New York – Long Island The 51 State?


    New York – The top government official in Nassau County says he’s willing to look into the feasibility of Long Island seceding from New York to become an independent state.

    In a letter last week, County Executive Edward Mangano joined several local officials who support measures in the state Legislature to probe the possibility.

    The concept is one that has been discussed _ and often laughed at _ for many years.

    The other top elected official on Long Island, Suffolk County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Steve Levy, says the statehood idea has no future. It would have to be approved by Congress and the president.

    Nassau County has one of the highest per capita incomes in the country, and residents there often complain that they also pay among the most in taxes.

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    1. If this was tried, New York would recoup any lost revenues via toll increases to get off of Long Island (or into Brooklyn/Queens on Long Island)

    2. They must want Eastern Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk to secede, not Brooklyn which is at the Western end of Long Island.

      They have so much duplication and corruption with all the different levels of government out there, towns, villages, municiplaities and school districts. If these local governments were abolished and only the county goverments remained and ran everything they could reduce waste and taxes.

      • This is an excellent idea. Former Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi mentioned this, and got his hat handed to him. We WANT our high taxes and inefficient government.

    3. That means that if I get off the Nassau Exp’way at the Central av. exit, I’ll be in the State of Nassau. Crossing the light I’ll be back in the State of New York. Will there be any tolls between the State of Nassau and the Empire State. I hope they will issue nice looking license plates. To compete with Gov. Patterson’s newly issued.

    4. Can someone please explain why the City of NY is not becoming a seperate state?
      Why do we need to send Billions to upstate NY?
      Why do we pay 3 taxes City,State,Federal?
      What do we get from the most defunct corrupt government in Albany?
      We have our own police,health,education,counter terrorism departments.

      • Most of the prisons are upstate, as is the water supply, agricultural products, and gas deposits (from the Marcellus shale near Binghamton).

        Funny thing, most of the people I know from upstate think that the NYC/LI politicians control everything, and that those of us who live north of NYC/LI don’t get our fair share.

    5. That would take an act of Congress. Ain’t gonna happen any more than Cascadia, Jefferson, Puerto Rico or any of the other proposed new States.

    6. interesting choice and idea. if i were the one to decide whether it should be a state i would say “why not?” but the only problem i have is that, ever heard the song “Fifty Nifty”? Well its a song about the 50 united states and if Long Island were to be a state then the song wouldnt be good…


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