Israel – Psychiatrist: Orthodox Terror Suspect Unfit To Stand Trial


    FILE - Jack Teitel, a 37-year-old settler, is seen during his indictment at the Jerusalem's district court, December. 31. 2009. Teitel, a Jewish-American extremist had admitted killing two Arabs a decade ago and more recent attacks on Israeli leftists.and also suspected of carrying out a series of high-profile hate crimes against Arabs, peace activists and a breakaway Jewish by Abir Sultan/Flash 90 Israel – The Jerusalem District psychiatrist has determined that Jewish terror suspect Jack Teitel is unfit to stand trial.

    Teitel is charged with the murder of two Arabs and attacks on Professor Zeev Sternhell, Arab individuals, and messianic Jews.

    The psychiatric opinion will be presented during a hearing at the Jerusalem District Court Wednesday. It notes that one cannot determine with certainty the extent of Teitel’s accountability for his actions. An additional opinion will be submitted later on

    For the time being, Teitel will likely continue to receive treatment and remain hospitalized. A committee will be examining his state from time to time to determinate whether he is fit to stand trial.

    Notably, the opinion in question pertains to Teitel’s current mental state and ability to stand trial now. The opinion does not refer to his mental state at the time of carrying out the offences he allegedly committed.

    Teitel had been indicted in November 2009 on 14 different counts. The 37-year-old resident of the settlement of Shvut Rachel was indicted for the murder of Palestinian taxi driver, Samir Balbisi, in June 1997, and the murder of a Palestinian shepherd a few months later. He was also charged with laying an explosive device next to a Palestinian home near the West Bank settlement of Eli.

    The indictment also charged that Teitel attempted to poison Palestinian residents of an isolated village near Eli. He was also indicted for attempting to murder Ami Ortiz, the son of a Messianic family living in Ariel, when he sent an explosive device disguised as a Purim gift to their home. In addition, he was charged with placing a bomb next to Prof. Zeev Sternhell’s home.

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    1. I guess it works both ways all Arabs who attack & murder Jews in Europe, and Arab countries are dtermined to be mentally ill. I guess it works the other way too.
      Maybe racism is a mental illness who knows?

      • That’s exactly the point. Jews do not go about killing anybody. No matter who. If someone is not an active terrorist. and if they do. They’re criminally insane. But for the arabs, that’s the standard. Let someone be offended by it (even some sensitive liberal Jews.) That’s the truth.

    2. I know Jack….. he isn’t mentally ill by any stretch. He is a bad example for all Jews. I really feel for his family, who btw, are wonderful people.

    3. “Teitel is charged with the murder of two Arabs and attacks on Professor Zeev Sternhell, Arab individuals, and messianic Jews.”

      Sounds normal to me!

        • Teitel is charged with the murder of two Arabs and attacks on Professor Zeev Sternhell, Arab individuals, and messianic Jews.”

          “…..attacks on Professor Zeev Sternhell, Arab individuals, and messianic Jews.”

          Read the above, Dork!

    4. Poor guy….i dont think he is normal, since it wouldnt be worth it for a normal functioning person to start up with the arabs….i hope he will get into a good clinic for psychiatry

    5. #8 – A “messianic” Jew is still a Jew. In most cases, the person is either a tinok she’nishba or someone from a troubled background. The proper thing is try to get them to do teshuva. Try joining Lev l’Achim or donating to them. If you don’t like Arabs because they are supposedly violent, why are you promoting violence yourself?

      Shooting anybody except in self-defense is murder, and self-defense is defined as an immediate and present threat/attempt by a rodef. Just because somebody belongs to a group that doesn’t like you and that you don’t like, doesn’t mean you can grab your handy AK-47 and blow them away.

    6. Ever heard of moridin ve’lo ma’alin? Learn some Halacha and read some Torah before injecting your eurothink into the discussion. Teitel has done what is right, sane or not. Targeting missionaries is not a problem according to Hashem’s law.


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