London – New Mossad Representative Refused Entry Into Britain


    Archived Photo UK police checkingLondon – A month-and-a-half after the United Kingdom expelled the Mossad representative in London over Israel’s alleged forging of UK passports used in the assassination of Hamas man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, Britain refuses to allow a new representative to enter the country, Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.

    The paper reported on Tuesday that London’s refusal to accept a new Mossad rep comes despite prior understandings between the two countries, according to which the UK would allow a new representative to take the place of the one that was expelled.

    The British condition the arrival of a new Mossad representative on an Israeli commitment, in writing, that no further use of British passports would be made by the intelligence agency in its operations.

    Israel has so far abstained from signing such a document, as this may be interpreted as a confession to the use of forged British passports in the Dubai assassination.

    Israeli security establishment officials are concerned with the stalemate in ties between the Israeli and British intelligence agencies. It is estimated that the affair will only be resolved, if at all, after the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom.

    Jerusalem is closely following political developments ahead of Thursday’s British election. Israeli analysts believe that if the Liberal Democrat party becomes a significant component of the new government, this will have a bad influence on ties with Israel, as the party supports a boycott on Israel.

    If the Conservative Party is elected to form the government, this could lead to an improvement in ties with Israel, and the possible restoration of relations between the two nations’ intelligence agencies.

    A Foreign Office spokesperson said in response to the story: “We have had no approach from the Israelis about a replacement. However we look to Israel to rebuild the trust we believe is required for the full and open relationship we would like. We have asked for specific assurances from Israel, which would clearly be a positive step towards rebuilding that trust. Any Israeli request for the diplomat to be replaced would be considered against the context of these UK requests.”

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      • I met a retired British Colonel in Thailand some years ago.
        He had such a hate for Jews it was unbelievable. It all stems
        from getting thrown out of Palestine in 1948. they never won anything in the last 400 years, and they KNOW it.

    1. Hypocrits!

      If a NYC-style car bomb event occurs in the UK, you can be sure the first call for intelligence support from the UK will go to Mossad.

      • Firstly we had a few NY style bimbs in the UK, dont think their first call was the Mossad, secondly unlike the US, the UK has more then 50 dealing with far more sopisticated terrorist then the current ones, for more then 30 years the UK dealt with the IRA which were much more capable then AL Q.!

    2. They’ll need a bomb-laden car left by their doorstep before they realize that when eliminating terrorists you don’t cry over some faked passports.

    3. You Israelis are not welcome, but our brother freedom fighter Feizel from Times Square New York was & is welcome. BTW the guy the Israelis assasinated [according to us in Dubai] was also welcome he is a brother freedom fighter.

    4. Nick Clegg is a dullard who just looks good on television. Hopefully David Cameron becomes Prime Minister, for the sake of both Britain and Israel.

    5. I don’t blame them. Israel used British passports, if they were in Dubai, and that puts British citizens under suspicion if not danger when they travel.
      Israel doesn’t use American passports probably because they want to be on good terms with the US. Britain is obviously not as important.


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