Haifa, Israel – Caught On Tape: Caretaker Arrested For Abusing Elderly Holocaust Survivor [video]


    Family of Holocaust survivor installs surveillance cameras after suspecting caretaker of stealing, only to discover their loved one subjected to horrific abuse Haifa, Israel – A 55-year old woman was arrested Monday for the alleged assault and abuse of an elderly woman she was hired to care for.

    The abuse was discovered after the elderly woman’s family suspected her caretaker of theft. They hired a private investigator and were shocked to discover that their beloved relative – a 72-year-old Holocaust survivor – was severely abused.

    The suspect was hired by the woman’s family about six months ago to assist her, since she has great difficulty communicating with her surrounding.

    After a few months, the elderly woman’s husband began noticing some money was missing from the house and along with his son, hired private investigator Avi Barnea.

    “When I came to the house I noticed clear signs of violence, including a ‘black eye,’ she couldn’t explain,” he told Ynet.

    Barnea suggested the husband install surveillance cameras in an attempt to monitor both his wife’s care and the place where he kept his money.

    The footage revealed more than the caretaker’s theft – which the husband later valued at some NIS 12,000 (roughly $3,200) – it also showed her systematically hitting, punching and kicking her patient.

    The family turned the footage over to the police promptly and the woman was arrested. According to police sources, the suspect denied the allegations at first, but after she was confronted by the footage, she changed her version of the events, saying the elderly woman yelled at her and she lost control.

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    1. I urge everybody to install these video cameras, I was involved in a few such cases. There’s a lot of abuse going on to old, and sick people. Keep an eye out for this and report it.

    2. No excuse for such behavior! May she be blessed with the same care when she becomes old and sick ( which should be very soon!!) AMEN

    3. My late parents both survivors were deemed to be suffering from Alzheimers about 5 years ago.

      I had no choice as I am alone but to place them in long term care.

      While they were in the local hospital waiting for a long term placement they were getting excellent care.

      After a while a place opened up at the local Jewish long term facility (Situated near the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal) where I placed my mother.

      To say it was a bardak would be an understatement.(dirty, violent patients, dirty rooms, careless staff, useless administration etc)

      I proceeded to have her taken out of there.

      I then placed her in a non Jewish long term facility, where the people there lovingly attended to her till her demise.
      Granted the food there wasnt 100% mehadrin or even kosher, but my late mother had already earned her place in gan eden.
      I visited quite often and all throughout my mother was well fed, well groomed and in good spirits.
      My dad who was suffering from a more advanced stage of Alzheimer died soon after being diagnosed.
      The lesson from this is, look after your parents when they get old and never leave them to their own devices…

    4. If you have a caretaker use hidden cameras once in a while and check because how nice they seem and how sure you are you cannot be certain and if we have gold in our hand wouldnt we want to be certain

    5. My sister cared for her mother in law devotedly at home. The mother in law became violent from Alzheimers, totally a different person from the aidel, frum lady she once was & my sister used to clean her up, spoon feed her & was adamant about not putting her in a facility, unlike her husband, the “loving” only child. Eventually she had to because she started attacking the children. When my sister went to visit her she was a filthy mess, & was eating a ham sandwich.

      Some facilities are great, others are terrible. Obviously, private carers can be worse than the worst facility. “Granny Abuse” is a lot more common than pedophilia. Look after your parents: drop in unannounced to check on them, speak to other patients & visitors. Open doors & drawers, tour the kitchens to make sure they’re clean.

      This is horrible. .

    6. one should have these cameras with caretakers for the elderly as well as nannys for the children.
      watch your most precious ones. they are more important than diamonds.
      they cannot be replaced.

    7. If this was in my house I would probably be the one arrested. For the horrific assault and perhaps murder of this caretaker.

    8. NO words,it shows us how important it is to be aware and be in regular contact with family and vulnerable people in our communities.This is shocking and real, ive seen a similar abuse of an eldery man on a n israeli programme few years ago.Changes must be made in the system.

    9. It is much harder in a private home than in an institution.
      Use cameras, for sure.

      If she was a Filipina people should know to be careful and she should be jailed so others see there is a risk.
      For those unaware Israel is full of Filipinas that do this work with legal visas and great work rules the Israeli Government gave them. No Country in the world gives such rules and benefits to aliens.

    10. First off all… this video made me cry. Evil evil evil.
      But than… Why cameras, why third person, why institution have to take care about our loved ones? Diamonds, treasure as some called them even here and than again – cameras. What have we become? We are going to work living those dearest to us in charge of others, sometimes such animals like this on video. We pay them.
      Does this replace the love which we own them – our blood, our relatives? Do they need our money? Our children, our parents? Or they need us. What society we are?
      The selfishness, laziness, and culture of constant self-gratification overpowered us.
      We think we can pay for everything. No! We can not.

    11. this is insane. this caretaker should get punished to the fullest extreme of the law. How dare she!!! As i was watching the video i couldnt help but picture these same things that happened during the holocaust!!! it was the exact same thing obviously on a much greater scale, and to a worse degree, but it was the same idea. I have no words for what should happen to that caretaker!!! and for the victim nebach, she should be well.

    12. This woman should be hunted down and beaten to death for this! I don’t care if she is a Jew or not. Nobody who dares treat an elderly human being like that deserves to live one second on this earth!

    13. It looks fake to me, you cannot throw a human being like she is doing especially an older person and this person should remain WHOLE. This looks to me like a Hollywood movie.

    14. I am simply speehless right now! Theres no words to describe how scary & traumatizing this video clip is! I litterly had to stop watching after a few seconds cuz I couldnt take it anymore! It just doesnt make any sense how 1 human can be so voilent 2 another human being! A family having to hire a companion for an elder, really has to feel out the caretaker beforehand. Its impossible for such a coldblooded heartless animal, to put up a different face and act normal!

    15. is it just me or does this seventy year old woman seem very very thin especially when she walks. maybe the caretaker didn’t even bother to warm her up some food..


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