Manhattan, NY – Street Vendor Talks About Suspicious Vehicle [video]


    Manhattan, NY – Handbag seller Duane Jackson was one of the first people to notice the Nissan Pathfinder that later turned out to be a crude car-bomb in Times Square.

    Watch below interview Mr. Jackson gave to the media.

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    1. Anywhere I can send him a gift? And would like to say that I am an Orthodox Jewish person who sent him this and apperciate so mauch what he did.

      G-d knows how many lives he has saved by his quick actions!

      A hero that deserves a key to the city and lots, lots more.

    2. The military turns ordinary guys into REAL men for life. Any guy that comes out of training and fought in any conflict, let alone Vietnam, will have a permanently developed 6th sense and natural instinct to detect danger.
      He is a hero for being able to spot something out of the ordinary and actually act on it and nut just ignore it like majority of people would.


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