lipa deserves all the honor he gets and a lot more!!!
      Just fargin!!!!!

    6. Reb Lipa you are the best. When I grew up there where Hagadas with much worse photos. Next year all chasidisha rebbes will come out with such Hagadas.
      I work in a judaica in Willitown and yes we did sell many by now

    7. Lipa, it was wonderful to work with you on this. I wish you the best of luck! Now to all you haters out there, please go and find something productive to do with your time.

    8. Lipa’s kids being exposed in that Hagudah. You think it’s a good idea???? ( just asking ) On another note. Lipa, I give free English lessons. When you talk, it’s like I hear scratching on a blackboard! OY…..

    9. Embarrasing…. Hearing those two talk is a joke. What happened to jews being “ohr lagoyim”??? This sounds like trash talk in bad english. Jewish ebonics???

    10. Wow! I love Lipa’s work – especially the creativity and positivity that he brings to everything – and loved this interview. Lipa is one of those few people who knows how to strike a balance between knowing and appreciating your own talents and yet humbly acknowledging that all success is from Hashem. What a great human being!

      • Actually, that would be a good idea as one has to know what he is klapping for when saying Al Chait. Being many just do it our of rote because they don’t read the translation or don’t understand, the visual will make them see what they should be thinking of.
        Lipa , keep up the good work!
        Thank you for being there for those who need you!
        To all you who are eager to criticize, think twice!

    11. lipa u r one of a kind what a talent KENEINAHORA u r a gift for klal yisroel ur not just a POSHITA YID may hashem give u lots of koach to keep up with ur good work & bring joy to every yidisha home & keep u safe from this big paparazzi u are brilliant man with gr8 ideas I dono what’s next but I hope its a movie its really time to see u on the big screen already…!!!!

      keep up..!!!

      1 of ur biggest fans..!!!

    12. very well lipa ! finally someone came out with heimishe colorful hagudahs they my kids & orselves will enjoy ….. continu on with your good ideahs ….. i am sure that bzchus your haggadah lots of unknown jews will know what pesech is & hopefullly came back .

    13. Proof that jewish holidays have become commercialized needs no further proof than this. The Pesach Seder is supposed to be about retelling the story of how we left from Egypt, not staring at ridculous pictures of a singer. The idea of being famous has clearly gotten to Lipa’s head, as he now truly believes that any thing he puts his face on will sell. and this is unfortunately true.

      • lipa is entitled to make a living like anybody else. he has b’h family to support, and as long as its not against any din in S’U. Soyou say we should stop printing different kinds of chmash, shas, siddurim etc etcor ant entertainment ,kids books with torah themes, because it as become commercialized.?

    14. i was today in Eichler’s seforim Store in 13 ave and i wanted to buy the Lipa Hagudah, they told me: “Sorry ITS SOLD OUT”!!!
      guys go buy b4 nothing is left for pesach, don’t wait for the last minute….


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