Brooklyn, NY – Marking 30th Anniversary, Music Superstar Avraham Fried Gives A Glimpse Into His New Upcoming Album In Exclusive Interview [Part 3]


    Brooklyn, NY – Our exclusive three part video interview with Avraham Fried concludes with Avremel discussing his father’s reaction to his becoming a singer and his thoughts on having his own children, who have been featured on a few of his CDs, follow in his footsteps. Fried seems humbled by his success, which has taken him all over the world, and is perhaps the only Jewish singer who has ever sung in a Las Vegas showroom. He marvels at the notion that he has been given the privilege to inspire people and is clearly grateful that he has been given this amazing opportunity.

    After releasing his first DVD last year, Fried confesses to wanting to do another. Looking ahead to the future, Fried is hard at work on both a conventional album and a Yiddish/English album. As a final treat for Vos Iz Neias readers, Fried offers just a taste of a song from his upcoming album, which is due out this Tishrei.

    Watch below

    Rare footage below, was shown at a Fried concert in 2005 in Belgium upon his 25th anniversary showing photos and audio of Avramel when he was a child.

    In case you missed the interviews Part 1 here Part 2 here

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    1. Thank-you VIN for a great interview,

      one thing Avremel said I strongly disagree with – he doesn’t like listening to his first album “No Jew” because he feels his voice is inexperienced, I couldn’t disagree more, I love that album – each song is a gem, his voice is pure & emotion-laden.

      As great as the subsequent albums are, that first one was a powerful start & propelled him to his well-deserved position today!

    2. I am absolutely sure that “No Jew” was released in 1981 not 1980. That would make this year rthe 29th anniversary. Someone is making a mistake!!!!

    3. Avremel,

      I enjoy your singing very much however to me I especially love when you sing for the organization Matnas Michoel I look forward to that every year.

    4. You are my favorite singer… your cds are great and original u always have different ideas !!its amazing that your voice is still young and sharp …listening to you all the time………hatzlacha raba to your future releases (hopefully)

    5. You are the greatest singer and its amazing that your voice is still young… we are always excited to your cds and concerts!! Cant wait for next release … still waiting for the fire song!!!!!!! Hatzlacha Raba in your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. “and is perhaps the only Jewish singer who has ever sung in a Las Vegas showroom”

      I doubt that. Here is a partial list of Jewish singers who sang in a Vegas showroom:

      Bob Dylan
      Barry Manilow
      Bette Midler
      Billy Joel
      Lenny Kravitz
      Barbara Streisand
      Joey Ramone
      Simon & Garfunkel
      Neil Diamond
      Paula Abdul
      Michael Bolton

      I could keep going …

    7. Thank you for this very poignant, intimate interview. It is a singular opportunity to get a personal glance into Avraham Fried -the man, instead of his better known persona as an entertainer. As is evident, he is an extraordinary man with a unique character and great sensitivity. I have always said anyone who has the ability to inspire and move so many, (Carlebach, MBD) must have a special soul.

    8. To Reb Avremel:
      You requested some audience feedback so I’d like to offer a suggestion. You mention running out of “Moshiach-themed” English songs. However, not all your English songs are in fact “Moshiach-themed”. “Forever One” or “My Fellow Jew” for example speak to Achdus in Klal Yisroel or the “specialness” of Klal Yisroel. Both Ideas are instrumental in the brining of Moshiach. Perhaps more songs in that vein would be an idea.
      Also, in recent years “Chazzanus” has seen a resurgence of sorts, (due perhaps, in a large part, to Chazan Helfgot’s popularity). You, however, have always had Chazzanus mixed into some songs on your albums. I’d like to hear a little more Chazzanus. Maybe a whole “shtickle” instead of short clips. Please let me know what you think.
      Anyway, Hatzlacha Rabba in all your endeavors and may you continue to go “Mi’chayil L’chayil” in inspiring and being Me’sameach Klal Yisroel “Ad Bi’as Go’el.
      Thank You!

      • Although I know it has been mentioned before, I would also love an album with R’ Avremele collaborating with MBD. They are fantastic together; they harmonize, and complement each other very well. It would really take their potential to the next level!
        I also would love to hear “You’re playing with fire” on an upcoming album.
        Yasher Koach!

    9. Avremel,
      From No Jew will be left behind to the present every album and every song you sing is truly a gem. Your music and voice are always with me and always inspire me.

      Wishing you Bracha V’Hatzlacha in everything you do.

      Thank you

    10. Hi Avraham Fried,

      I think you are doing a fantastic job with all your cd’s your recording,

      Your very rite that you’re not suppose to sing non Jewish songs,

      I can’t wait for the upcoming album to be in the stores !!

      Have lots of Hatslachah and I wish you to get the best songs in the feature to be misameach kllal yisroel and ME

      Kol Tuv

    11. Avremel,
      There would be nothing for me to listen to if there was no Avraham Fried. Thank you for 30 amazing years and mazel tov on your anniversary. I am another one of those people who don’t care for chazonos but love Avraham Fried chazonos.

      You are the best and always will be.

      Bracha V’hatzlacha!!!!


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