Brooklyn, NY – Crowd Ecstatic As MBD Sings Omar Reb Akiva At The Crown Heights Lag BaOmer Parade


    MBD at the great Parade May 2 2010Brooklyn, NY – The King of Jewish Music “Mordechai Ben David” Singing Omar Reb Akiva at the Lag B’Omer parade in Crown Heights 2010

    Watch below clip taken by ShiaHD

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    1. I was there and I have to say I was extremely impressed. Kudos to whoever is behind today’s huge Crown Heights event. It was a mini meron.

    2. Yasher Koach to Shimmy Weinbaum & Tzivos Hashem, NCFJE, & everyone who made this concert & parade such a fantastic success. It was brilliantly organized.

    3. This was a BEAUTIFUL Parade!! Everything from beginning to end was awesomee!
      Thank you the Crown Heights community for organizing this.

    4. There are 3 levels of Jewish music. Level 1 is R’ Shlomo Carlebach ztzl. Yibodel lechaim level 2 is MBD. Then there’s the rest of the world.

    5. From Mordechai to Mordechai. MBD sang with Hartz, which reminds me of another Mordechai. K’lal Yisroel waits for a Yeshua for Reb Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Rivkah.

    6. Thanks Shia for your work in your spare time. What a service. And keep bringing good with Motty and the PALM of your hand. Nice videos..

    7. MBD is the Chasidic music king and mentor to all of klal yisroel. If not for him, jewish music wouldnt be where it is today. Once the king always the king. We love you.


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