Manhattan, NY – 4 A.M. 911 Call in NYC Warns of More “Massive Explosion”


    Manhattan, NY – The FBI is investigating an ominous 911 call that was made at about 4 a.m. This morning. The NY Times reports that the person said “There would be a massive explosion soon and the car in Times Square was only a diversion.” Homeland Security investigators are looking into this threat and the SUV car bomb left in Times Square.

    This threatening phone call reawakens all of the memories of 9/11. Let’s hope the Feds find out who made this call quickly and determines if they have any links to known terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda.

    The early morning phone call was made from a pay phone located at West 53rd Street and 7th Avenue. Investigators have dusted the phone booth for fingerprints and searched the area for any other evidence.

    This call to 911 was made less than ten blocks uptown from where the SUV was left with a bomb device the evening before. Officials still do not know who was responsible for the SUV bomb, which started to detonate but was ineffective.

    The NY Times has pointed out similarities between the bomb in the SUV and the failed car bomb terrorism attacks abroad in the summer months of 2007. Iraq was believed to be involved in those incidents per federal authorities. They occurred in the London theater district and near bars; another similar incident occurred around that same time at the Glasgow airport.

    Investigators are going to be reviewing security tapes from a lot of businesses in Times Square. Because this location is deemed very high risk for a terrorism attack, there are many cameras stationed in the area.

    Thus NYC has had three terrorism alarms this weekend. First, a young man was found in a subway tunnel with cyanide tablets, next, an SUV with a bomb device was left in Times Square, and now a threatening phone call was received by 911.

    It is important for everyone in NYC, residents and tourists too, to report anything suspicious they see or hear to the police. Also, if you notice something suspicious, take a picture of it with your cell phone, if you carry one.

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      • We have a President who is following directly out of George W. Bush’s playbook including escalating the war in Afghanistan, beefing up the DHS and giving it more power, letting the CIA kill suspected terrorists anywhere in the world and increasing military spending while keeping Dubya’s Secretary of Defense and national security staff. If that’s “week” [sic] on security you’re going to have to revise your opinion of 2001-2009

      • If you solely rely on the president. You are in bad shape. It doesn’t mater if the president is weak or strung, a terrorist attack is unpredictable! Only hashem can help us. No president or uniform can. IM HASHEM LOY YISHMOR EIR…

        • Hashem gives you a brain, you shouldn’t wate it. if you see a fire then put it out, if you see a lousy leader than vote him out. Yidden were dumb enough to vote for Obama, just remember to vote this year and show your vote matters.

      • Are you realy suprised that Obama is so quiet. This is a man more concerned on not offending Muslims by encouraging not to use certain words that everyone associates with terrorism. he is quiet about acts of terror in Israel, but on a settlement in Jerusalem he puts his two cents in. When was Jerusalem ever part of the discusssions? call a spade a spade, wake up people and realize what we have sitting in the White House.

      • come to NYC, the terrorist haven’t won anything. our stores are bustling, our shuls are packed, our yeshivas are learning, Times Square was busy today and parks with people. Cropwn Heights had the biggest turnout ever for Lag B’Omer.

        If you live in fear then you let them win, there is nothing to fear except fear itself. yesterday and everday is a testimony to the hard work of our law enforcement officials. kol hakovod and wish them a safe return from their shifts. may Hashem keep them safe.

    1. #1 you are correct.
      we are of gehakte tzuris . all he knows how to do is go after the businessmen on wall street.
      he doesnt know how to protect our country
      he doesnt know how to deal with the oil spill
      he knows how to fly around on taxpayer money.
      save wall street before they move out and we lose their $$ too.
      then we will be a welfare state instead of the greatest state.
      even bloomberg knows that .
      he is a businessman and knows we need wall streets money to survive

      • There is no evidence at all that Obama is weak on national security. Not one stitch of evidence. He actually has most of the same people in place that Bush did for dealing with these things. So, unless you can point to specific policy changes, you must also believe that Bush & Cheney were just as weak (or possibly weaker since they would not ramp-up the attacks in Afghanistan to get the Al Qaeda leadership).

        As for the oil spill, what should he do? Is he supposed to be a master geologist? Maybe he is really Poseidon, Greek god of the seas? OBVIOUSLY those who fully support offshore drilling and who have told us how safe it is for decades MUST know how to deal with an issue like this. OBVIOUSLY they must have a Disaster Recovery Plan. So where is it? The “Drill Baby Drill” crowd MUST have the answer to this, they told us it was safe, so why aren’t they getting with the good folks at BP to deal with it?

        Bloomberg is a socialist, worse than Obama. Half of NY lives off the backs of their hard-working neighbors. In our community alone people STEAL from the rich with Bloomberg’s approval. It is disgusting socialism and you NYers have no business EVER criticizing anyone else.

        • he is showing weakness by over extending himself to fradicals and showing weakness. he is attempting to make friends with countries that denounce democracy, while turning his back on the only true ally of this country.

          his policies on information gathering, holding prisoners, how to conduct trials and gathering information from prisoners defer than the last administration. his stance on dealing with specific countries and approch has been different and can’t see the similarities. Bush’s stance of standing steadfast against regime’s that threaten democracy was clear, while the approaches of Obama are confusing: does he like Israel? Does he want to close guatanamo? where does he want to hold the terror trials? will it be a civilian trial or military tribunal? where does he stand with North Korea and Iran? first he says don’t drill and now he does? it’s whats more proper for the day.

          Obama has the votes to prove he is the fursthest left politician.

          on Bloomberg: the rest of the country has suffered worse than NY because of Bloomberg’s prudent savings. when he had a surplus, he didnt waste it on the pork projects. what did he do with it, he put it in the rainy day fund .

      • Bush didn’t know how to protect our country on 9/11
        Bush didn’t know how to deal with Katrina
        Bush knew how to award billions of dollars of no bid contracts to his cronies at Halliburton
        Bush knew how to let Wall Street go wild and destroy out economy

        • Clinton cut CIA funding and it was in Bush’s first year (thank clinton for the lack of intelligence information)
          Katrina and all disasters with local response and request from locality, NYC has a Office of Emergency Management that needs to request assistance from the State and FEMA and would think the same thing would apply to every municipality
          Democrats don’t award special interest dollars , that’s funny (how do you think healthcare or obamacare past). there is so much pork to get the votes that it didn’t pass the kosher test.
          Democrats were getting so much money from Freddie Mac that caused so many problems, which 3 politicians recieved the most money? 1) Democrat: Chris Dodd $165,400 (by the way, this was when he was the BANKING CHAIRMAN from 2007). yes, banking chair of the greatest breakdown of the banking system. 2) Democrat: Barack Obama $126,349 3) Democrat: John Kerry $111,000.

          i am sorry would you like to add more facts, so that i can give you a reality check

    2. It is impossible to stop low-tech solo terrorists. Seven years ago a mentally ill man killed almost two hundred people on a Korean subway with nothing more than two milk cartons filled with a flammable liquid. Flammable liquids, pressurized flammable gas, fertilizer, firearms, and ammunition are all easily available to any terrorist wannabee in this country. Neither President Obama or Mayor Bloomberg can do anything about this.


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