Washington – Homeland Security: Potential NY Terrorist Attack Averted [News Conference Video]


    In this image taken from video, a police officer approaches the vehicle containing a car bomb, which stands with the door open and the police officer reaches down to lift one of the red canisters on the roadway at New York's Times Square, NY, U.S.A., Sunday, May 2, 2010. Police cleared the streets around Times Square when the vehicle was seen to be smoking late Saturday evening, before recovering un-detonated bomb components including cans of gasoline, tanks of propane, fireworks and other electrical equipment from the sport utility vehicle.(AP Photo/APTV)Washington – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says authorities are recovering evidence from the car bomb discovered at New York’s Time Square.

    She tells NBC’S “Meet the Press” that officials are treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack. She says it’s too soon to tell who’s responsible.

    Napolitano says that while investigators have no suspects, they have recovered forensic evidence, including fingerprints from the vehicle.

    She also says there are a number of surveillance cameras in the area and they could yield valuable videotape.

    Below Early morning news conference by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly.

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    1. wow! as we all well know, the last line of defence is at the intended terror site. (the bomb should never get to the final destination). here we are congratulating for What? a bomb that at the mercy of the bomber, or sheer luck that it didn’t work? that in my opinion is nothing to celebrate, no claim of success shall be made in this story. I’m starting to miss bush when this was a main part of his line of defence. we can’t just be happy that this time we were lucky.

    2. To all the libs -who posted here during the presidential elections that all us right wingers are wrong- saying -Bush was horrible, there won’t be any more attacks on US soil, Obama will make a great Pres., there is nothing to worry about, etc…
      Just for my curiosity, what are you telling yourselves now? One thing I know, maybe Mr. Bush wasn’t the best President we ever had, but his claim that he protected us against terror since 2001, was 100% accurate!

    3. It seems clear that it was only by a miracle (“pure luck,” someone said in a prior post) that this terrorist bomb, in the process of detonating, did not fully detonate.

      The goal of Moslem terrorists was / is to instill fear in the infidels and further their cause of creating a fascist-like theocracy worldwide.

      (It is not certain who perpetrated this and it very well may turn out to be a non-Moslem group–but I’d personally be very surprised if that happened.)

      All of us who live in target areas will have to change our lifestyles and security similar to that in place in Israel will have to be considered.

      Let’s realize that terrorists aim to kill the innocent–men, women, and children–to achieve their nefarious goals.

      Also, we should reassess our lifestyles. Do we hug our loved ones enough? Are we living the type of ethical lifestyle to which we supposedly aspire? What are our goals? Are they just aggrandizement? What ‘answers’ do we have to such hatred?
      And the list goes on. One thing is for certain, and that is that change is needed.

      • Change our lifestyles and security…? Oh, you refer to adhering to the dictates of the 10 Commandments and conducting ourselves with anivus and making sure our wives and daughters are tznius’dikly attired. Adapting that kind of lifestyle will ensure our security. Joe Shmoe above says something about sheer luck and Mayor Bloomie and the NYPD brass are patting themselves on the back. Right! It’s G-d Who made sure nothing would detonate. Now it’s up to us to heed His wake-up call if we know what’s good for us.

        • No, changing our lifestyle doesn’t mean for you to force your women to be “tzniusdikly” attired, whatever that means since every community has different interpretations of that. Turning into Taliban with how you interpret the 10 Commandments will not save you from terrorism. either. Change should be with how we conduct ourselves ethically and not just create smoke screens through how we dress and how much your esrog will cost on sukkos to show off how much one is willing to spend for a miztva. That doesn’t create honest, moral men.

    4. “Potential NY Terrorist Attack Averted” potential, averted? This was a terrorist attack and it was not averted. While it may have not done what the bombers have intended, it was not averted and did instill fear, a primary goal.

    5. Its only a matter of time G-d forbid, when the US Homeland security spends millions on a raid in dinky little town in Iowa, you know they have their priorities wrong and will miss real targets that are dangerous to the US. Unfortunately.


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