Stockholm, Sweden – Auschwitz Sign Thief Extradited to Poland


    Anders HögströmStockholm, Sweden – Anders Högström has been jailed in Stockholm all since he was arrested in mid-February after a request from the Polish police. Today he will be extradited to the Polish police authorities in Krakow. They are interested in hearing his version about the theft of the Auschwitz sign “Arbeit macht frei”

    The stealing of teh Auschwitz sign took place in December. Only after a couple of days, five Polish men were arrested outside the Polish city Torun and the sign was found in the forest. The five men pointed out Högström as the mastermind behind the theft.

    Anders Högström risks a harsh sentence since the Auschwitz sign is seen as a part of the Polish national heritage.

    Högström’s defence lawyer, Björn Sandin, says to daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter that he denies the accusation. He claims that he was contacted by the persons which had stolen the sign. Högström’s past as a National Socialist could play a role in this according to his lawyer.

    On the question from Dagens Nyheter about what Högström thinks about being extradited to Poland, Sandin says:

    – The extradiction itself does not concern him, but he is worried about how the trial will be done. (…) He is worried that he will not get a fair trial.

    Björn Sandin will not represent his client in Poland. It is still not clear whether or not Högström will get a Polish defence lawyer during the investigation.

    Three of the five men that were involved in the theft have already been sentenced to jail.

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