Brooklyn, NY – 5 Sifrei Torahs Missing From Borough Park Shul Found


    Yanky Meir of Missaskim brings back the Tohras from teh DA's office to memebrs of the ShulBrooklyn, NY – VIN News has learned that all Five Sifrei Torahs that were reported missing last week from the Kalrsburg synagogue at 1556 53rd Street, have been returned safely.

    According to NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind, an anonymous individual brought back last night all 5 Torahs to the office of Brooklyn’s District Attorney where its being kept now for future investigation. “Its just great news that on Lag BaOmar the Torahs have been recovered”, Hikind told VIN News.

    Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes released the following statement to VIN News: “I am very pleased that I was able to facilitate the return of these sacred Torahs to the synagogue and the members of the congregation.”

    This is exactly what we were hoping would happen,” said Councilman David Greenfield. “Thanks to the joint efforts of the NYPD, the DA’s office and community leaders, these Torah scrolls have been returned on the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba’Omer – traditionally a day of great celebration. For nearly 2,000 years Jews have been celebrating Lag Ba’Omer as one of the happiest days on the Jewish calendar. Today, we are overjoyed.”

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      • “R’ chaskel roth who is in Miron now poeld a yeshuah bizchis reb shimon”…or maybe the idiot that stole it got scared from all the media attention…but sure chalk it up as a moifes…why not? there are enough guilible people to believe it…

    1. to #7

      I you related or the same as the one who’s comment (no matter the subject matter)
      will always be ” theres something fishy about this”?

    2. thank you very much dov for all your work , this is why we the jewish community needs you .a sefer torah must be treated like a person and i feel it is like you helped redeem and save five people ,yesher koach dov!

    3. i have a feeling that those who stole it were non other then the owners themselfs or close friends or relatives this whole story is very very suspicious if it turns out to be true then all the torah learning in the world is for naught and its a gigantic shame on us all yiddin who are honest and decent

    4. All the comments are in basic true order.
      Most of us felt this was an inside job especially with the window and safe open.
      Remember it says someone returned or rather bought the toras to the D.A.’s office.
      So it was either someone confessed and bought it to a second person and swore him to secrecy and that second person bought the torahs to the D.A.s office or there is a piece of information that is not being told to the public.
      Whatever the case is, the shul should definitely have all entering take a lie detector test to determine who on the inside was helpful to the original crime.
      We cannot just shove this under the rug with comments of miracles an Boruch Hashem. Yes, it is B”H that the torahs are back home but we cannot let this crime go unsolved. Definitely the person who took them had intentions of selling but when realized all the cooperation among such as police and Vaad Mishmeres Stam and the world he/she realized they had no chance of profiting.

    5. I hope this incident will teach a lesson to every shul…1) Install a lock in the safe which will automatic close when you return the sefer torah back after reading the parsha
      2) every shul MUST install hidden cameras which is very reasonable considering the loss of such valuable torahs.3) every person who owns a torah should have it insured on his home owner policy naming the offsite place of storage. 4)Have theTorahs registered at Mishmeres stam which will make it very hard to resell ..5) Change the combination every 2 years and the Gabbe must keep a LOG of every person who has the combination number….I am sure all the mispalalim of Rabbi Roths shul will have to fast for the bizoyin of those sefer torahs and every jew should give at least ONE dollar tzedukeh for the bizoyin caused to those Torahs.

    6. How do you know this is a ness? It might be Masseh Bal Dovor – Sitrah Acharah. Of course, to the people who felt it in their pocket it is considered a nes (that is called NIGEAH – self interest). But it does not mean that it did not come from the Sitra Acharah. See Al Hgeualh Vial Hatemurah from Rabeinu Yoel and the pisokem from Rabbi Moshe Hirsch Z”RL.

