Roslyn Heights, NY – Hit-and-Run Accident Kills Elderly


    CSE on the scene with Rabbi Aaron ChanikovRoslyn Heights, NY – A car that hit a pedestrian in Roslyn Heights has fled the scene of the accident leaving here there to die from her injuries.

    The 70-year-old grandmother was hit by a vehicle at Warner Avenue and St. Markes Place where she has been pronounced dead r”l.

    The Medical Examiner and Chesed Shell Emes are on the scene.

    Nassau County police are looking for a light color vehicle that also hit another parked car.

    Police said the woman was using a crosswalk when a car hit her at an estimated 70 mph.

    At the home of the victim, Vaghar Giae, rabbis and family gathered to help the family deal with the sudden loss of a woman who taught at Hebrew school in Iran when she was younger.

    “She was out for a stroll and unfortunately her life was taken on the same night as her father died, on the same anniversary,” Rabbi Aaron Konokov said.

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    1. If the son of the president would be killed by a car accident then the president would be much stricter in speeding crime – a car would not be able to go faster then 55. Now we have to suffer every day of new KARBUNAS rch”l

    2. Roslyn Heights is fairly quiet & it’s flat (I used to drive through the neighborhood when I worked nearby.) It’s easy for some kid in a souped-up car speed. 70 MPH is outrageous. I hope they catch him/her soon. BD”E.

    3. >i was 1 of the first responders on the scene. i can’t imagine for the life of me a car speeding at 70mph.if you believe 70mph,then go to the scene on warner ave between carlyle pl & st marks pl & STAND there for 20 minutes like i did & go figure it out for yourself how could anyone, including the police fly by on warner ave at 70mph around 430pm to 5pm.
      >i stongly encourage anoyone who would like to do something about this to get the powers that be in roslyn to put up one of those big hump-bumps for cars to drive over. then,if anyone wants to drive at the alleged 70mph,they should become airborn,and they should be able to damage their own car, when they land, where they will most likely not be able to drive away and flee the scene.
      >i’m glad that there were no pictures taken. the woman’s lower left foot was severed, her dentures were knocked out of her mouth, and on the impact she was knocked out of her shoes. she landed 30-40 feet from the carlyle pl intersection, face down, spread across the sidewalk and into the street. by 510 the body was already smelling from decomposition.
      >i was alarmed at how the paramedics who arrived on the scene did nothing.they didn’t even touch her*

      • I’m assuming when you say you were from the first responders you mean you were either responding as an EMT with Hatzolah or another agency. But why in the world would you give out so much information especially on a blog. Isn’t it one of the things they always tell Hatzolah members that all this information in confidential. Unless you were just one of those hockers with a scanner and you heard the call so you came to check it out – then it makes sense. Seriously where is your decency and mentchlichkeit to so freely give out so much information.

    4. i am caller 515, responding to comment 19: i believe that people should know the truth and talk about what actually happened, rather than spin around and involve other people into the conversation who weren’t even there, like politicians. the people who were there were hardly 10 people, before the police showed up- 1 man and 1 blond woman. it’s ALRAMING that the 2 ambulances who came to the scene did NOTHING. it was three of the responders who checked her for a pulse. it amazes me that we have people who pretend to do “civil work” and instead, hide behind their badges. it hurts the soul. that is what we need to talk about. what do we expect from the policemen to do, when they come to a scene like that? what is the purpose of having them there? as merely crossing guards? what is the purpose of why the ambulances came? TWO of them! why does a body have to decompose in the street for MORE than a half hour with no professional civil-service worker’s intervention? this is what we need to talk about. think about that, my dear friends. get your gears in you liddle noggins to start to churn.maybe that lady died to cause us all to wake up, huh? think about what’s going on in your community**

      • I agree with you. I am the blond woman. The man in the green scrubs was most helpful and he was not there in any official capacity. I missed the accident by seconds. That is my house and I was going in and out loading my car. Not one policeman asked me if I saw anything! There were three of us there initially and we were all quiet and respectful. I had to leave by exiting the back of my house because I no longer could tolerate watching the police and ambulance workers doing nothing to preserve this woman’s dignity. The most wonderful group were the volunteers from Chesed Shel Emes, they have my profound admiration.

        • I also have issues with the police and others when it comes to dignity in death. A “Homeless” women died in a bus stop near my house last summer and it took the police more than six (6!) hours to move her. It was absolutely horrific.


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