Jerusalem – Ads on Buses Calling to Build 3rd Beis HaMikdash In Place of Mosque


    Jerusalem – Two hundred Egged buses were plastered with posters Sunday that call for the construction of the third temple “quickly and in our time”. The posters carry a drawing of Temple Mount without the mosques situated there.

    The posters were made by an extreme right-wing group called Eretz Israel Shelanu (Our Land of Israel), headed by Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo and Baruch Marzel.

    Despite the negative emotions the campaign has stirred up in the capital’s non-Jewish sectors, Rabbi Wolpo told Ynet, “The people of Israel look forward on Passover to the construction of the temple and the coming if the messiah.

    “The Arabs and US President Barack Obama know that the third temple will be established at Temple Mount and that the mosque is there temporarily.”

    It was the second time the drawing had appeared in public in integrated cities. Two weeks ago an unknown person distributed Passover haggadahs sporting a drawing of Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock removed to kindergartens and other locations in Jaffa, (as was reported here on VIN News).

    In place of the mosque was a model of the temple. The haggadahs sparked anger among the Arab residents of the city and Kamel Agbaria, chairman of the Ajami neighborhood council, said, “I hope someone will stop those who are inciting in time, so that the already tense situation won’t boil over.”

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    1. It’s very nice and might fulfill the mitzvah of believing that Moshiach will come today.
      However, practically, this will cause MUCH more trouble than it is worth.

    2. Scarily, not so extreme anymore. I stayed at the Ramada Renaissance in Yerushalayim recently. There was a cheesy oil painting on my wall with the standard Jewish quarter view of the Kotel — but with the Dome of the Rock completely painted out, as if it didn’t exist. I complained to the management — pointing out I didn’t appreciate finding the repugnant techniques used by the Soviet politburo to eradicate any memory of those who dared challenge the regime, alive and well in democratic and free EY.

    3. The prayer “sheibone beis hamikdosh” that was put on these posters, we pray at least 4 times a day on a regular day, 5 times on a Shabbos or Yom tov and 6 times at least on Yom Kippur our holiest day of the year for the rebuilding of the temple. They are not calling for us to go ahead today and rebuilt it but ‘it should be rebuilt” by Go-d himself. When Moshiach is going to come and the temple is going to be rebuilt, the Go-dly revelation of that time is going to make the Arabs agree on rebuilding the Temple. Nobody is imposing on them anything today, we are just praying, and we did say that prayer even before the Arabs decided to build on our temple mount and specifically on the place of our Temple, signaling that they are replacing us. Their problem today is that by us being around there, even mentioning our millennia long prayers of rebuilding the Temple shakes their foundation of replacing us which was never true. Should we not be ourselves?

    4. we may not like it, but this is what happens when we say leshana haba-ah birushalayim, do you think it will be with a mashiach and a mosque on tmeple mount or mashiach and a bet hamikdash there? The Arabs are smart and know this and they believe thats why they’re scared and trying to push it off, we Jews dont want to accept our own promises from Hashem. if we daven with kavana this is what we are praying for, a temple mount with a temple on it! May we be zoche to see the light.

    5. if you look at the poster it just says sheyiboneh and a pic of the Bais hamikdash nothing bad iys acctually pretty amazing and a very important thing kol hakavod to baruch marzel and rabbi volpoh

    6. rhese dangerous extremists place all of us in danger and cause the wrath of the muslims to be excabarated. because of them any jewish construction, such as in ramat shlomo, is viewed as provacative (after all the jews want to destroy the dome of the rock and rebuild the temple). What a terribler chilul Hashem! lock these bums up now!!!

      • Lock them up? For what? They’ve committed no crime. And chilul hashem?! Are you insane? How is it a chilul hashem? You obviously don’t know the definition of that term, or you’d know that this is the exact opposite, a KIDDUSH haShem.

      • what reality are you living in? are you aware that the Palestinians teach in their schools and have a map of Palestine that is the ENTIRE Eretz Yisrael? YES, that is correct! that is their vision. to remove all of us Jews from this Holy Land and replace us and they teach this to the very young on up! So, stop being a bleeding heart liberal naive scaredy cat thinking that WE incite them! HKB”H is on OUR side… the SATAN is on their side… who do you think is stronger & wins? take a guess? who do you think is in the right? take a guess? Mi L’HaShem Aileiy? Do you understand those words? Stand up and be counted as a Jew! Be a Jew! Act as a Jew! Stop hiding! A chilul HaShem? you are out of your mind! Davka, a Kidush HaShem! Showing HKB”H how much we are yearning for the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash & the Ge’ulah Shelaimah! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid! OPEN YOUR EYES & GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

    7. It’s all so very nice. But would you feel comfortable if your kid was riding in that bus? How about if it was someone else’s kid, but not yours? How soon do we forget that a few short years ago Arabs were blowing up buses only for the reason that there were Jews riding on those buses. Now we’ll give them an ever better incentive to blow up buses. Don’t invite strangers to your seders, and don’t flash your dreams of redemption to them also. Bad idea!.

