Tampa, FL – 21 Year Old Brooklyn Jewish Man Dead in Jetski Accident


     21 year old Nosson Deitsch of Brooklyn, NY [Crown Heights section]Tampa, FL – An accident involving a jet ski and a boat in Tampa, Florida has left a 21 year old Jewish Brooklyn man dead, VIN News has confirmed.

    According to Tampa Police two men were riding wave runners near the Courtney Campbell Causeway just south of the Bahama Breeze restaurant, just before 3 p.m. Sunday when their watercraft collided.

    Tampa TV News station has identified the man as 21 year old Nosson Deitsch of Brooklyn, NY [Crown Heights section] was ejected off his jetski and into the water. He was unconscious when he was brought to shore, where bystanders performed CPR on him. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later died.

    Watching two young men skim across the water on scooters Sunday, Robyn Plemmons mused to a friend that it would be fun to try it herself.

    She quickly had reason to reconsider.

    “All of a sudden,” she said, “it’s like, kaboom.”

    The young men were riding water scooters almost parallel to each other on the north side of the Courtney Campbell Parkway. Then one turned, Plemmons said, into the other’s path.

    From her perch at the open-air bar at Bahama Breeze, she saw a man’s body cartwheel through the air before landing face-down in the water.

    He wore a life jacket, but lay there motionless as his friend sped away to get help.

    “He never picked his head up,” said Plemmons, who called 911.

    Rescue officials said Nosson N. Deitsch, a 21-year-old rabbinical student from New York, appeared unconscious when boaters pulled him from the water and began CPR. The accident happened shortly before 3 p.m., and he was pronounced dead at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

    Police did not name the other rider, who was uninjured and talking with investigators.

    A video produced by Nosson’s friends in his memory. Below

    They did not say whether he faced any criminal charges or if alcohol was involved.

    Plemmons said the men rented the water bikes at the nearby Westin hotel. She said she met with investigators there to discuss what she witnessed.

    The hotel manager on duty Sunday evening would not comment about the accident and declined to give his name.

    Deitsch is from the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, the center of the ultra orthodox Jewish movement known as Chabad.

    “He was a rabbinical student in Miami in South Beach and was to be ordained very shortly as a rabbi,” said Rivka Schechter of Brooklyn, a relative by marriage. “He was a wonderful young man.”

    Her son, Shmuel Schechter, 22, was a close friend. He said Deitsch came from a prominent family in Crown Heights.

    As is often the case in the Chabad movement, five of his six older brothers are rabbis, the sixth is planning to become a rabbi, and all five of his sisters are married to rabbis, a relationship that involves them in the work of the community as well. His late father โ€” an ordained rabbi, but not a practicing one โ€” ran a textile business and was a leading philanthropist in Crown Heights.

    Deitsch was energetic, optimistic, trustworthy and disciplined, Shmuel Schechter said. He routinely studied from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., but was always in the loop with a good story or a bit of news no one else seemed to have heard. He spent the last several years of his life helping younger students.

    “Nosson was a dream friend, what everybody could wish for as a best friend, a dream sibling, a dream son and somebody for younger students to look up to,” Schechter said. “He showed that you could be cool and still have a good time in life.”

    Deitsch died on a Jewish holiday known as known as Lag b’Omer. He had come to Tampa to help with a Chabad celebration of the holiday, which is traditionally joyful and festive.

    He had ridden a water scooter before, and Shmuel Schechter said Deitsch and his friends may have had a little time outside of helping with the celebration to go to the beach.

    Back home in Crown Heights, where the Chabad community marked Lag b’Omer with a big parade, the timing of Deitsch’s death stunned family and friends.

    “We’re taught to have strong belief in faith and to have no questions for God,” Rivka Schechter said. “But it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.”

    Chesed Shel Emes of New York, is workings with the Medical Examiner to prevent an autopsy.

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    1. Baruch Dayan HaEmes. I know this family. I beg you, please don’t start saying what should & shouldn’t have happened, who is to blame, how it’s a lesson and so forth. We are in terrible pain.

      • I remember, when I was 16 years old two boys from my class in Miami crashed into eachother o jetski, one boy died. that funeral till this day gives me nightmares. What a tragedy.

    2. This kid was a hoiche neshama. Knew how to learn and treated every jew with a smile. I was privelaged to be by a farbreng in Miami where he spoke with wisdom beyond his years. I watched as his friends hung on his every word and even the main speaker was enthralled by this bochur and his humble loving way of talking. I left impressed that this is how I wish my son’s would turn out like him. As always He takes back the best to him. He wants them near him.

    3. I think he was in SMicha program in miami – I do know he was in Tampa to help the local shiliach prepare for Lag Bomer – oh man BDE!~~~

    4. hashem! enough of pain! how much this beautiful, prominent family has suffered! their father, an outstanding baal chessed, passed away suddenly not long ago. their older son is fighting yeneh machla and iyh will be all better very soon. and now this?!?!simply impossible to believe!!!!! we need moshiach now!

