Paris, France – 3,000 European Jews Sign Petition Critical of Israel


    The petition's signatories include French philosopher Bernard-Henri LevyParis, France – More than 3,000 European Jews, including prominent intellectuals, have signed a petition speaking out against Israeli settlement policies and warning that systematic support for the Israeli government is dangerous.

    The petition’s signatories include French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a Greens leader in the European Parliament. Backers – who compare their goals to those of J Street, a liberal Jewish lobbying group in the United States – plan to present their position at a news conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday.

    Many signatories are from France, where the petition has received much press coverage. France’s Jewish community has hotly debated the petition, entitled “Call for Reason.” The president of France’s leading Jewish association, CRIF, declined to sign, saying he objected to its tone and some of its language.

    “Do Israelis need the Jewish Diaspora to know what is ‘the right’ decision, what should be the borders of a country that their sons and daughters are protecting?” Richard Prasquier wrote in Le Figaro newspaper.

    Those circulating the petition hope to build a European movement “to allow a Jewish voice to be heard that is both committed to the state of Israel and critical of the current choices of its government.”

    The petition, online at, says Israel faces a threat in the “occupation and the continuing pursuit of settlements in the West Bank and in the Arab districts of East Jerusalem.

    “These policies are morally and politically wrong and feed the unacceptable delegitimization process that Israel currently faces abroad,” it says.

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        • “We already have self-hating Jews in the USA?” Its self-hating to speak the truth and to want other Yidden to live up to the high standards of the Torah in our relations with the Palestinians who are not terrorists? Is it not forbidden to rob a Goy? Is it not forbidden to deliberately harm another human being who has not personally harmed you or anyone in Klal Yisroel?

          One need not be a self-hating Jew to attempt to dispel the hatred and bigotry that is infecting a sizable minority of our people. The Torah has clear and defined parameters for dealing ethically dealing with non-Jews, and robbing, harming (someone or attempting to starve them ie Gaza siege) who has not intended to, attempted to, and have the means to harm a Jewish person is absolutely forbidden in Halakah. I personally think that Jews who are for violating the Torahs many prohibitions against unethical dealings with the Goyim are more the model of “self-hating” Jews than any J-Streeter.

    1. Do they think that they will gain favor with the goyim by signing against israel?
      Shame on them…
      When the goyim come to get you, they will not show you mercy because you signed a letter stabbing your own people in the back. Shame on you.

    2. This is certainly not the end of the road since everyone knows that the State of Israel is meant for the 75% of its population who are Jews (even without the West Bank and Gaza) and not the 25% who are Arabs (even without the West Bank and Gaza Arabs). So who are these supposed leftwingers kidding?? Don’t they expect the Arabs within the Green Line will demand the same equality in a non-Jewish ethnic State that Blacks have in the USA?

      • if the state of israel is meant only for the 75% who are Jews and not the 25% who are Arabs, does this mean that the usa that is 90% Christian is not meant for the 1.3% of it’s citizens who are Jews? Muslims believe in one G-d, as do Jews. Forget the settlements for the moment. It’s totally against halakah to try to starve one point five million civilians in Gaza (the siege) because the state of Israel can’t defeat the terrorists.

        Another thing, I don’t understand the trend in Klal Yisroel to honor people who have committed criminal acts against “the goyim” as if they are to be looked up to as role models; just because they may have done considerable amounts of chesed for Klal Yisroel.

      • “End the occupation in our land?”; If that is so; why are you not in the state of israel now? Tell me a couple of things, please. When the christians (crusaders),conquered palestine, they killed jews and muslims alike; When the muslims conquered the crusaders, jews were treated humanely. The muslims did not kick us out of eretz israel, the romans did; because we sinned against G-d. Mosiach come and reestablish the State of Israel and gather in Klal Yisroel? Although there were always some jews (the poor and landless) who remained in palestine, some Palestinians have lived in Eretz Israel for 1,200 years. My main question is this: How long does a people (Jews) have to be absent before the land becomes “hefger”. Since Moshiach has not come yet, why the stink about people wanting Jews who are living in Eretz Israel to treat Palestinians (not terrorists) humanely?

    3. Imagine if our grandparents in the concentrations camps had a glimpse of the future. They would have cried in aguish!

      Its less than seventy years after the Holocaust and who would believe that this is happening in front of our very eyes….

      We need Moshiach now!

      • if our grandparents who were in concentration camps could see (as many of the survivors do) jews gladly giving the descendents of the murderers of our people 50, 60, 70, thousands of dollars to drive their mercedes and bmws they would be (and the survivors probably are), quite traumatized. What does that say about our community? The Swedes actively saved Jews yet how many Saabs and Volvos do you see successful frummer Yidden driving?

    4. These are the same people who in the 1940’s said they were germans and nothing will happen to them because the germans wouldn’t hurt their own citizens. Wake up smell the hate around us we jews only have one home its israel not europe or america. Israel is so small , smaller then jersey or cali. Why do we have to sacrifes our land to people who have over 30plus countiers to go to and we have one.

