Brooklyn, NY – Exclusive: Marking 30th Anniversary Music Superstar Avraham Fried Speaks To VIN [series 1]


    New York – Today Lag B’omer marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Avraham Fried’s debut album, No Jew Will Be Left Behind. To celebrate this milestone, Yossi Zweig spoke with the Jewish music superstar, who spoke candidly about his career, his music and his plans for the future. Vos Iz Neias is proud to present an exclusive three part video interview, providing a glimpse into the world of one of Jewish music’s most successful singers.

    In the first of this three part series, Avremel reminisces how his first instructions from the Lubavitcher Rebbe about his singing career were to include the words “Please do not play on Shabbos or Yom Tov” on both the album cover and the album itself. The title track of his debut album, No Jew Will Be Left Behind, is the first of many Moshiach themed songs that appear on Fried’s albums. Indeed, thirty years later, some of these songs are still popular and Fried points out that the hallmark of a hit song isn’t the song’s popularity when it is released, but that years later, people are still singing that song.

    While he has certainly kept up with the trend in Jewish music to incorporate elaborate orchestration into every album, Fried confesses that he would love to see music downsized with a return to simpler days when an eight piece orchestra was more than enough. Fried discusses his early days, working with Sheya Mendlowitz and his long standing relationship with multi talented arranger Moshe Laufer who has been arranging his albums since 1983.

    While Avremel has been delighting us with his albums since 1980, his singing career actually goes back much further. Both his Hupp Cossak and Goodbye Golus albums feature recordings of him singing as child.

    Part 1 of the exclusive interview

    Tomorrow will feature part 2 of the interview

    Avramel preforming today at the Crown Heights Lag BaOmer parade.

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    1. Avrom u made a wonderful job with the jewish music its absolutely beautiful I was by the last few concert’s from hasc where u was there with the shira choir u made a gr8 job keep on

    2. 30 years !!!!!!!! baruch Hashem. WE are so lucky. where would jewish music be without you? i have been following your career since the begginning. i cant beleive how time flies by. do you think it is possible that you can do another album and go back to the start? sheya Mendlowitz, yossi Green and you yourself? kinda nestalgic. obviously you 3 were a good combo that Hashem brought together. eberything is bashert. i’d love to hear that. i know ALOT of people that would love to hear. PLEASE!!!!!!!

    3. The song ‘The Return’ on the first album is from the best english songs on a yiddishe album. The arrangements are equally beautiful. I love listening to the old albums- they bring back good memories.

    4. Avremel many of your songs bought me closer to hashem, especially the english ones, Examples – your never alone, even in the mountans echo, don’t hide from me, my fellow jew, father don’t cry.

    5. He is a varime chushive yingerman,
      I have all the respect to him, he has gefeal for a other yid, he is “moiredig”he respects everyone,keep it up hashem should give you the koiches Until 120.

    6. Great interview, though I was disappointed when he discussed plans for future albums that there is no mention of the Chabad or Y”T Ehrlich projects, we really need more of those!
      Also, the recent zemiros acapella album he did with his brothers recently is a gem, I wish there would be more of an emphasis on these treasures from the past. There is noone like him that can put life into an ancient nigun.

    7. Avremel you are the BEST! Every album, every song FANTASTIC. I hope you will realese something for Us!! Yossi, Moshe laufer and Sheya come together for a new album to Avremel. Or re record some oldies ( perhaps an english album). Anything from you brings people closer to Hashem!


      from Hungary

    8. Much hatzlocho to the greatest singer Avrohom Fried. Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you brought to us with your one of a kind voice. One suggestion,maybe a little Mona Rosenblum for musical arrangements,he always makes a difference in a cd.


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