Brooklyn, NY – So Who Has The Best Matzoh In Willimasburg?


    File photo by JoeflixBrooklyn, NY – Shmura matzohs may look the same but they don’t taste the same. Each major Hasidic sect in Williamsburg has its own matzoh bakery and each bakery zealously guards its methods and its recipe. But which factory produces the tastiest shmura (if those words aren’t themselves a contradiction in terms)? We put our stomachs (and bowels) on the line for our first-ever Shmura Matzoh Smackdown.

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      • Oh Yes! We’re seeing this over and over again.

        Of course, with the machines running at supersonic speeds. Only problem is that this supersonic speed which should run in the bakery runs in the shlacht-house.

    1. Overall comment: Crispy and thin. That’s right! Prices are all the same as long its MHADOUR that’s what count , we love these Matzoh’s from the new Satmar Matzoh Bakery on Rutledge Street.

    2. Regarding Zalmanite matzoh, the article says the matzoh was so dense that: “some tasters could not differentiate the product from the box that contained it”.

      Why are we not surprised regarding the source of this gourmet treat

      • I guess shatz is not even on the list of being a competition. My father use to buy there matzoh its very thick so now he buys ion pupa tzehlim it is very good

    3. i used to buy Satmar (Broadway) for years, one year I got a few pounds of Pupa-Tzelem, my comment is, The Satmar was much better in taste, I think the pupa was tasteless.. but the Pupa was thinner than the Satmar.

    4. My kids always bring their own matzos, and I have the opportunity to taste all kinds of matzos, bottom line, everyone has a different taste, while I love the satmer (old bakery) matzos, my wife insists on eating Boro park matzos..

    5. For years we have been eating satmar shmura matzo (broadway bakery), last year i realized 2 days before yom tov that we’re short on matzo, I took a ride to satmar, when they told me they’re sold out, I was directed by a grocery clerk to the new satmar bakery on rutledge st. I bought a couple of boxes, I just did not like the taste of it, it had some sort of interesting taste, can’t explain it. How ever, my kids ate it no problem and had no complaints.

      This year i went right after Purim to the old bakery to make sure I get what I want..

    6. I’m a vienar member I eat till now pupa tzahlim it is thin but doesn’t taste the bast lately I realized that satmer bakery (zalis) isn’t thin atall but the taste is something special so I start to buy both for the kzysim I’m using popa tzhalim because its ez to swallow but around the yom tov I’m eating satmer matzos the rosanbers are managing there and the have a good recipe and experience from almost 50 years or more

    7. How can somone say such narishkiet for one all mazeh recepis are the same unless they are not kosher secondly mhecheh tesey that just couse u like a particuler matzah evryone else will as well and why just willi why not all bakeries so I must conclude this was a paid artical otherwise it dosent taste right pun intended

      • there is three kinds of wheat, winter ,summer , and others i dont know all names and every year it tastes differntly so they mix it so depndes if you know how to mix…..thicker matozs your kids wont eat so much so you can save some money on that one

      • did you ever happen to taste any 2 different company matzah?? Definitely sounds like you haven’t- one is as unlike the other as can be- same recipe and all… have you ever tasted any dish made by 2 separate people- it will always taste different, even using the same recipe! Why do heimishe pple always think everything is “intergeshtelt”? can’t a simple taste test just be what it is – a test!

    8. Satmar on broadway is the best, and thats why they start to bake every year before any other bakery , this year they started alredy rosh chodesh chesbun, also in chimras and hidurim they are top rated, 100’s of chaburas choose this bakery to bake there matzos at satmar on broadwy, if you to see what a system means just take a look whats going on there erev pesach, a minute after chatzos people from wiily, boro park, flatbush and all over the city are comming to pick up fresh kosher matzos with the help of askunim ther is no lines to wait everything goes very fast, they dont take cash at bakery you have to buy one in the satmara shuls in the days before pesach they give you a card when your matzos wiill be ready ,starting from 1 till 6 (depends on age the older you are the earlier you get) the price for 6 matzos is $65 for a member in the satmara kehila its $55,,,,,a kosheren pesach!!

    9. I’ve tried a lot of bakeries, I landed back in Satmar (Zaloinim) the only place where I find all chumrahs and the taste and texture of the matzos are magnificent.

      • “the only place where I find all chumrahs” is the Zalman satmer bakery

        What “chumrahs” are you talking about. Shmurah matzoh is shmurah matzoh…the only difference is in the ingredients and how carefully the dough is handled.

    10. I’ve eaten pupa for the past few yrs and its gr8 matzah. However the montreal matzahs puts everyone else away by far, better tasting more mehudar.

    11. Been buying Chareidim for years. Great taste, crispy, and extremely thin (but tough on keeping “shleimim”). Pupa is slightly thicker and very good – especially their “razaver” (which means whole wheat). But the best razaver by far is from the Boro Park bakery. This year I bought some matzos from Komemiyus (Israel) – very very good, but expensive – but really mehudar.
      Bottom line – enjoy whatever you eat, and have a Chag kosher v’Sameach

    12. i think the guy that made this article should retastse the matzos again SATMAR BROADWAY IS THE BEST ,,,THATS WHY THEY START BAKING ROSH CHODESH CHESHBON!!!!

    13. The irony here is overwhelming – the whole point of matzah on Pesach is for it to be lechom oni – poor, simple bread. It’s not supposed to be a gourmet delicacy!

    14. If they would’ve included Boro Park in the taste test then Chareidim matzoh would have won…hands down. It’s the thinnest and best tasting matzoh I’ve ever had. Shkoyach to everyone who works at the Chareidim matzoh factory!

    15. Like most people I use only shmura hand matza, but to tell you the emes, I think al pi halacha 18 minute machine made shmura matza has less chance of being chomets.

    16. My Rebbi was known to say “if you want to make sure you eat chometz on Pesach, eat only hand shmurah.”
      Ask anybody involved, the machine shmurah matza is much less likely to be chametz


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