Tel Aviv, Israel – Ajami Synagogue Defaced with Swastikas, Palestinian Flag


Swastikas and Palestinian flag on the side of the house (Photo: Ali Waked)Tel Aviv, Israel -Just a few hours before the start of Memorial Day, three swastikas and dozens of Palestinian flags were scrawled on the old synagogue in Jaffa and the outer wall of a Jewish residence across the street from the French ambassador’s home on Sunday morning. In addition, the tires were slashed on a car belonging to the family living in the desecrated house.

Police officers searched the area in order to locate the perpetrators, but have yet to make any arrests. In addition, criminology investigators collected evidence from the vandalism site, and the police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The site of the vandalism is in the heart of the Ajami neighborhood, next to the Arab-Jewish Center and the Ahva Elementary School, where Jews and Arabs learn together. The synagogue targeted in the incident is active mainly on weekends.

Journalist and photographer Tzur Shizef, who lives nearby, told Ynet that he presumes the act was carried out by a young person under the influence of the incitement against Jews, but is not part of a widespread phenomenon that will damage relations between Jews and Arabs in the neighborhood.

“There are very few Jewish families here in the neighborhood, and they are old families that have very good relations with the surroundings. The synagogue has been active for dozens of years, since before the founding of the State when there was a Jewish majority in the neighborhood. In my opinion, this act stems from someone messing with kids’ heads that Jaffa ‘belongs to us’, telling them they need to fight the Jews. But this is a minority. It is more an act of foolishness than evil.”

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  1. Don’t lull yourself into a tranquilized slumber brought on by wishful thinking. This is the trend today. It is an ongoing process of trying to de-legitimize the State of Israel and the Jewish population. Those primarily responsible for this situation are the “New Israelis” of Anath Kam’s generation. They are completely detached from the Jewish nation and the land.


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