Netherlands – Dutch Chief Rabbi Passes Away at 101


    Netherlands – Dutch Chief Rabbi Meir Just has died at the age of 101 in his home town of Amsterdam.

    Rabbi Just has been the spiritual leader of the Jewish community in the Netherlands for the past 45 years. The Organisation of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands says the rabbi enjoyed worldwide renown, giving Dutch Judaism great significance.

    Born in 1908 in Viznitz, Hungary, to his father Rabbi Nissan who was the Gabbi of the Ahavas Yisreol of Vishnitz.

    Rabbi Just will be buried Sunday in Israel.

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    1. This is Mamish scary…another country’s leader was recently niftar…May we just be Zoiche to hear great news from now on…A Gut Shobbos… : )

    2. BDE
      why bury him in israel though he was the dutch chief rabbi he should be buried in soil of the country that he lived in and with the citizens who admired him.

    3. Rabbi Just Z”L was the chief Rabbi of The Netherlands. I don’t believe that a chief Rabbi in the diaspora shouid be buried in Israel. Many great Rabbis chose to be buried in their hometowns. Why should his followers have to fly thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars just to be able to say Kaddish for him? His grave is not there for Dutch Jews to come to visit and meditate at. Now instead of being buried amongst the Tulips of Holland, he will be interred in a war zone.
      That is Chutzpah.

      • You have more than chutzpah, you have a crooked warped mind.
        Where the Rabbi z’t’l is buried is HIS CHOICE not yours.
        Your like the Rasha of the 4 sons in the hagadah to call Israel a war zone.
        Israel is makom kadosh and like many people and rabbonim and gedolim, the rabbi wants to be there till Masiach comes.
        You should praise him for sacridicing his entire life to his community by being in the Netherlands for THEM and not leavinng them to live in Israel when he was alive BUT NO you criticize him even now that he has passed he can’t rest in peace where. HE wants.
        You better start leanrning mussar and doing teshuva!

      • We should all merit burial in Eretz Yisrael. He wasn’t born in Holland. He probably wants to be buried near his wife and son in Eretz Yisrael. How can you call Israel a war zone any more than anywhere else on the earth?

    4. I did not know the Rav tz’l however there is no great leader who makes decision which sometimes others may disagree with; that does not however detract from his over high standing in the world of Torah.
      May his many years of service be a beacon of light for his community

    5. Rav Just, Z’TZ’L who, as I type this, is being buried on Har Hazeisim, was a most ‘gevaldige’ talmid chochom who knew Shas and poskim on the back of his hand. He was a Rav who never gave in to the opinions of the masses and kept and held on to the ideas he held so strong, however much he was opposed, in his hometown of Amsterdam. Due to ‘politics’ and the unfortunate manner in which Dutch Jewry now finds itself, Rav Just was a man of ‘his generation’ (fin der heim) who, for better (or for worse some would suggest) did not give in to the ‘changes of the times’. Unfortunately, he was not afforded the kovod he so rightly deserved, over the last 20+ years or so. He had a brilliant mind and a tremendous memory and was ‘all there’ until the very end of his long and difficult lifem until the weakness of his older age (no one actually know how old he really was) took over and nature took its cause.
      He was looked after and spent the last years of his life with his devoted daughter and son in law. Such Kibud Av. Much can and I am sure will be written about this giant of a man. May he be a Melitz yosher for all Klal Yisrael and may he be moichel those who need his mechila!

      • Why? Will you decide his worth based on his Yeshiva. Better you should worry about yourself when you appear before Hashem. Start with trying to explain your question


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