    5. He was such a good bochur. his father passed away a few years ago at a young age and his brother is suffering from yeneh machlo. may we daven that his brother be well soon and that the family only see simchos amen

    6. Nosson was a very special person always smiling at everybody he would meet, may hashem comfort his family and give them the strength they need with only good things! Moshiach Now!

    7. From what we understand this young bochur was getting smicha in Miami- i know his cousin. This is a very prominent Chabad family who has had more than their share of tragedy and yet they go on and serve H’ unconditionally.!I would not want to see his mother and family at this time- their Tzaar must be incomprehensible. Gd almighty-

    8. oruch dayan emes. i miss you nosson terribly. i cant believe im writing this. i never couldve dreamt this up in my wildest and scariest nightmares. u were perfect. u were always friendly. never judging. always inspiring. u truly believed in a higher purpose, the ultimate goal. and every day of ur life u lived up to what a true chossid is. every time we spoke, u would fill me with inspiration, strength and love. i will never forget you, im sure u will never forget us and in a way only u knew how, by farbrengens we were always wrestling and ending up on the floor, because u put it like it was, demanding the truth and the best from me and everyone else, u would grab me and shake me, oyy i want it back, please nosson, kick some tuches up above, reminding them that this, all of this, has got to end now. we need you back and we need the rebbe back with the coming of moshiach asap. i cant understand, i will never understand, but for you, cuz i know u want it, im smiling. but with bitter tears. u had the greatest smile, so authentic, so loving. oy vey i can go on forever. i know ur listening, ur a pro at it.
      lechaim nosson, lechaim velivracha. teiereh bruder, mir velen zich veiter zehn, m

    9. nosson, no words to say. i spoke with you 3 nights ago and you always put a smile on everyones face. you are a true friend and the most amazing person. we will continue your legacy. may we see you along side the rebbe even before the levaye. words can not express what any one who knows you is feeling.

    10. natan what a very special and fine bachur.all my boys had him as a counceller and loved him so much. my son jut told me that his modo in camp was time doesnt go back it only goes forward.every minute counys the clock is winding down. he really left an imprint on this son.we will all miss you.cant believe this!!what a tragedy!!we really need moshiah now!!!!!!!!!!!!!so we could all be reunited with natan]

    11. P.S
      i am still in shock and cant believe that hes no longer with us. such a chayosdik and pnimisdike person, a true example of what it meant to live for moshiach. a wonderful shliach and someone who really didnt care what anyone thought of him as long as he was doing what was right. im sure he will continue to beg for moshiach and be a guter better for his wntire family and am yisroe

    12. nosson was a power house/ full of chyas.
      i remember in camp. how we would fight over nosson bc he brought the most chayas, and we all wanted him on our team.
      i would like to propose a hachlutu, and that is that we add a little more chayas in to one or to things that we do every day, and we shouldnt do them just bc we are used to it.
      buroch dayen emes

    13. tragedy!!!!
      This is too tragic. He once came to farbreng in our home- we were so impressed with his aidelkait, sweetness, and mentchlechkait. He was really somone special. He learned a tremendous amount of Tanya Baal Peh because his father ob”m wanted him to. He made sure to review it often so as not to forget it. He inspired our son to learn 5 perakim baal peh, even offering him a big present- and it was just out of the blue, and he was not even his counselor or madrich.
      Hamakom Yinachem Eschem Bsoch Shear Availay Tzion VeYerushalayim. The only consolation is Geulah right now.

    14. When I got to LA for my brother’s wedding last year i called Nosson to let him know I arrived. He thought I just arrived in the airport and told me he was picking me up right away. (I was already @ our hosts house by then though)
      The next morning he told me he would pick me up to show me the Yeshiva even though it was a 5 min walk from where I was staying. I told him it would be ok if he just gave me directions but he wouldn’t hear of it and pulled up in a car several minutes later.
      He didn’t just drop me off but showed me around the entire yeshiva complex.
      He drove out to my brother’s wedding and made sure the place was dancing wild for as long as he was there.
      He even decided that I had to be carried around on his shoulders and didn’t let me run till he managed to do so.

      For those of you who knew him, you know what I mean. For those of you who didn’t, you missed out knowing a person who cared.

      • this was nosson. i recently was in miami visiting him and every morning if i woke up late, there was breakfast covered with two plates to make sure its still warm- and nosson would apologize the whole day that it wasnt hot enough!? THIS IS NOSSON! he would bring lunch, supper, pick me up from the airport- made sure i was having a good time, all selflesly- i am in complete shock. i miss nosson terribly already & cant imagine life without him around. he was one of the most down to earth people and at the same time kept the highest of standards for yiddishkeit and chasidishkeit. i love you nosson.

    15. dear noson obm
      i cant belive im writing this and wish i never was. you were a true friend and a great loving person always with a smile,writing these with tears in my eyes, not knowing the next time il see you, hopefuly very soon with moshiach, noson we will miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      noson we love you!

    16. Never knew him but after reasuing these posts I see we lost an amazing person. BDE and may his family never know such sorrow. Words are never enough at times like these. Ad Mosai.