      • waah give the bully the lunch money and be quiet huh? that kind of rherotric was pre holocaust germany talk, its time to kick butt, show some you know whats, and maybe giving back yeruslayinm chas vhshalom wont be on the agenda

    8. why is it incitement? we dont care what the arabs say i’ll make a 10 trillion dollar bet that whats going to be built there is the ‘Bais hamikdosh”
      Any takers?

    9. you know, when you see two people arguing, you can always tell who is the guy that’s going to run away, it’s the one who makes the threat. people who do, do. people who don’t do say they will do.

      it is interesting to me though that the world gets mad at us when we say we’re going to build the beis hamikdash, but when the arabs say they’re going to conquer the whole land of israel and kill all of the jewish children, which mahmoud zahar said, no one says a word!

    10. I don’t get it. The Beit HaMikdash is to be rebuilt AFTER Mashiach comes. So has he come already? I haven’t heard any heavenly shofar, and my neighbors and I are all still sitting here in Chutz – no divine transport to take us back home.

      I do remember, though, that according to Chazal the Yidden in golus had to agree not to provoke the Goyim unnecessarily. Doesn’t this seem to be a little, shall we say, provocative?

      Maybe these nice people should be spending their money on feeding hungry children on Pesach, not possibly trying to start another round of terrorist attacks to get them blown up.

      • So what are your Kavanas when you say “s’Yebane Bais Hamikdash” on a daily basis? That the goyim should be gracious enough to give you permission to walk the streets of Jerusalem? Are you davening for Ahmedinajad give you the nod so you can move from your home in Chutz LaAretz? Is that what you think HKB”H wants?

      • Yes, the BHMK will be built when Moshiach comes, bimhero veyomeinu. That’s what the ads say. So what’s your problem with them?

        And no, you misremember. Chazal never said any such thing. We never agreed not to “provoke” them, and we certainly never agreed to hide our intention of returning to our Land. Never. If that “provokes” them, then tough luck.

        Of course if we get a chance to build it and Moshiach is for some reason not here yet, we’ll have to try to do as much of it as we can without him. That’s the halacha. But the way things are going it will take Moshiach to make it possible.

        • I trust you will not be around to deal with the consequences of your ignorant rants about rebuilding BHM on har habayis and dislocating the mosque that sits there today. With modern land use planning and development concepts, there is enough room to accomdoate both structures.

    11. After a whole day of cleaning the closets and schlepping the peseachdike dishes and pot from the basement it was funny to sign on to VIN and read these postings from many ehrlic yidden bravely saying “its time to kick butt and show the arabs whose boss”. In reality its really irresponsible of Egged to run such stupid ads which may provoke violence but none of these “armchair warriors” will ever deal with the consequences of their stupid rhetoric. We are not zoche to see binyan bayis shilishi in our time and certainly not at the expense of destroying a structure which has the same significance to Muslims as the beis hamikdash has to yidden.

      • “We are not zoche to see binyan bayis shilishi in our time”?! What sort of open kefirah is that? What is the point of all your cleaning and shlepping, if you deny that Moshiach could still come tonight, and we will bring the korban Pesach tomorrow, and the mosque will be GONE? Moshiach and binyan BHMK is the entire point of creation, it is the point of all our mitzvos, it’s why our neshomos came down to this world. The very idea that we should hide this, and even worse that we shouldn’t want it, and that we should respect the “shikutz shomem” that stands in its place, is disgusting.

      • what in the world are you saying. It seems that you are saying that it is not a requirement of the Torah to believe and to expect and to anticipate the arrival of Moshiach every single day. It also seems that you are not allowing for Moshiach to rid eretz yisroel of negative forces to kedusha. I sure hope that you are not shomer shabbos because if you are it makes me wonder what kind of shomer shabbos would have such a skewed opinion of one of the 13 basic principles of faith of the Yiddishe nation. Lets get back to the basics, like ani ma’amin ……..

    12. Beautifull poster. All the Talkbackers who criticise are just like grasshopers in their own eyes. Weakness fuels hatred by our archenemies. It is time we show some spine.
      Kosher Passover
      Leshana Habaah Beyerushalaim with the presense of moshiach with the Bais shlishi rebuilt on Har Habais and yes no Mosque.

    13. I am an Am Ha’aretz, but I thought the Bayis Shlishi would be of heavenly construction and when it appears, it will be acknowledged as such by all nations? Who gave these zealots permission to build a Bayis Shlishi? Who says that this is what Hashem wants from us?

      I am very worried about these zealots. They are trying to force the coming of Moshiach, which is silly on its face. They might do something really stupid that will put Jews everywhere in the world in danger.

    14. A long time ago, I heard that some well-respected rebbonim in\s Israel had decided that they would wait for an earthquake to destroy the mosque, but that it was not a job for any Jew to undertake at the present time. When was this decision overruled?


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