Brooklyn, NY – Toyota Camry Jumps Curb Killing 18-Year-Old Driver


    Brooklyn, NY – A Young man was killed over night in a serious car accident in the Gravesend Section of Brooklyn.

    Numerous ambulances and NYPD ESU responded to the accident at Shell Road and Avenue ‘X’ where 4 people, unconscious, were pinned inside the vehicle after their Toyota Camry jumped the curb and struck a section of the elevated subway.

    After intensive work, they were able to be freed and transferred to Lutheran Medical Center where early this morning the 18-year-old driver was r”l pronounced dead. Another female passenger is in very serious condition, the other two passengers are not likely to die.

    Chesed Shell Emes volunteers are at the scene and in the hospital.

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    1. may hashem keep all of us safe,
      however summer has started. and I’m a teenager I’m afraid to drive at night with my friends, tired wild and high, I always say to them be carefull,

      • Listen to your instincts. Don’t get in a car with them if you suspect they are drunk or over-hyped. YOU be the designated driver. Or stay home.

        Your family & friends want you safe. So do we!

        • No, because if that area contains many Russian Jews then it would explain why these particular Jews were there and, more importantly, why Chesed Shel Emes was, unfortunately, needed (CH”V) when the area in question seems well removed from the better known “Frum” areas of Brooklyn.

          Please think before making statements like that, as some of the implications one could take from your statement are not very nice.

            • So you also missed the boat. What part didn’t you understand, #18 so eloquently explained why it was neccessary to point out why they were Russian Jews and
              you of course like to show us your hatred towards Boro Park, Flatbush – in other words frum yidden. What a loser.

      • I don’t think that’s any of ur business! Start concentrating on the positive things in life! He/she is careful and that’s a majore responsibility from a teenager!

    2. i know the family of the boy who died. first of all he’s 22, not 18. there are no names to say for davening, since the only 2 jewish passengers were the driver( who is no longer with us) and his cousin who just had some minor injuries. the 2 female passengers are not jewish.


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