New York – NY Assemblyman Calls Upon Senators To Deny Visa For Little Hitler Ahmadinejad


    New York – In a strongly-worded letter sent to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) urged New York’s congressional representatives to use their influence to prevent Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from obtaining a non-immigrant visa to enter the United States. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address a United Nations conference on nuclear non-proliferation this week.

    “To allow the president of a country which the United States has designated as a state sponsor of terrorism to set foot on American soil, flies in the face of our efforts to impose additional, more severe sanctions against Iran,” Hikind wrote. “President Ahmadinejad’s pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a direct threat not only to our national security, but to our country’s most important Mideast ally, Israel.”

    Hikind added that should the United States choose to allow the “little Hitler” into the country, “he should be arrested upon arrival and charged with promoting terrorism and threatening America’s security.”

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    1. As host country to the UN and as per international agreements they cannot legally deny him entry. This politician knows that and is just trying to get some PR points.

      • as host country…….. says who! I understand that you are inclined and have reasoning behind your statement, however that’s no more than an opinion. fact: america doesn’t have to admit any diplomat and can expell any they dislike! as for the being able to arrest, you are probably referring to diplomatic immunity. well israeli officials, (also with dip. immun.) were threatened with arrest in england!

        while my OPINION is that arresting him might have undesired consequences, that’s only my opinion.

        Please state your opinions as opinions.

    2. once again hikind is just showboating! it is illegal for the US to not grant the visa, as under the treaty that created the UN, the US is obligated to allow entrance to any official of any UN nation state if meeting at the UN. what they can do is make the visa conditional, allowing access from Iranian embassy to the UN and back. if he were to step foot anywhere else on US soil, who would be able to be arrested, though doubtful if he would, as it would make him a martyr, and inflame the “Arab street” in his favor, which as of now, is not (young adults have been rioting against this madman for years)

    3. Normally I would agree, but he’s such a silly little monkey that it’s actually good when he makes a fool of himself in public. Let him in. Besides, it’s very entertaining!

    4. Thanks R’ DoV for ways being there for klal yisroel. Yes,this mini hitler should be arrested and executed by a firing squad,for promoting, actively advocating and supervising active terrorism against non muslim civilians around the globe.

    5. Either Hikind and his buddies are knowingly grandstanding, or they’re utterly clueless. The United States is obligated to admit Mr. Ahmadi-Nejad as a matter of its treaty obligations toward the United Nations. His letter is of no effect, other than to disingenuously gain support from his equally clueless supporters.

    6. there are 100,000 Yidden living happily and peacefully in Iran as a protected minority with representation in parliament – how can he call him a “little Hitler” – that’s very dangerous to use that term

    7. Obama violates agreements made with the American people every day. Just violate this agreement made years ago by orhers in this extreme situation. Even his own country would aplaud it. Other than a few radical mullas.

    8. Most of the posters above are on to something, but they do not realize that congress which writes the laws of this countries has granted the state departement the right to object visa requests from countries that sponsor terror regardless if they are head of states.

      What Hikind is requesting is something that many other senators have requested and was posted on VIN last week. That article has all the exact clauses in the law the those Senators and Dov Hikind are referring to.

      I would like to compliment Dov for speaking up. Our previous representative at the city level has done nothing for us because they were afraid to stand up and be heard.

    9. sadly our politicians are more interested in chasing their tails with the wall street firms and the SEC.

      that they know how to get busy with.
      they should be out there demanding protection and focusing on our deficit instead of possibly chasing out one of our biggest taxpayers from ny.
      for every billion dollarss a wall street firm makes in profit, ny gets 70 million of it in taxes.
      in the last two weeks of the wall street witch hunt we have lost over 1 billion dollars in taxes.
      shame on the politicians!!

    10. #6 and like minded, you are cluless as the pupose of this protest. its impotant voices should be heard when such hitllers come to democtatic countries. the tachlis is not dafke he shouldn’t be allowed in. so what do you care ifhe wants to score points, your not better if your a politician. and if nobody would’ve said anything you or others would yell where was he or someone elst to protest?


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