New York – CNN: Police Have ID’d the Owner of the SUV in the Times Square Bomb Scare


    A police vehicle moves along 44th street near Times Square in New York Sunday, May 2, 2010, as an investigation was underway after an earlier incident involving a car that contained cans of gasoline, tanks of propane and fireworks. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)New York – The Nissan Pathfinder is registered to someone who lives in New York City’s tri-state area, a New York police official tells CNN.

    Authorities have identified and are attempting to speak with the owner of the Nissan Pathfinder, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation says.

    This contradicts what a federal law enforcement source told CNN earlier Sunday that the vehicle identification number has been determined that the vehicle is not from the immediate tri-state area.

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    1. Dont tell me again that this is the works of a taliban, al queda, muslim, worshipper father of 50, never killed a fly (after all flies arent human why would he kill them). american loving citizen who just got his masters in jihad and there were no signs pointing to any poor mental state etc. “motives unknown!”

      Please I would rather feel like you talk to me like a grown up. Just tell me what it is as it is! don’t tone it down so as to not get me nervous. Just call them TERRORISTS!

      Obama I mean you! and this is the feeling of most of the us citizens (all those over the age of 3)

      • This may be YOUR paranoid feelings and fears but most New Yorkers presume (and properly so) that such an inept effort at setting off explosives is most likely some Anthony McVeigh type of right wing lunatic and not an Al Queda operative and definitely not an islamic “terrorist”.

        • You think you’re so smart? You’re ignorant. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that this kind of explosive was used by Al Queda in London.

        • Actually, this might have been a dry run for terrorists to see how the NYPD and Emergency personnel react. The are no terrorist testing facilities on US soil. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a home-grown jihadist cell.

        • Oh yeah? Egg on your face much? The fact that you would not only rule out Islamic terrorism, but having decided that it was related to domestic politics you’d ascribe it to a “right wing lunatic” shows what a fool you are. If it were about US politics, the odds would have been overwhelming that it was from the left, which is where almost all political violence in America comes from.

      • But why bother a liberal with the facts? Because even if it was a muslim its Bush that was behind it anyway & the reason it did not go as planned was because Bush was busy blowing up the oil well in the gulf

    2. Police are looking for a white male in his 40s who was seen leaving the area.
      A white male like the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh; the IRS bomber, Joe Stack and the five people who were stopped for a routine traffic violation in GA last week who were carrying a bomb.

      And like the Christian militia (Hutaree) in Michigan who were plotting to kill law enforcement officers (who they believe are footsoldiers for the Federal Gov’t) in hopes of inciting an antigovernment uprising. They were also using homemade bombs.

    3. Why is this news? With vin numbers in several places on each vehicle they could have itentified the last registered owner even if it had exploded as they did with McVeigh’s rental truck. Now if the owner resembles the man who was videotaped, which I doubt, the case is solved. If the bomber didn’t use a stolen vehicle, he was a total fool.

    4. I would be quite surprised if this was done by any organized extreme right-wing group. These groups have always targeted the government or police, not the American people.

    5. I hate to break you the bad news, but this happens once or twice a month with people with middle eastern Islamic sounding names and is front page news in the local paper in Roanoke VA or Aston, PA (names changed to protect the guilty) and receives no national coverage from our politically correct national media. Even if it is mentioned in the national media, it’s a small article with no follow up. It seems we don’t want to offend the people who have sworn to kill us.

    6. I think that this was just a scare and there will be somthing more serious. Fact is that there are people out there who want new yorkers as well as any American dead! If thus could happen in NYC where is our security? And don’t forget that NYC has the best cops in the country!

    7. Why don’t we wait and see what the police actually turn up before letting giving our prejudices, fantasies and terrors free reign? Maybe it will turn out to be followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or Western North Dakota separatists. I personally suspect the Talibubba. Teehadis. But that’s just idle speculation at this point.

      • Because all people are not equal. When something like this happens, by far the MOST likely explanation is Islamic terrorism. The NEXT most likely explanation, though a lot less likely than the first, is underworld gang war, followed by closely left-wing political violence. Right-wing political violence is so rare that it’s a very unlikely explanation.

    8. We had a very similar incident in London. Two Iraqi doctors attempted to set off a similar amatuerish car bomb outside a night club but the car just smouldered. The next day they drove an SUV similarly loaded with gas canisters at high speed at the doors of the airport terminal doors in Glasgow hoping to cause heavy casulties but the vehicle failed to get through the entrance. One of the terrorists managed to set himself on fire whilst setting the SUV alight. An airport porter fought with the burning man. Englanders joked that the Scots are so unfriendly, they would punch you in the face even if you are on fire!

    9. One thing is for sure. Dubai has better technology than the USA. They were able to combine and analyze data from various different sources much faster and in a more sophisticated manner.

      On the other hand, we who are the targets of the terrorists, are living in the stone age.

    10. the situation in the apple is dangerous indeed.some obvious easy targets exits whereby those who would ,could cripple this town with very little effort.of course i wont point this out exactly but even a child could figure it out.


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