      • “30 plus countries”. Just because Germans and Danish may look alike, and their languages sound very similar; their countries and cultures are different. It’s very easy to classify all Arabs as “the same”; it makes it easy for the bigots among our people to make stereotypical generalizations about “them”, you know, we’ve all heard it from rabbis who claim to know the Torah; “All goyim hate us and all of them want to kill us.” This perversion of Torah is no different from a goyisher bigot telling his children, “All Jews hate us, are very clannish, and want to take over the world.” HATE IS HATE, we need to learn that before it’s too late.
        Why is it that the 36 Tzadikkim of every generation must remain hidden? Why can’t they raise their little heads? We constantly hear, “The Torah is the way of peace.” “The Torah is the way of peace.” But read any frummer newspaper, and they don’t focus on the beauty of Judaism; 80% of their articles are filled with the b.s. that, “All the goyim hate us; or anti-Semitism is rising! Translation, be afraid, xenophobic and very, very afraid. Don’t even think of being “Am ore Yisroel L’Goyim, God forbid.”

    5. Bernard Henri Levy is a known friend of Israel and he is not a terrorist apologist like many on the left. He doesn’t question Israel’s right to exist, nor does he dance to the U.N. mantra against Israel defending itself. Question of settlements and expansion is a controversial issue even with in Israeli society and within the orthodox world. Remember, there was a large settlement initiative in Sinai too and we don’t even talk about it when we gave it back.
      Having 100 IDF soldiers per 1 settler in some settlement communities is an insane policy that does not have a greater over all benefit and the cost to society is big.

    6. German Jewry had a similar issue with religios yoddin in the 1800’s. Didn’t work out well for the “inteluctuals” as their children were killed along with the frum by the Nazis. We seem to forget our tragic history.

      • “German Jewry had a similar issue with religios yoddin in the 1800’s. Didn’t work out well for the “inteluctuals” as their children were killed along with the frum by the Nazis. We seem to forget our tragic history.” Did you know that the Nazis and bigoted Yidden have one thing in common? They are (and were) OBSESSED WITH RACE. The Jews in Germany designated themselves as, “German citizens of the Jewish race.” Nazis considered themselves to be of the Aryan race. The difference is that we (Jews) forget that we have two purposes: Observed the mitzvos AND to be “Am ore Yisroel L’Goyim.” It’s hard to do number 2 when certain alledged “Gedolim” falsely teach impressionable minds THE LIE that, “All Goyim hate Jews and want to kill us.” You know, when we daven and at least the sidder says eventually that all the Goyim will call upon HaShem’s name; how is that ever going to occur if they are not taught, and who would want to teach them is they’ve been LIED TO since they were children that “All Goyim hate Yidden?”

      • 1. R’ Moshe zt”l was a shomer torah umitzvos.
        2. R’ Moshe lived in Israel.
        3. These characters are not sincere. They are just swimming with the tide.
        4. R’ Moshe was an amud hachessed. You should just have seen his shabbos tish. I doubt if even one of those signatories knows what shabbos is.
        I could go on.

      • “What a travesty. How can we organize a petition of thousands of Jews supporting the Israeli government?”
        You’re joking, right? Any number of so-called pro-Israeli organizations exist to do that already. The sad thing is that some of them are so racist (the fact that we are a Chosen people but they’ve forgotten what we’re chosen for, and to do), such as Americans for a Safe Israel, that some of their members would feel right at home in a Ku Klux Klan outfit, or wearing black jackboots, giving salutes to our “Chosen-ness”. Americans for a Safe Israel, according to the Jewish Press, 14 May edition, p 10 states that “AFSI has been one of the few voices consistently promoting a Greater Israel that includes all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.” Hmm, sounds vaguely familiar: “A greater Germany etc…in the east (forget about the human beings who actually live there presently; only we (the Master Race or in our case the Chosen People) matter. There feelings as human beings mean nothing at all. Is that the Kind of Yid you want to be? Not me?

    7. Spinless selfhatting brothers. There should be a pitition started on the other side to show how many are stand with israel. I’m sure we could get alot more than 3,000.

        • “I agree. We need to do this , otherwise the US will think that most Jews are the leftist J Street type.”
          Actually, most US Jews are the J Street type; most US Jews are Democrats. However, the leaders of most Jewish organizations are right-wing fanatics. To be J Street means to be a Jew with a conscience both for you own people and for other human beings as well.
          People who think that Baruch Goldstein is a Tzaddik in Chevron, would be quite happy in jack boots because to those Jewish Neo-Nazis what he did was ok by killing 14 and wounding over 100 people because they were not Jews even though it was a total desecration of HaShem’s name and a violation of Halakah.

          People who think that a certain man in a certain state who did not pay many cattlemen (ie ROBBED THEM), and who defrauded a bank, and whose associates abused workers (some of them even sexually) is a great Tzaddik because he gave chesed to many Yidden and because all of his victims were Goyim, are indeed deluded that their Torah has anything to do with Moshe Rebbenu at all. I hope that’s not the kind of Jew you want to be.

    8. These leftist European Jews are part of the sonim from within. They are urged on by these “intellectuals” who are usually all the same, but it is they who should start thinking about their plight. Europe is a disaster in waiting for the Jewish people there. Instead of their stupid hatred, they should be thinking of “Aliyah”, and the sooner the better.


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