    17. I am fortunate to know nosson for a number of years. I now commit to let the world know who nosson was for many years to come but not just through empty words and promises but rather I will do this through my actions. I need not mention who The Deitch family are. There actions speak louder then words. May hashem have pity on them and be comforted in their suffering

    18. was such a unique bocur, a true oholei torahnik in all sense of the word, chassidish, always b”simcha
      may hashem grant strength to his mother and family

    19. Nosson, just looking at ur pictures a=u have a bright face and smile so innocent! u were one of a kind! god needed u to take care of business, and use ur power to bring down moshiach faster. u left us but ull be back right away i know it

    20. Nosson……
      I was in the same grade as you in oholei torah, I didnt know you much however recently I would see you occationally and all I can say….. you always had a pure and warm smile, you always received people with a smile and a good word… I had respect for you, you were a real mentch.

      Nosson the pain is very deep, please bring moshiach now!!!

      AD MOSAIII!!!!!

    21. He is the brother of my uncle, he was my head-waiter in Parksville and was a very good friend of mine! He was a very smart person and very, very, VERY nice person!!!


    22. all i can say is why? how? am i dreaming? is this really happening? i keep slapping myself to wake up, shocked is not the word, what does hasehem want from this family?? . Nosson i remember you when you were a camper in camp, always smiling, even when you were upset you did not take that smile off, what a great kid you were, i saw you in Miami a few months ago and you had that same wonderful smile… hashem we know the deicth family are amazing family we know that have faith in you, all shluchum and all true baili chesed oy hashem how many times can you test them, how much hell can a mother go thru? hashem we demand of you to give his brother Levi a refuah shleima NOW. you owe to them…

      and to all g-d’s lawyers, trust me he does not your help, it is not our business to say hashem has his reason for someone else is pain, when our brother gets hurt we cry and scream and demand ad mosai???

      may we hear besuros tovos for Levi Yitzchak ben tzirel

    23. What a day…

      It was a wonderful day, with the most beautiful parades I have ever seen, everything was perfect, beautiful weather, so many people together.
      The fair was wonderful and everybody was happy and in such a good mood,
      and then this…

    24. Boruch Dayan Haemes.

      This is too much for us all. how can this happen to such a amazing individual? why to this family? so many question. and no way to answer. we need moshiach now. ad moshi ad moshi

    25. All of my siblings and I were lucky enough to have one of the Deitches including Nosson as classmates. They are all such wonderfull poeple and there are only good things to say about them.
      May there be an immediate end to all their suffering with the coming of moshiach right now!!!!

    26. I hope the family has contacted a good FL attorney to help them with all the arrangements needed to make things right and secure what they are entitled to under FL law.

    27. baruch dayan emes. may his family and friends know sorrow no more. i know what his friends are all feelin b/c my friend’s brother died and cant stop crying. may they both rest in gan eden

    28. When I awakened this morning I felt exhausted and drained. My night had been filled with horrific dreams- and then I began to cry again, just like I have been crying for the past two days, from the moment we first heard the devastating news that Nosson was gone.

      The nightmare was reality, the tragedy really happened. We are stunned, speechless.

      This wonderful young man who would have celebrated his twentysecond birthday next month is physically no longer with us.

      Nosson, a very special young man who idealized the message of Chabad, a living example of a CHOSSID, filled with LOVE for EVERONE he encountered, filled with joy and happiness, spreading joy and goodness- a Talmud Chochom whose entire existence was filled with Torah study, with long days of memorizing Tanya, as instructed by his dear father Zalman Deitsch OBM, memorized so the words would never be forgotten, his father had instrucyed him.

      In his entire young life, and as a senior family member I have known Nosson since his birth, has never uttered an unkind remark about anyone, has never been thoughtless or disparaging. His life was Ahavas Yisroel, Love aof Fellow Jew, and he wa a living example of this credo.

      He was always ready to travel to places far and near to help a Shliach. He was ALWAYS ready to help a fellow Jew.

      For Nosson, to be engaged in the Mitzva of Tefillin, he did not have to be on a special project- an encounter with a stranger at an airport, a casual meeting anywhere was for Nosson an opportunity to perform a Mitzva.

      He was a caring wonderful son, calling his dear mother Cyrel daily, often more than once a day, knowing that this would brighten up her day for life had changed when he lost his father nearly four years ago.

      He was dear to all his family members , to all his numerous friends and to EVERYONE he encountered. And here we are, asking WHY, filled with pain and sorrow.

      What should we do now?

      The message of The Rebbe when Rebetzin Chaye Mushka was niftar was The living shall take to heart.

      Let us apply this message to Nosson and dedicate ourselves, young and old, man woman and child, to perpetuate the ideals incorporated in Nosson- First of all- Ahavas Yisroel.

      Let us learn to smile kindly at all people, just like Nosson always did. A smile has great power- it can lift the spirits of the recipient, it can provide strength.

      Let us become more aware of life around us and interact with people, offer help and assistance in whatever way we can.

      Let us perpetuate the ideals of the life of Nosson and keep his legacy alive.

      With Nosson as our leader, let us devote ourselves to make this world a better place, one added good deed daily, and together, with love in our hearts, displayed in our actions, let us hasten to Bring Moshiach Now.

      Nosson, you will Always be remembered.


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