Jerusalem – ‘Center against Charedi-phobia’ Opens In Israel


    FileJerusalem – A “Center against Haredi-phobia” was established with the objective of putting an end to the situation where “haredi blood is shed with no consequence,” according to the founders’ words, or at least to enforce compliance with the basic rules of ethics and fairness towards haredim.

    The center’s staff promises to take action against “anti-haredi racism in the media, courts, and government decisions.”

    The center’s first statement issued Tuesday claimed that were the decision on Barzilai not made by a haredi minister, the media and the Left would have “cheered the government for being sensitive to the graves and showing morals and tolerance to the helpless.”

    The statement continued: “When a right-wing government and a haredi (deputy) health minister passed a decision that was already passed by the leftist Olmert government, the liberals went on the attack as if he had sold the country to religion. Is there an explanation for this besides harediophobia and the barrier presented by the beard and kippah worn by Deputy Minister Litzman?”

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      • You know beans. If any one is aiming for a Jewish Theocracy it might be some lunatic fringe Chardals who grew out of the Mafdal camp. The citizens of Meah Shearim would die before establishing a pre-messianic theocracy. That would put them on par with the despised Tziyonim. No, they’d love to see the dismantling of a Jewish State no matter what the form of government and it’s replacement with an Arabian Palestine. They’d probably prefer a caliphate to a Baa’th party government.

        • You consider the denizens of Meah Shearim to be representative of all Chareidim? I was talking about Chareidim as a community, encompassing all the idiots.

    1. “had the decision on Barzilai not made by a haredi minister…the left would have cheered the government for being sensitive to the graves and showing morals and tolerance to the helpless”
      that’s actually not the case, because people aren’t upset that the bones weren’t disturbed at all, the people are upset because the health minister is being controlled by the words of a rabbi who argues with scientists, without even coming to look at the evidence!
      people are upset with their view of the chareidim because they don’t like it when they riot, burn trash cans, steal corpses, attack women, put raspberry syrup on benches, throw rocks, don’t work, take gov’t money without contributing, reap the benefit of a country they don’t believe in, and don’t fight in the military!!
      perhaps they need to start a different kind of center, but instead, teaching how not to make yourselves look like barbarians to the minority members of the chareidim that does these terrible things.

    2. If they want respect they have to give respect! The whole intel fiasco and every other protest where there’s rock throwing, other forms of violence, rioting and destruction as well as fires set to burn garbage and other things does not engender respect. Stop chareidi violence!

      • This sort of charge is (aside from the current context) usually levied (not entirely without reason) at Islamists in Europe, who are said to be using democratic ‘freedoms’ as a way to install theocracy/restore the caliphate. It has not

        The Nazis YSVZ were not religiously uniform, with some clinging to a form of Christianity, others rejecting it entirely, considering it to be a form of Judaism.

      • Godwins Law can’t be that broad-based; otherwise no one could ever critique policies they see as theocratic, and all discussion would end. is an example of a place where debate keeps going, by the way. They don’t invoke Godwins, at least not lately!

      • The stabbing of a chareidi protester at the Shabbos hafukonos, for starters. The excessive police force against unarmed civilians exercising their “democratic” (the way chilonim love to call it) right to protest. Don’t you find it strange that while the chiloni media hails us with a barrage of reportage of burning garbage cans and riots, all you see on videos are police on horses charging into the crowds, assaulting and dragging people?

        • well what do you think the police should just stand there like fools and let those circus performarce do whatever they want to they cross lines so they are arrested they know that very well and they still act like uncontroled mindless robots theese hassidim are the shame on all moderate jews who have a job and work hard for their families even someone who is not that intelligent can see the obvious that theese bozos are acting like idiots dressed in holier then thou clothing and think that they are going to get away which such mindless antics

        • You are off base with your description of the shabbos demonstrations. As an eye witness, I saw lunatic chareidi men, throwing themselves in front of moving cars, and the police were forced to pull them away in order to save their lives. I saw little pisher chareidi kids, 12-15 years old, jeering at police officers, calling them Nazis, and calling women officers Shikses. I witnessed mass Chilul Shabos forced upon police officers with Kippot, who would have otherwise been home with their families on a shabbos afternoon. Most of all I experienced the disgust of the many non-chareidi observers (like myself) who will forever have a horrid impression of the chareidi world. These “demonstrators” only created a chilul hashem.

    3. It would be far more appropriate to establish a school to teach chareidim not to constantly make a chilul shem shomayim. Maybe the gavad (most misnamed since pope Pius) should be given a cue that he owes Hadassah Hospital an apology for the allilas dam he concocted ,regarding the child who we now know was starved by his psychotic mother. Maybe we should have shiurim for charedi youth on how to respect their wives, how to respect public property, how to serve their people in the defense forces, and how to include the honesty and integrity mandated by our Torah and enunciated in Choshen Mishpat. These are at the root of the anti charedi sentiment, this is why yidden are fed up with chayos hakodesh!