    7. Hodu laShem ki tov, ki leolam chasdo !!!
      Thank you Dov Hikind for bring so much publicity and offical notice.
      I suspect that the theft had much to do with Toldos Aaron’s meg-celebrations at Meron every year.
      Since Rav Roth ruled that ohaim are not permitted to go up Meron, the ruling was effectivelly against Toldos Aaron. Saying that Rav Roth went against the Torah, Toldos Aaron chasidim felt that the Torahs must be taken away from Rav Roth.
      On the other hand, the Boyaner Rebbe has the exclusive privilege of lighting the first bonfire at Meron. In effect, Toldos Aaron was stealing the show. So, it’s quite possible that Boyaner chassidim “temporarily removed” the Torahs, knowing that Toldos Aaron will get blamed. Either way, the “temporary theft” is directly related to Toldos Aaron’s excessses at Meron.

    8. This happy ending would feel like a Nes if the shul and the safe was vandalized or broken into by some outside thieves. From the beginning, a lot of people even in BP felt like this was an inside job done out of politics. Charedi clans have a lot of politics mixed with in their leadership.
      I hope that community and the shul will get its act together, because I wouldn’t want to be in an environment where there is a possibility that someone of great respect may have been responsible for stealing these 5 Torahs. You can’t go lower than stealing Torahs to prove some point. They need to start learning from Alef Beis to catch up to true Torah life.

      • Now. Respect is relative. (There is really a pun even in this sentence.) The chief rabbi of this congregation (probably) had no knowledge of the planned transfer of the Torahs. It’s the lower echelons in the leadership of his congregation that were having a dispute and a perceived slight (Dissing.). They made their point and now the Torahs are (B”H) back in their rightful place. I’m not here to judge whether this is the right method to get a point across. It was a brilliantly executed operation, though, from start to finish. It also shows, (if we want to take sides) where the brain power is. (Or, where it’s not to be found).!

        • It was a brilliantly executed operation, though, from start to finish.

          Are you joking? Brilliantly executed–my foot. Change your nic from bigwheel to loose wheel.

    9. yes everyone is grateful that the sifrei torah were returned safely but this needs to be a lesson to all of us to protect our sifrei torah in all shules.
      there should be alarms and clsoed circuit cameras.
      they id markings should be done for all as well.

      • I very much doubt Rav Roth arranged this whole charade to claim the $10,000 reward. You have no proof that the rav masterminded a scam to make money from “stoelen sifre torah”.

    10. The rav from this shul who left for EY without securing the sifrei torah needs to explain what he could have been thinking to do somthing so irresponsible. If he arranged this whole farce for some special reason, than he also has some explaining to do. Either way, its wonderful the seforim have been returned safely but someone needs to be held accountable for such a chilul hashem.

    11. B”H Just as the torah was revealed to us on this day by the Rashbi, so too this Torah was revealed to us by someone else. Who is that someone?, we don’t know, but he is probably Eliyahu Hanavi in disguise.

    12. Can someone out there spill the beans. What REALLY happened?. Will the public ever find out ? Or is this an inside story that will stay hush shush?

    13. B”H The Sifrei Toros are back!

      Ashame whoever did this! But there is no doubt in any matire mind that this was just stolen and finally brought back. It was a shpeel by someone/s for some reason.

      Theory 1: Since it was left unlocked, the person who wanted to teach them a lesson to lock it from now on.

      Theory 2: Might be some politics going on between Reb Moishe the Rav Hatzoir and the borther The Hamarader Rav… But it didnt work out well….

      Theory 3: Ganovim who saw they cant get away with it,.. but then why….?

      Theory 4: Something much deeper we all hope to find out!

      Theory 5: Just to make sure that from now on they WILL make insurance!

      Theory 6: Just for the fun of it of a close by person.

      Theory 7: Its definitely an inside job!

      Theory 8: _____? You tell us!

      • Theory 8: _____? another one is that the Ravs nefue Yoli Roth who has a yeshiva in willy the 1 they Protest against Stoled it.. cuz he’s in a Fight with his Grandfather & wanted to teach him a lesson…

        • So, now what’s theory 9:_______?

          Yoeli Roth is a nephew of his grandfather or a grandson of his grandfather?

          The nes was NOT RETURNING the holly Sifrei Toros! The nes was taking them out and no one saw and/or knew anything!!!! THATS a real NES!


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