Washington – Axelrod: Israeli Move ‘insulting’


    Washington – The White House isn’t relenting in its strong criticism of Israel for plans to build 1,600 new apartments for Jews in east Jerusalem, which Palestinians are seeking as their future capital.

    Israel announced the construction plans this past week just as Vice President Joe Biden was visiting the region.

    President Barack Obama’s chief political adviser says the Israelis’ action was both an “affront” and an “insult.” David Axelrod tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the move undermines the fragile effort to bring peace to the troubled region. He says the timing of the announcement was “very destructive.”

    Both Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have condemned the move. But Israel’s government has given no indication it would cancel the project.

    You can read more at ABC News

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    1. To Yidden who want certain parts of Eretz Yisroel to be Judenrein, the move is insulting.

      To the rest of us, calling the move “insulting” is far worse.

      But don’t worry, Axelrod, the Jewish dems will vote for you no matter what, r”l.

    2. Am i the only one that is getting fed up with the US telling us where and where not a Jew can live? What would happen if Israel says that Blacks are not allowed to live in Washington??!?!?!
      We were right to be afraid of an Obama administration, and we were right that Hillary would stab Israel in the back.

    3. How nice! an anti semitic self hating jew, lecturing us about our interests? Telling us whats insulting? His being a bullet in our heart and emanual being a knife in our back is what’s killing us! not some construction! With both (emanual and axelrod) being criticized recently, this is their publicity they want to look like the good guys! at israels expense! let them just go bump their head in the wall on the no starter health care bill, be criticized by everybody and not try getting everyone to forget this by bashing israel! They both should rot in hell!

    4. Peace ahean peace ahare! There unfortunatly will never be peace between jews and palistien there is only one diiference now we have a country that consoles us ISRAEL! should israel give up to palestine there still will be no peace we will have no country to console us and then where will we run? ISRAEL we all need u!

    5. What a great thing for America! Israel has given the dimwitted cowards that we elected a chance to be tough and condemn. Netanyahu shouldn’t even blink about this.

    6. Axelrod is trying to get an issue for everyone to focus on while he screws up the President’s agenda. He will be more humble in November when the world realizes just how bad of a job he is doing.

    7. i agree with the Likud MK who recently said Israel/Israelis/Jews must all stand up united and declare that a Jew can live and build wherever he or she wishes in Eretz Yisroel.

    8. You want tto treat the American gov’t thew way you treat the way you treat the Israeli gov’t- take their money and spit on them. Guess what -they do not have to play by your rules -its their football.

      • The US also gives money to Egypt and many other countries who have more self-respect than Israel. They stand up to the US if it’s in their own country’s interest and don’t worry about the money they’re getting. It hurts that the Israeli government is so cowardly and has to “apologize.”

    9. Americans should never forget that this great country was “stolen” from the Native Americans (Indians,) Andrew Jackson waged a war on them, and basically exterminated them. The rest were put in camps (reservations). And Axelrod should never forget that his ancestors were persecuted for centuries in Europe for being Jewish.

    10. Sec. Clinton’s move was insulting to the entire State of Israel and Netanyahu. She owes Netanyahu an apology. She called on shabbat and then issued and long news bulletin which Netanyahu could not defend for over 24 hours. This was a slap in the face to the state of Israel, and an insult to all Jewish people. If we would have done something to take away the sanctity of a Christian holiday, we would never hear the end of it!! But the Christians can do it to the Jews!!! Have they no manners???Courtesy?? What happened to all the federal laws that Hillary as Senator should know by heart??I hope that VIN posts this. By right President Obama should have called Netanyahu, but Netanyahu is only receiving messengers, and not very good ones and that!!!

    11. And who cares what anyone in the USA thinks
      Israel has its owen government and they can decide what they want to do
      Can we stop making a big deal of what the american government said about Israel?

    12. Whether or not you agree with the peace process, the settlements or anything else for that matter, America is Israel’s greatest ally — for the Israelis to make an inflamatory announcement while the vice-president is in town (with the stated mission of restarting the peace talks) is per se insulting, embarressing, and the epitope of “kafoy tov”.

      All that said, I think it was the dimwitted Shas party, who have no agenda other than grab, grab and more grab, that made this announcememt, possibley, without even knowing thaty Biden was in town.

    13. Time Bibi showed who is the boss! Just to teach Axelrod and Clinton a lesson, he should refuse to accept a single penny from America as of RIGHT NOW, and refuse to accept American loan guarantees and military aid too!

      That will teach the Americans not to try to push around Bibi and the big tough Shas guys.

      • Agreed. I’ve been saying for years that Israel should stop taking money from the US. Rabbi Kahana a”h said it many times. We believe in Hashem not in American money. When Israel starts believing and behaving like proud Jews who are protected by Hakodosh Boruch Hu , it will succeed.

        • What you are forgetting is that today the money pales in comparison to the Security Council veto that the United States has used for so many years and is continuing to use to protect Israel.

          Should the U.S. stop, it is likely that economic pressures will be used against Israel.

    14. First Bidden barked and the Israel started shivering in their pants and being apologetic.

      The Result? The US is Barking even more and harder.

      The only CORRECT ANSWER to Bidden and to the USA is for Israel to now change the proposed 1600 apartments to 3,200 instead.

      And each day the the USA continues to bark they should increase it even more.

      If Israel is such a Baby that it needs big daddy USA to tell them when they have permission to drink their bottle, then Israel may as well change the name of Israel to be adopted as a new additional state annexed by the USA.

    15. Did you hear Axelrod condemn Iran for killing it own peace marchers? Or how about the Chinese oppression of Tibet? Surely he must have protested against the anti-semitism of the Chicago triumvirate, Farrakhan, Wright & Phleger?

      No? Well I guess he is the adviser to POTUS for “Jewish” affairs only.

      Even Foxman is beginning to get what this Chicago thugocracy is all about.

      Another self-denying Jew- this Axelrod. shame.

    16. we received the brit with hashem due to the chesed of Avraham Avinu to the melachim. Joe Biden is no moloch, but was a guest. Israel and it’s government,in my opinion should continue to build in Ihr hakodesh, but should alsways remember the midah of hachnoses orchim. The reaction of the US,distasteful and disgusting in so many ways, should remind us of how we must behave toward guests-forget the politics

      • What kind of mashal is that? Israel was at least as hospitable to Biden as Avraham was to his guests. But was Avraham polite about their beliefs? On the contrary; before they set foot in his tent he insisted that they wash the avoda-zara dust off their feet, and after they had eaten he insisted that they thank Hashem and acknowledge His ownership of all that they had eaten, or else they would have to pay for everything at a high premium! It’s a guest’s place to be polite to his host’s beliefs, not the other way around. For a foreign politician to come to a country and pretend that his hosts’ citizens have no right to live in their own capital is the height of chutzpah. Avraham would never have put up with it.

    17. It is time to put all these Erev Rav so called Jews who are only Jews by accident of birth into Cherem.
      Axelrod, Waxman, Emanuel,Ross, Indich, Kurtzer, Soros, Kissinger,Grayson, Yariv Oppenheimer the Secretary General (reminds me of the communists) of Peace Now(suicide later) etc. etc. etc.
      These people have no connection with Jews or Judaism and are kapos helping to destroy Israel. The very fact that they call themselves Jews is insulting to real Jews!


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