Karachi – Pakistan: NYC Bomber ‘disturbed individual’


    Karachi – Pakistan’s embassy says it will work with U.S. intelligence to unravel the failed Times Square bombing but that at the moment it appears the would-be bomber was a lone “disturbed individual.”

    Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-born U.S. citizen, is under arrest for the failed bombing.

    “An overwhelming majority of Pakistani Americans share the aspirations of civilized people everywhere for a terror-free world and should be seen as allies against the misguided individuals who undertake or plan acts of terror,” Ambassador Husain Haqqani said in a statement released by the embassy

    Though intelligence officials in Pakistan say at least one man has been detained in the case in Karachi, embassy spokesman Nadeem Haider Kiani said he was unaware of that arrest. He said it’s too soon to tell exactly what motivated the bomber.

    Asked whether there were ties to foreign terror groups, Kiani said early indications suggest the bomber was “a disturbed individual.”

    In a statement released by the embassy, Ambassador Husain Haqqani said most Pakistani Americans share a hope for a terror-free world.

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    1. I’m doing an MA is homeland security now and I can tell you that his motivation was terrorism. Maybe I can be hired by the pakistani embassy now to advise them on terrorists’ motivations.

    2. Here some some of my suspicions:
      1: there seems to be no evidence of the car entering NYC. The guy traveled from CT to NYC and nobody has a toll record or anything? Only one picture of a car at an intersection?
      2: Next the CIA and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) created the “Taliban” in the 80’s so they can control by proxy. Yes America helped form the Taliban.

      please folks so some serious research. Starting on Sep 11 2001, America has been terrorizing itself.

      • You can easily get into Manhattan from Connecticut without paying a toll. Merritt to the Hutch to the Cross County to the Major Deegan and over any one of the bridges that span the Harlem River. Otherwise I agree. The Taliban were all fine and dandy when they were blowing up Soviet forces in the 1980/1990s…now, not so much.

    3. from now on every citizen has to be checked for disturbia syndrom &if; found positive should be treated. seriously,(every crime or attempted) the guilty one is a disturbed individual &r not fit to stand trial.”Insane” to say the least

    4. why is it that arabs that attmept to blow up innocent people are percieved either as ‘disturbed’ or ‘freedom fighters’, but when israel retaliates, we are war criminals????


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