Amsterdam – Man Dressed Up As an Orthodox Jew Arrested for Memorial Service Stampede


    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (front left) flees during panic at minute's silence in AmsterdamAmsterdam The Netherlands – Around 30 people were injured and the Dutch queen was briefly rushed to safety Tuesday when a screaming man with an Orthodox Jewish appearance, wearing clothing and hairstyle commonly associated with Orthodox Jews, caused panic among thousands of visitors at the country’s annual ceremony honoring World War II victims.

    Security officers hustled Queen Beatrix away during the incident on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, but the Dutch monarch returned within minutes and the ceremony continued.

    Police Commissioner Bernard Welten said the 39-year-old man, whose name was not released, appeared “confused” — a term Dutch police use to indicate a suspect may have psychological problems.

    The suspect “made a confused impression,” after his arrest for creating a public disturbance, Welten said at a press conference.

    “At the moment that he was arrested, we saw curly sideburns and we saw a hat that fits with the appearance that we know as Orthodox Jewish,” Welten said.

    The man is from Amsterdam and has a long history of drug-related offenses, police said.

    Footage of the incident showed a small number of people at first reacting to the screaming, and then a full-fledged panic after a police fence fell over with a crash. People uncertain of what was happening ran away from the disturbance in fright.

    Afterward, parents comforted crying children. One young girl was carried away in the arms of a police officer.

    Injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to broken bones — all caused by people being trampled or pushed over in the rush to escape.

    The queen and other members of the royal family were quickly escorted to a side street by plainclothes officers.

    Within minutes the master of ceremonies announced that someone among the visitors had fallen ill, and that the ceremony could continue. The crowd applauded.

    The royal family returned, and the ceremonies resumed with the laying of wreaths at the city’s central war monument and a speech by Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The queen looked unsettled after her return but later sighed in relief and began smiling.

    The incident came one year after Beatrix and her family were targeted in an assassination attempt by an unemployed recluse during the annual Queen’s Day national holiday. The man came within meters of slamming his car into the open-topped royal bus before he swerved into a stone monument, killing himself and seven others.

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        • Why talk like this about Klall Yisroel ? You most certainly didn’t read Binah
          magazine over Pessach and the week after. Woman over the universe are dedicating to change the way they are dressing. They are requesting Tznius clothing from stores and manufactures as well as doing their utmost to change even little things. You can’t compare oranges to apples. Hashem is very proud of the woman in Klall Yisroel.

          • If you are trying to promote”Binah”,have a lot of hatzloche!.Iam sure there are a lot of women who are trying to change but you certainly cannot deny that many heimishes are walking with the current fashion.

    1. The queen of The Netherlands is not very well liked it seems. Honestly I don’t some European countries for wanting to absolve their Monarchs. They collect millions in taxes from their subjects, yet they own businesses as well as have holdings all over the place. (kinda like Gloomberg?). The current queen of the Netherlands was raised in Canada {her sister was born there} as they fled their countries invasion. Meanwhile their citizens were being rounded up and or bombed. Yet when peace settled they came back to claim their Marshall Plan dollars. Little did they know they didn’t really control their countries anymore. But they don’t care they are the richest people in the world.

      • Mr. Flemish man. (Assuming). Your Hollandaise may be perfect but the English langue still needs some polishing (and further study.) in order to distinguish between (apparently) confusing terms. Absolved and dissolved are Two different terms (although they have a common root.)

    2. to #4
      you might as well include in your lable r’ chaim oizer fun vilna the chofets chaim and r’ elchonon vaserman as well as all gedoilim that apposed the creation of a jewish state , you maybe not well informed, just ask your father, or anybody that is a little older (or more informed) than you

    3. “You can’t compare oranges to apples. “

      You don’t know how funny that sentence is for Nederlandse people!

      (The name of the Nederlandse Royal Family is “the House of Orange”.)

    4. I can see that most of you dont understand the 4th of May in Holland at 8 pm. All Dutch ppl hold than 2 minutes silence to remember all the fallen during WWII and all means everybody.

      • Of the 140,000 Jews that had lived in the Netherlands prior to 1940, only 30,000 survived the war. This high death toll had a number of reasons. One was the excellent state of Dutch civil records: the Dutch state, prior to the war, had recorded substantial information on every Dutch national. This allowed the Nazi regime to easily determine who was Jewish (whether fully or partly of Jewish ancestry) simply by accessing the data.

        Another factor was the disbelief of both the Dutch public as a whole and the Dutch Jews themselves. Most could not believe that the Jews would be subjected to genocide and sent to death camps. This meant the Jews needed to hide in others’ homes, but that was difficult especially in urban areas. It was also punishable by death.[citation needed] Despite the risks, many Dutch people helped Jews. One-third of the people who hid Jews did not survive the war.

    5. I believe that Queen Beatrice was born through a bracho from the Munkaczer. Her mother the previous queen had no children and she saw the Rebbe at one of the spas in Europe and realized he was a holy man and asked one of the students to to ask for a blessing for children. This story is published somewhere.

      • Of course Juliana had no children; she was a newlywed! Beatrix was born just over a year after her parents’ marriage, so while Juliana may well have asked for a brocho on general principles, childlessness was not the reason, and there’s no need to attribute Beatrix’s birth to this brocho.

        • The brocho of the Minchas Eluzar of Munkatch was not given to Juliana. It was given to her mother Queen Wilhelmina who was childless for many years. In turn, Juliana was born as a result of the bracha and the Rebbe added on that the malchus should remain in her family until Moshiach comes.

    6. We’re presuming he is Jewish due to his clothes. But he appears to be a well know homeless guy who is known as ‘the Rabbi’ because the way he dresses. He does so appearantly because he does not care about fashion. At least this is what he says.

      Is name is either Adam or Pepe, he is a drug addict and has been convicted several times. He is known to be crazy, but harmless. He is not jewish, nor orthodox.

      However, the coincidence that it had to be this man of all people to create a panic on that day of all days, is remarkable.


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