      • You owe an apology to the mother of the child you referred to in abusive such terms. YOU (“we”) know nothing. The child was subjected to chemotherapy by doctors who then blamed the mother for their mistakes. That much is already in the public domain. They also mobilised every media source in their power to defame the mother and her community in an effort to pervert the course of justice. Just reading up on the litany of transparent lies and accusations they concocted is sufficient to show what they are up to. They tried for example to have her bail confiscated because she did not take her children for medical examination as required – when she was in hospital. They then tried the opposite: that she broke her bail condition – by taking her children to the doctor. Both charges were dismissed, the secular media reported this, but did not react. As for rest of your psychotic rantings – I leave that to your shrink to sort out.

        • this writer is a perfect example of someone who is tottaly delusional he really thinks that all those doctors and nurses wanted to deliberatly harm or even kill the child fellow writers this is the ultimate insanity you #21 really need a good check up on reality you see everything in reverse the intense hate in you cannot admit that its you and youre brother fanatics who are the ones in desperate need of a psychiatrist the sooner the better

    4. How dare u. Chasidim dress differently what’s ur promlem with that?tell me # 13 did the nazis treat the modern or frei any different than the chassidim?one more thing ,in my circles we work hard ,very hard for a living.with no government help at all.all chassidim r not the way u paint them. One more thing u forgot to mention the chesed organization that chassidim have is to b admired and yes respected by ALL.please I took ur comment personnel.

    5. it’s interesting how much hate is spewed on this site from the left. We all know that the tiny minority of charedim who act badly is no more than the tiny minority of chilonim who act improperly. It seems that the knee jerk response of the charedi haters is to always knock charedim no matter what they do. It seems to me that they are very insecure in your own judaism so you feel the need to knock those to the right of you.

      • typical..just blame this very justified criticism on the “left”. well i got news from you, were not left, were frum people, yungeliet, some from the mir, some from torah vodaas who are sick and tired of the chillul hashem being perpetrated in our name in israel on a daily basis.

        • You r so right its such a shame that fine decent frum people are lumped tother with few chariedim who feel entitlement and above the law. Mamash a chilul hashem

    6. Charedim need to open a center for secular-phobia and educate their children to respect ALL humans. I might be asking too much when their animosity towards other Jews is well known. “My way or the highway” is the Charedi way, but yet they have a chutzpa to call foul against other Jews who don’t want to wear streimels and kitels in the desert heat to be “chossids”

      • Because you’re riddled by guilt that others can live the lifestyle you can’t or won’t for whatever reason, don’t yell that chareidim hate you.

        • No Tattele. It’s not guilt. Gimme a break – this commenter is referring to the condescension and disdain he/she is viewed/treated with by chassidishe people who are overly shtoltz with themselves. I am a rebbishe einikel, follow many chassidishe minhugim, attend tish when theres one in my neighborhood, visit rebbes – the whole bit. But I don’t want to wear the levish or follow the whole lifestyle. Nisht far meer. Don’t know why but it doesn’t matter. It’s not a chiyuv, it’s not a mitzva. It’s a bakveimishkeit. I laugh when I go to BP, WP, KJ or anywhere and these adorable kids stare at me like I fell from Mars. I laugh when I speak Yiddish to somebdoy and he/she breaks her teeth trying to answer me in English because they aren’t comfortabe with the notion that I can red dem shprach. By the way I can better than you, too.

    7. The funny thing about much of the Hiloni media is that if you take the things they say and replace the word “Haredi” with something like “African-American” people would go crazy and there’d be tons of cries of racism. But if you say those same things about Haredim no one seems to care. It’s a ridiculous double standard and the anti-Haredi discrimination needs to stop.

      • Yer absolutely right. “It’s a ridiculous double standard and the anti-Haredi discrimination needs to stop.” If haredim want to burn garbage cans and throw rocks at cars because they are bored what right do the zionist nazi-police have to stop them?

        • I didn’t say that the police shouldn’t stop them. A small percentage of the Haredi community engage in those acts and they should be punished. But when there are newscasters saying things like “now we will move from Haredim to people” and can get away with it its ridiculous.

    8. Chillul HaShem is being mechalel shabbos in public.
      Protesting against chilul shabbos in public is Kiddush HaShem.

      In Moshe Rabbeinu’s words “Mi Lashem Eilai”.
      Which side are you on?

    9. The big joke to me is that the writers here on VIN defending the charaidim in eretz yisroel are too stupid to figure out that to the charaidim in eretz yisroel they are not much better than R’ Avi Weiss.

      To many Israeli charaidim, the very facts that a) you own a computer b) use the internet and c) have enough of a secular education to read and write English (poorly, but usually somewhat understandably) makes you all modernesheh fools whose wallets they can tap by pretending to respect you as one of their own but nothing more.


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