Roslyn Heights, NY – Hit-and-Run Accident Kills Elderly


    CSE on the scene with Rabbi Aaron ChanikovRoslyn Heights, NY – A car that hit a pedestrian in Roslyn Heights has fled the scene of the accident leaving here there to die from her injuries.

    The 70-year-old grandmother was hit by a vehicle at Warner Avenue and St. Markes Place where she has been pronounced dead r”l.

    The Medical Examiner and Chesed Shell Emes are on the scene.

    Nassau County police are looking for a light color vehicle that also hit another parked car.

    Police said the woman was using a crosswalk when a car hit her at an estimated 70 mph.

    At the home of the victim, Vaghar Giae, rabbis and family gathered to help the family deal with the sudden loss of a woman who taught at Hebrew school in Iran when she was younger.

    “She was out for a stroll and unfortunately her life was taken on the same night as her father died, on the same anniversary,” Rabbi Aaron Konokov said.

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